Hearing that word, I slowly closed and opened my eyes.

Well, since he’s a smart protagonist, he already knows what my auxiliary skills from this battle are like.
Now that he’s defeated an SS class boss monster that he’s never been able to defeat until now, I’m sure he wants my auxiliary skills.
Is that why he wanted to take me to the Odin Guild? But I am the villain character of the Loki Guild.
Maybe I’ll go to jail first?

I became suspicious, because Kang Yoo-hyun’s recommendation didn’t look too good.
Of course I want to get out of that rotten Loki Guild… But I don’t want to get involved with the main character. 

Unlike Han Yi-jin in the original story, there is no guarantee that his future being killed by Kang Yoo-hyun will change just because I didn’t commit misdeed.
On the other hand, I feel comfortable being away from him because I am anxious when I am around him.

However, although it was easy to take advantage of Eden, it was not easy to turn down Kang Yoo-hyun.
Perhaps because the skill time was still continuing, the ferocious energy continued to poke the insignificant B-class body.

“If, by any chance, I refuse…”


“I mean, I belong to another guild…”

I was wondering if Loki’s guild master would let me go smoothly when he was monitoring me so strictly.
Besides, there’s something fishy behind him that I don’t know about.

Kang Yoo-hyun’s face darkened as he looked at me in distress.
Kang Yoo-hyun, who was synonymous with expressionless, unusually expressed his emotions with a frown, and that was when he missed his favourite item in front of him.
Therefore, he is obsessed with what he has or should have.

For a moment, an ominous feeling swept across my back.
It’s just my feeling, right? 

No way! I don’t look like a legendary item, do I? I am a human.
A person.
Human like you.
Okay? …So let’s just talk.

“Come with me.”

“No, wait, wait!”

Eventually, his patience ran out and Kang Yoo-hyun tried to pull me along by force.

Surprised, I shook off his hand, but he didn’t care.

I thought I would be taken to the Odin Guild, the hero’s den, but Kang Yoo-hyun, who I thought was fine, suddenly grabbed his head with his hands.



What’s wrong with him?

At that time, I remembered a sentence I didn’t pay much attention to while reading the skill description.

[※ There may be side effects.]

Side effects… No way! Did Kang Yoo-hyun get the side effects?

As I looked at him with surprised eyes, Kang Yoo-hyun’s groan grew louder.
As I stood helplessly, I heard Eden’s voice from above.

“Yi Jin-ah! Han Yi-jin!”


“Now, hurry up!”

Just in time, I saw that the warp portal had already opened after killing the boss monster.
It was as if someone had helped me. 

But my feet won’t move.
It was because I felt a little guilty leaving Kang Yoo-hyun in pain.

“…I’m sorry.
Kang Yoo-hyun.”

“Ugh, wa…”

Even if I stayed with him, the side effects would not disappear, but I hope he’ll be satisfied that he had defeated an SS class boss monster thanks to my skills. 

When I turned to the Warp Portal, Eden grabbed me as if he had been waiting.

“Wait! Han Yi-jin!”

I closed my eyes when I heard a voice like a beast roaring.
Then I felt nauseous when I entered the warp portal for the first time.
And so ended my first dungeon raid.


Han Yi-jin’s body, which I thought was quite fine in the dungeon, drooped like a doll1 as soon as I took the warp portal.

Carrying me like a piece of luggage, Eden used his hiding skill to sneak into the guild and put me in my room.
He was fast and agile like in a spy movie.

“Uh, thank you.”

“If you’re so grateful…”

“Get lost.”

“I haven’t said anything yet.”

When I spoke with a serious face, I looked at Eden’s long face as if he had been hurt.

Well, thanks to this guy, I went to the dungeon… Even though it was a messy dungeon where D rank became SS rank, and luckily we were able to clear it.

With a slightly more open mind, I asked generously.

“What do you want? I don’t have money for references.”

It’s not that I don’t have it, but rather I don’t know where Han Yi Jin’s money is.
Where did he hide the money? He doesn’t have a bank app on his phone, and even if I search his room, I can’t find his bank account.

Or what, did he bury it somewhere deep in the mountain? He was so poor that the first thing I found were several crisp bills in his wallet.

“Come on, what money is there between us?”


When I asked with an indifferent face, Eden’s face brightened.
Perhaps because of his pink hair, it was bright as if a spring flower was in full bloom.
To the extent that the inside of the room looks bright too.

“Please step on me once.”

“Shit! Fuck off!”

Eden smirked at my harsh swearing.
I threw whatever was strewn around me, and he dodged it easily and bragged.

“My evasion skill is AA.”

“Damn it!”

Eden, who winked disgustedly at me who was angry, slowly approached the door.

“Oppa will be looking forward to it.”

“Don’t expect it, bastard.”

