s and try to raise your rank, and then you try to sneak out and level up as you please.”


“Why do you keep doing stupid things, huh?”

I bit my lip while listening to Jang Tae-san’s sarcastic voice.
This doesn’t feel right.

“It’s hard for me to let this slide any longer.”


“Shouldn’t you be thinking about your little brother, hm?”

That remark lifted my head.

“My brother…?”

I looked straight at Jang Tae-san at his unexpected words.
For some reason, I heard ringing in my ears.
Jang Tae-san looked at my confused face with satisfaction.

“You were the first to beg me to save your dying brother, hmm? Yi Jin-ah.”


“You didn’t forget, did you?”

I stared blankly at Jang Tae-san, who was smiling.

Younger brother.
Han Yi Jin’s younger brother. 

Now I feel like the puzzle that has been stuck in my mind is being put together.

Tablet PCs, which were piled up in his room without being used.
Han Yi Jin didn’t seem interested in electronic devices.  

Even if he didn’t trust the cell phone provided by the guild and didn’t use it, he could have gotten a burner cell phone, but he didn’t.

Nevertheless, after the trend passed, he continued to buy and collect new versions of the tablet.
It was quite amicable to think that he had gathered it to give it to his little brother one day but was taken captive by the guildmaster.

“…My brother, my brother…”


“I want to know if my brother is okay?”

I barely gulped and continued talking with my dry throat.

Jang Tae-san then smiled and picked up the tablet PC on the table.

“Yeah, well.
He’s fine.”


The video he was playing was playing before my eyes.
I looked at the screen.
On the screen of a small tablet PC, a small boy sat quietly on a hospital bed.

He looks a lot younger than I thought.  How old is he, 10? 12?  He looks like an elementary school student, but he can look younger than his age because of his small figure.

Does he look like Han Yi Jin? I don’t know.
I can’t see it well with this small tablet PC screen.
And also because of Han Yi-jin crying and tears covering my eyes.

He’s in the hospital.
Why is his hair cut? Is it leukemia? Or does he have a disease in his brain? I realized it after looking at the scene blankly.

Han Yi-jin did not try to escape hastily.
He tried to find the hospital where his brother was treated.
The name of the general hospital in his notebook should be the list of hospitals where his brother might be admitted, which Han Yi-jin had tracked down.

Why did he do that? I don’t think his brother has recovered yet.
Is it because it’s hard for him to do bad things again? And he can’t leave his brother? So he did something stupid and then got recaptured?


What happened to his brother after Han Yi Jin died in the original story? Since Han Yi-jin died, his younger brother would lose his value…

Thinking about this gave me an excruciating headache.
I gritted my teeth and lowered my head.


Jang Tae-san said in a smiling voice to me who sat helplessly and groaned.

“So stop doing stupid things and do as usual, hmm?”


“Don’t you want to see your brother? If you do your job well, I will let you meet him.”

Jang Tae-san looked at me, who was silent, and waved his hand.
Then the men approached and lifted me like a piece of luggage.
I was dragged back to the room by them.


I stared at the ceiling blankly.

What is family?

I’m sick of it and want them to disappear.
They were useless idiots in my life.

But it was different for Han Yi-jin.
I think he only has his brother in his family, of course he wants to protect him.


Why did someone like me possess Han Yi-jin’s body? Shouldn’t it be possessed by a motivated person who knows the importance of family?

I felt helpless and just stared at the ceiling stupidly.

Beep beep beep.


At that moment, Han Yi-jin’s cell phone, which he carried around like an accessory, rang.
When I looked, it was a restricted number calling.

What is…

I was suspicious and didn’t answer the phone.
However, I was reluctant to answer the phone because it kept ringing loudly.


“Ah, Mr.
Han Yijin?”

“By the way…”

Maybe because I wasn’t in a good mood, and an uneven answer came out.
However, the other party didn’t care at all and continued to speak in a friendly voice.

“Sir, I contacted you because another good item is available…”

“I’m not buying.”

“Pardon? No, wait…!”

I pressed the end button while listening to his confused voice.
What? Was it a spam call? I got annoyed and threw my phone away.

Beep beep beep.

Beep beep beep.

But the spam caller doesn’t give up and keeps calling.
No, they usually don’t call again after I hang up like this.
He’s very persistent.

I was annoyed so I held my phone again to turn it off.
However, as soon as I unlocked my phone, I had no choice but to stop my finger at the message I saw.

[You’re not Han Yi Jin, right?]

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