Chapter 19 .
To get along

“No way!”

Saraswati, who had lost her temper, opened her eyes in disbelief.

 That's right.

This is only the second time in my life that I've been in battle, and it's also my first time using a spear.

The girl who had been learning swordsmanship for years had been defeated by such an novice.

“Norwin wins.”


Saraswati turned her eyes away in frustration.

“Get away from me.”

“Oh, I'm sorry.”

I forgot that I was on top of her.

I got up and left Saraswati in a rush.


'I know what you want to say, I'm not your disciple, am I?”

“Wait, that's not what I–“

'No! I don't even want to hear you say that right now!”

Rejecting Schneizel's gentle words, Saraswati ran away from the training ground as fast as she could.

“.Why is it like this? Damn it.”

 Schneizel hung his head with a complicated expression.


“Oh, I'm .
I've been going through some things.
I thought it would work if I grouped her up with you, damn it.
I didn't think about her feelings.”

“I''m sorry.
I didn't think I could win.'

You don't have to apologize.
In a fight, the loser is the one who loses.”

 That's true.

 A match is training for a real combat , for a fight to the death.

 There is no room for excuses.

 In a real fight, if you die, that's the end.


 When I looked up at Schneizel in response to his call, he was scratching the back of his head with a somewhat hard look on his face.

 I could see that he was torn between whether or not to tell me me, and the scales were swinging in his favor.

 I owe Schneizel a debt of gratitude.

 I should help him somehow

“Are you want me to be friends with her and train her along with 0?”

“No, but how you ?.
How do you know?”

“Well, let's just say I've thought about it.”

 Actually, I just know the answer you guys need with my gaming knowledge.

 The only difference is that the protagonist it to me , not Arthur.

 But being Nicolas's kid is convenient.

 On the outside, I'm a five-year-old, but on the inside, I'm an Alaska teenager.
I'm a child prodigy, and since I'm Nicolas' child, what I say I think is different from ordinary people way of thinking .

 I'm going to push my views based on my knowledge of the game by saying, “From now on, I'm going to think about people's felling ” .

I'm not good at this.
If it's true, it's not something you can ask a boy to do.

 Schneizel says shyly, but if he is aware of it, I don't think there is a problem.

 This is information I got from game , but the mother of Saraswati and her died at the same time she gave birth.

 And Schneizel, who is considered as next generation of heroes, is always on the move, both at home and abroad, so he can hardly spend time with his family, and this is why they are not live in harmony with each other.

 He is supposed to solve problems by himself, but if he can't, he asks others to do it for him.
I don't think that's a bad way of thinking .


“hLeave it to me and wait until Dawn !”

So let's say I'll take a bite out of this place.

I'm going to quickly resolve the strain this family is under, improve their sensitivity, and build a relationship for the future!

 —I was so enthusiastic, but….

 The next day.
I was exercising at the training ground at the scheduled time, but Saraswati didn't show up.

Well, let's give one day off a break.

 It was yesterday.
I don't know if she is still in a bad mood.

 The day after that.

 Again, Saraswathi did not come.

 It was strange.

I asked a nearby knight about it, and he told me that Saraswati had been swinging her sword in the training hall the next day, no matter how frustrating it had been.

Hmmm, I'll have to look for her.

 So, the next day.

I decided to look for Saraswati, but there was no sign of her at all, as if she was avoiding me thoroughly.

 No, seriously, what should I do?

Instead of getting along, the situation could be fixed at the worst possible state of the relationship.

 I could ask Schneizel for help, but he went to the royal palace right after that day because he had work to do, and he didn't come back.


 The next day.

I was doing my daily exercises in the training ground because I couldn't miss my own training.

 And then


 I saw a familiar red-haired figure out of the corner of my eye.
I ran toward her as fast as I could to see if Saraswati had finally arrived…


 Apathy, indifference.

 The girl with eyes like dead fish was Lucy.

“Please help me!”

“—— eh?”

The twins are close with each other.
They were twins, and they probably knew each other very well.

 Lucy must know where Saraswati is right now!

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