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  ”Alright, alright, my little fish called me Father, reward everyone in the City Lord's Mansion a month's worth.”

  Then, he took out a fruit from his purse.

  ”Little fish, try it, is this fruit delicious?”

  Chu Yu took it with some hesitation.
The fruit looked very fresh and tender, as if it had just been picked from a tree.
The color and shape were very similar to strawberries, but much larger than strawberries.

  She glanced at Nanny Xu unintentionally, but saw Nanny Xu's excited face, forcing herself not to exclaim.
She knew that the fruit must be valuable.
The attendants on the left and right sides also showed surprise.
Chu Yu did not hesitate to put the fruit into her mouth, and it was really delicious.

  It tasted like strawberries, but different from strawberries it was quite crisp.
Sweet and sour, something children of this age would like to eat.

  Chu Yu, who had been tortured by traditional Chinese medicine for half a month, that was either extremely bitter or as tasteless as boiled water cherished this rare fruit and ate it slowly.
The City Lord observed her without blinking.

   She used to be a fool anyway.
She was the least likely to show her flaws when she acted withdrawn and cowardly.

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  The City Lord smiled and watched Chu Yu eat the fruit for a while, and then handed her over to the maid next to her.
The maid was also very strong, unlike the impression of weak maid in Chu Yu's imagination.
She held the five-year-old Chu Yu effortlessly.

  She was brought into the hall, and then a few maids brought some snacks and fruits.
After Chu Yu tasted one of the fruits, she stopped.
If these fruits were given to Chu Yu before, she would definitely eat them eagerly.

  But after eating the big strawberry, these were quite inferior in her eyes, so she simply picked up the snacks that were shaped into various animal shapes and ate them.

  She was quite sure that this kind of dessert with complicated and elegant workmanship and many ingredients was definitely not something that could be made on a whim, so it could only be originally reserved for the other two young ladies.
And this kind of dessert, Chu Yu has never seen it in her memory, or after she took over.
It really showed how unfavoured third lady really was.

  Just based on the contact with the father of the the original owner at this moment, Chu Yu can be sure City Lord really likes her.

  The emotion in the depths of his eyes, the joyful aura exuding from his whole body, was not fake, and he didn't need to pretend in front of a five-year-old child.
It is said that the city lord father has only three daughters, and the children were treated as rare and precious.

  The City Lord attaches great importance to his daughters.
Even with his authority, the third young lady who lives with the Third madam can't even guarantee this basic expenses.
It really shows how much these servants despise her current mother.
Chu Yu chewed and swallowed slowly while complaining.

  It's a pity that it hasn't been a lot of time since she transmigrated, and she hasn't figured out the old things that caused the third lady to fall out of favor.

  She doesn't know how Nanny Xu and the City Lord's conversation was going on, Chu Yu glanced outside, and continued to eat snacks.
She knew very well that the City Lord would definitely ask Nanny Xu about their old affairs.
But Nanny Xu didn't live in the backyard like them, but she was a not-so-subtle steward in the city lord's mansion, in charge of the maidservants who maintained the flowers, trees, forests and grasslands.

  It is precisely because of this that Nanny Xu can help them from time to time.
It also brought a lot of good things to the ignorant original owner.

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Although her body did not absorb much due to weakness, she was still tender and very cute.
There's healthy amount of baby fat on her face.


  After about time for a cup of tea, Nanny Xu walked into the hall with a face full of joy, and Chu Yu immediately understood that the matter was settled.
Sure enough, the City Lord asked her with a smile, “Xiao yu'er, your two sisters are both reading and writing now, do you want to read too?”

  Chu Yu said slowly, “I want to read.”

Screams from outside disturbed them at this moment.

“Where's my little fish, where did you take my little fish, you lunatics, bastards, you stole my little fish, give her back to me…”

  Chu Yu suddenly stood up, it was the voice of the third lady.

  Although she did not regard the other party as her own mother because of the same appearance and voice as her own mother, she also had an fledgling instinct .

  This poor woman, no matter how many wrongs she has committed in the eyes of outsiders, did her best to her original owner.

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  Since Chu Yu inherited this body, it is impossible to leave the original owner's mother alone.

  Chu Yu went directly outside the hall and walked out, not noticing the disgust that flashed in the eyes of the City Lord.

  The third lady was stopped outside the hall, and several maids stood in front of her and restrained her.
The third lady struggled endlessly, but she couldn't overpower these maids, tears streamed down her face.

  Chu Yu walked over, hugged the third lady's leg, and called out in a clear voice, “Mother, I'm here.”

The maids looked at each other and carefully released the third lady.

  They can ignore the third madam, but they can't ignore the third young lady.
She is one of the only three daughters of the city lord, and the city lord has not given up on this daughter.

  Fortunately, the third lady seemed to have calmed down at.
As soon as she was released, she immediately squatted down and hugged Chu Yu forcefully.

  Chu Yu hurt a bit by her tight hug, but she only frowned slightly and didn't resist.
Instead, she lightly patted her back with her hand.

  The third lady whimpered softly, “…Xiao yu'er, my little fish…”

She couldn't exactly hear what the third lady was saying, but the words “Xiao yu'er” were very clear.

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  A look of sympathy flashed across the faces of the maids.

  Nanny Xu's heart sank straight down.
She had probably seen too many such scenes.
She was more resistant than ordinary people.
At this time, she was worried about the situation of Third Miss.

  She is five years old.
She didn't know one big character [alphabet], was locked up in the backyard, and didn't have any handkerchiefs to hand over.
Many people didn't even know that there was a third lady in the City Lord's Mansion.

  The city lord rubbed his eyebrows, seemingly with a headache.

  ”Later, I will invite a female gentleman{teacher} to go to Qinglan Garden to teach Xiao yu'er.”

  Nanny Xu had disappointment in her eyes, and she wanted to say that Xiao yu'er should have a class with the other two young ladies.
Wouldn't it be better to let the third lady listen outside in the open?

The third madam will not go into hysteria if she the young lady is kept in front of her, but she is also very clear that the City Lord will never allow the third madam to leave her yard, nor will the third madam be allowed to appear in front of the eldest and the second misses again.

  The City Lord loves the third miss, but he also loves the eldest and second misses.
The weight of the eldest miss in the city lord's heart is highest.

  Even if the eldest miss is kind-hearted and doesn't care about the past, the City Lord will not be willing.

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