ed the role of a loser who made him into a pathetic villain.

I was in a state of disbelief to think it was me now.
When I read the novel, I was immersed in the main character, so when Han Yi Jin made a mistake, I was just angry and annoyed.
But when Kang Yoo Hyun beat him and he died in an accident, it was sad.

But was that me now? I’m the insignificant villain?

“Why, of all things…!”

I threw the hunter’s license on the desk.
At least if I couldn’t be the main character, I could be a supporting character who helped the main character or an ordinary extra, but Han Yi Jin? A villain bastard with B-rank ability who was beaten to death by the main character?

It was clear that God had forsaken me.
My life before I possessed was not smooth, but how could He put me through yet another ordeal like this?

“Argg! Ackk! Ackkk!”

…Let’s run away.

I made up my mind and packed my stuff quickly.
Actually, I wasn’t sure where Han Yi-jin’s belongings were, so I just took his wallet and cell phone.

I didn’t know how far this book has progressed, but seeing Han Yi Jin alive and well like this, it must be the beginning of the story.
That would give him enough time to escape.

I should never have met the protagonist.
Even if I’ve changed inside and I haven’t done anything bad, the main character won’t stay still when he meets me, who is a villain.

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The Loki Guild that Han Yi Jin resided in was a guild affiliated with the Villain Union.
Here, Han Yi Jin’s room must be one of the branches of the Loki Guild.
So being here alone is dangerous for me.
After organising my thoughts quickly, I approached and opened the door.


“Where are you going?”


The curse almost came out of my mouth.

When I opened the door, the man leaning against the opposite wall slowly approached.

He was a man with flashy pink hair.
The clothes he wore were also unusual, and there were so many fluorescent colours that it dazzled me.
I glanced through the piercings dangling from his ears as he asked.



The man opened his eyes wide as if surprised by my question.
Then he looked at me with a smirk and opened his mouth.

“Did you eat something wrong? What’s wrong with you?”


He seemed to know me very well, or rather Han Yi Jin.
I frowned at his intense pink hair as if piercing my eyes.
That wasn’t a common hair colour.
Even though this was a fantasy world, the hair colour was similar to my original world because of the modern setting.

Pink-haired man, plus in the Loki Guild…


His unique name makes it easier to remember.
Like Han Yi Jin, he was a member of the Loki Guild, but halfway through the story, he betrayed the guild leader and went to the main character.

Eden, A-rank, a talented person from Loki Guild.

“I almost felt sad.
Yi Jin-ah.”

He gently closed his eyes and smiled like a fox, and put his hand on my shoulder.
Was Han Yi Jin close to this guy? It doesn’t look like that in the novel.

Of course, Han Yijin disappeared quickly as an attention whore in the beginning, so the relationship wasn’t very well described.
Eden then appeared and took over the role of the villain, but he was treated very differently.

Unlike the dim-witted Han Yi Jin, he was cunning and was capable of escaping any difficult situation.
Although it was a bit of a bad omen when he smirked and smiled at the protagonist, he was a character who showed a good heart through a series of events and drew the readers’ good impressions of him.

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They both started out as villains, though.
The readers are too much.

I frowned and glared at Eden.

“Get your hands off me.”

“Aing~3, you’re mean.”

The way he speaks kinda?

I brushed his hand and asked harshly.
“Why are you here?”


Then Eden smiled doubtfully, as if to say, “Ask me anything.”

There seemed to be something between the two that I didn’t know about.
I shouldn’t have asked him thoughtlessly.

I gulped and was nervous, and he tilted his head and looked at me.

“Aren’t you acting a little strange today?”


For some reason, a warning signal rang in my head that I would be in big trouble if I confronted the cliché that I wasn’t Han Yi Jin or that I had lost my memory.

I wasn’t just possessed by an ordinary character.
A villain was a villain, even if it was an insignificant villain.
Loki’s Guild was also filled with villains who threatened the main character.

The same was true for Eden before his eyes.
He wasn’t S-class, but he was A-class, and an advanced one at that, so he was equivalent with an regular S-class.

Showing weakness in front of such a guy? It’s the same as suicide.

I answered feistily, deliberately pretending to be firm.

“What’s strange? Fuck off if you don’t have business.”

T/N: Yo yo, welcome my new project guys  I’ll try tl-ing 10 chapters first to see if this good, alright? And my translation is not  correctly and this time I’m working alone so you can correct me in my discord server that will be coming soon.
Thank you.
I hope you all like it! 


A person having an intense or obsessive interest especially in the fields of anime and manga. Hunter license. A cute act in Korean.

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