Chapter 26 .
One year later

“Good morning.”

“Good morning, Nor.”

Early in the morning, I wake up with Misha and we exchange greetings.

Misha wants to wake me up, and I want to see Misha sleeping and unprotected, so we have continued to compete in waking up early.

“It's getting colder these days, isn't it?”

Misha smiled as she hugged me in the same bed and kept me warm with her child body.

“I still want to sleep.”

 Misha cuddles me, still a kid, with zero caution.

 To be honest, I would like to stay relaxed in her arms, but there is a reason why I can't do so.

I pulled Misha away from me with a desperate thought and hurriedly prepared to head to the training area.

 If I was even a little late…

“Good morning, you look as sleepy and silly as ever”.

“Good morning.
At least knock or say something before you open the door.”

“You're so nitpicky.
I'm in.”

Saraswati, who entered the room without any hesitation, would tease me about being a child who is weak in the morning.

A year has already passed since the duel, and Saraswati used to tease me when we first paired up.

Today, though, it''s not the case.

With Saraswati and Misha in tow, I headed to the training area.


The training sessions in the training hall are diverse.

Body building, kata, technique practice, how to fight against various types of weapons such as swords and spears, and then matches.

Today we plan to work on our skills.

A year has passed since I defeated Lucy, and my fighting style is now even better than it was then.

As such, the most important thing for me is my stock of skills.

The more moves I have, the more difficult it is to use the spear with feints mixed in, so for the past year I have been focusing on increasing my spear skills and the number of moves I can do.

 Well, even with all that, there's not much I can do as a six-year-old, so I haven't become the super great overpowered character that I tend to see in anime and manga.

However, I have never lost to a cocky kid of the same age that Schneizel sometimes brings along—excuse me, a promising new star, so I can predict that my strength is quite good.

In the past year, I have lost to two opponents of my age.

 One is Saraswati and the other, of course—.

——” Norwin, let's play.”

 Lucy, who seems to have just arrived at the training hall, holds up her sword with her eyes shining brightly.

She sees me as the only one of her age who can compete with her, and she tries to cross swords with me in her free time.

“Okay, let's do it.”

There are many things I can learn from a genius.

I took the offer without any hesitation and took my stance with ease.

“Well, that's what happens, doesn't it?

I was beaten to a pulp and laid down on the ground in the training area.

The reason I was able to win that time was because of the first-time hit factor, Lucy's upset, and most importantly, Lucy's young age.

A year had passed, and Lucy, who had grown up to be a much more powerful swordsman, was no longer a match for me.

“Hey, looks like you got beat up pretty bad, kid.”

“don't think I can beat Lucy alone.”

“Ha-ha! It can't be helped.
She's definitely going to be stronger than me.”

 Schneizel, who had come to check on us, laughed at me.

 It's unusual for him to show his face so early in the morning .

 Why was Schneizel, who rarely came home these days because he was busy with work , home in the morning?

 The reason became clear in the next words he said .

 “Boy, there's a martial arts tournament next month for children.”

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