re, was out of breath.

“Hey, why… huff, did you leave like that?”

As he approached and snubbed Kang Yoo-hyun, he opened his eyes wide when he saw Kang Soo-hyun standing beside him.

“Huh? Soo-hyun-ah, are you okay?”

Kang Yoohyun’s high school alumni and best friend – he was about to meet Yoo-hyun after gladly accepting the recon mission requested by the Odin Guild.

He was the only SS-class hunter who returned among the first hundred awakened generations.
Not many guilds in Korea were willing to accept it.

The Odin Guild lived up to their reputation as the No.
1 Korea, and there are many top ranking hunters in the world.

As skilled in combat as in the dreaded game, the Koreans demonstrated superior skill without daring to venture overseas.
Thinking that Yoohyun would do the same, the role of persuading him naturally went back to his friend Eunho.

And he sure can convince Yoo-hyun, even if he didn’t suddenly interrupt him.

The Laufey Guild, the so-called rival of the Odin Guild, was usually accused of all sorts of dirty things.
But he did not expect to kidnap and even threaten Yoo Hyun’s younger brother.
Of course, it had not been revealed that it was the Laufey Guild, but Eunho was certain.
So he was surprised to see Suhyun standing there looking quite unscathed.
Because there was no way the guild would let him off so easily if they got hold of him.

“Ah, I’m fine, hyung.”

Kang Soo-hyun looked at Eun-ho with an awkward face.
It was because a man with a sweet scent approached him in Eunho’s appearance.
At that time, he was almost deceived.
He looked exactly the same as Eunho, who was right in front of him.

“Haa, that’s a relief.
I was worried if something happened to you.
Did Yoohyun arrive on time?”

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“Ah, yes….”

For some reason, Soo-hyun’s face clouded slightly as he answered.
He doesn’t seem too happy that his hyung has come to save him, but Eun-ho doesn’t notice it at all.

“Hey, Yoon Eunho.”


Eunho’s head turned at Kang Yoo-hyun’s call.
Standing there in a daze, Yoo-hyun’s appearance is somehow odd.
He had wandered around the gates for over 300 years.
It had only been five years here, but the friend he had reunited with looked very strange.

Trying not to show it on purpose, Eunho had a smile around his mouth.
Then Yoo Hyun continued to speak in a blunt tone.

“Find a talented person named Han Yi-jin.”


“Where does he come from, what are his abilities, where does he live?”


Eun-ho opens his eyes wide at his unexpected words.
He asked me to do a background check on a talented person? Of course, finding one person with the Odin Guild’s abilities is not his job…

“No, you’re not even a guild member… I don’t want to find it for you.”

Eunho tried to play hard first.
He doesn’t think this is how it should be, but just in case.
However, Yoo Hyun answered with a casual face.

“I’ll join.
Your guild.”

“Eh?” Eun-ho opens his eyes wide in disbelief.


It was a wonderful change of heart, even though he had been very disinterested before.

But Eunho didn’t think much about it.
He nodded excitedly without noticing Yoo-hyun’s mood, which is calmer than usual.

“Then let’s go sign the contract right away.”

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“Yeah, let’s go.”

Yoo-hyun followed Eun-ho’s footsteps, even though he looked clearly annoyed.
With a serious expression, he recalled the last remnants of skill he felt.
Even the SS class himself had a momentary shocking power that had ensnared him.

What is it? The last one.

He couldn’t think of anything as soon as he smelled the sweet scent that made his head spin.
His head became dizzy and he felt a strong urge.
He couldn’t imagine what he would do if he didn’t have superhuman mental strength.

Yoohyun knew better than anyone what danger was.
How will this extraordinary ability affect the world in the future? However, he couldn’t just sit back and watch the skill user impulsively interfere with him.

The next time we meet…

With this thought, Yoohyun stood still on the spot.

What if I see him again? Then what should I do with him?

A strange impulse instigated him.
At the same time, he thought of him who had quite rebellious eyes.

What’s important is that next time I must not let him escape.
Yoo Hyun decided to prioritize that first.


“…I’m coming.”

Yoo-hyun, who had stopped for a while, moved again.
While Eunho glanced at him, he also called out Soo-hyun’s name, who was standing there blankly.

“Soohyun-ah, what are you doing?”


Soo-hyun, who came to his senses, looked at Eun-ho.
Eun-ho, confused by the way he’s lost in thought, tilts his head.

“I’m coming too.”

Soo-hyun glances back as he walks towards Eun-ho and Yoo-hyun.
There seemed to be a sweet scent still grazing his nose.

I also want to be an Awakener quickly.

Then maybe he would be able to hold on to that person a little longer.
Subconsciously thinking, Soo-hyun continued walking.

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