I scratched my arm with goosebumps, and Eden gave me a pleasant smile.
And before he opened the door, he said, wiping away his smile.


“Oh, in case we get caught, I’ll go and spy on the guild master.”


Eden left the room with that remark.
While holding the pillow, I slowly lowered my hand.

We didn’t get caught by the guildmaster, did we? The D-rank dungeon, which I thought would be cleared soon, was suddenly changed to SS-rank, so it was quite delayed, but it hasn’t been a day.

No, who would have thought that Eden and I would be trapped in the dungeon abnormality from the original story.
And who knew the protagonist would come to the dungeon? I can’t remember the name of the dungeon because it’s still very early in the story, but I didn’t expect it to overlap like that… Besides, I think there’s other wonderful things in the dungeon, but I don’t quite remember.

“Oh, that’s right.
The items.”

As I frowned, I suddenly remembered something I had forgotten.
The items that were obtained after killing SS class boss monsters!

With a thrill of excitement, I called the status window.

“Status window!”

Then, a golden status window appeared, somehow different from the first time I saw it, and it became even more flashy.

[Han Yi-jin]

Level: 45

Rank: B(??)

Title: Niflheim Conqueror (L)


Stamina: 42 

Strength: 20 

Agility: 22 

Mental strength: 63 

Mana: 35

Wow~ This is it! This is great!

I was moved to tears by the higher levels and stats.
And the title! It’s a legendary title!

Maybe because I took part in defeating the mob boss, I seemed to receive the same title that Kang Yoo-hyun got.
I moved my hand and pressed the detailed description field to see what effect the title had.

[Niflheim Conqueror (Legendary rank)

The title bestowed upon those who defeated the King of the Dead, the Draugr King.

Effect: ATK +20% against dead enemies, Fear Immunity, Abnormality Immunity, Curse Immunity, Goddess Hel’s Blessing.]


This was the exact title and effect that Kang Yoo-hyun received after fighting the Draugr King in the novel.
With this, Kang Yoo-hyun would be unrivaled in the Niflheim Dungeon.
Although it was too much for Han Yi-jin2, it is a legendary title.  It’s not enough to just say thank you.

Full of excitement, I opened the inventory window.
Han Yi Jin’s desolate inventory was filled with glamorous items with dazzling effect.
From material items to equipment poured out by dead monsters!

Plus item drops from boss monster!

With trembling hands, I pressed an item with a dazzling purple effect.
Oh my, this is also a legendary item!


However, when I press it with my hand, I tilt my head at the item description that appears.
It’s not an equipment item.
No matter how much I rub my eyes, it’s not an equipment.
Don’t they usually drop weapons and equipments?

I read the explanation in astonishment.

[Nidhogg’s Egg (Legendary rank).

The egg of a rough dragon with poisonous fangs.


Conditions before hatching: If it hatches, you can register it as a pet.]


I opened my mouth wide in surprise.
I got this instead of Kang Yoo-hyun? What is going on?

The Nidhogg’s egg was originally an item that was supposed to belong to Kang Yoo-hyun.
However, he was too lazy to associate it with him and didn’t think about hatching an egg.
Therefore, he just carried it around and accidentally hatched the egg.
As described, this Nidhogg is a very ferocious pet.
It was a pain in the neck at first because he didn’t even listen to his owner, Kang Yoo-hyun.

However, this legendary pet, which is rotten to the core, grows up and becomes a powerful ally of the main character.
Even though he has a very bad temper.
This is important, so I had to emphasize it twice. He has a very nasty temper!

“Ha, hatching this must be really hard.”

A special device is needed to incubate the egg that will become a pet.
There were many low grade items, but this was a legendary egg.
So it wasn’t an ordinary device at all.

In my current situation, I didn’t know when I would be able to hatch the egg.
Maybe it would be impossible.
Well, if it doesn’t work, I’ll sell it at auction and make a fortune.
I fully imagined getting rich in an instant.
Alright, I’ll use the guild to escape and get a good share of the profits.

It was when I was smiling in my dream–


The intact door flew with a deafening sound and crashed into the wall. 

I looked in surprise at the blown door and where the door was supposed to be.


“Wha– what?”

The men in the black suit approached me.

“This, what’s wrong?”


The men who grabbed my arm dragged me silently.
As I struggled back in surprise, a man with an annoyed look hit my neck with his hand.


My vision went blurry in an instant.
My body, which had been overworked from the dungeon, collapsed helplessly.

Ah, fuck…

I lost my consciousness just like that.

T/N: Sorry for the delay.
Oh, also for the golden status window, if you opened the chap 17 from the app you will see the colour not from the web.
I can’t ss it here so if you guys are curious just check it out lol.


It means that he is so weak that his body just collapse helplessly like that. Literal TL would be “A pearl necklace around a pig’s neck”, this proverb means something that does not suit one as one does not appreciate its value or it is out of one’s character.

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