[System SS-275.
An error has occurred.]

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[The Élivágar’s blessing (SS) is disabled.]

[System SS-276.
An error has occurred.]

[The effect of Vanishing Darkness (SS) is weakening.]

[System SS-277.
An error has occurred.]

[The Twilight Guide (SS) is disabled.]


Kang Yoo Hyun’s face was extremely expressionless as he looked at the system window that informed him of the disabled or weakened skills in front of the SS class boss monster, the Draug King.

This was not the first time he had met the Draug King.
Despite his awakening to the SS class, the only boss monster in Niflheim he couldn’t defeat was the Draug King.

Kang Yoo-hyun recalled the time he attacked the Draug King.
He was not alone back then.
He was with the first generation Awakener trapped at the gate together.  Although they didn’t have a high rank as Kang Yoo-hyun, they were veterans who had gone through countless battles.

However, Kang Yoo Hyun ended up alone at the end of that battle.
The SS-class Draug King had the ability to neutralize skills lower than himself.
Therefore, the other Awakeners are helplessly defeated.

Kang Yoo-hyun, the only SS class, also couldn’t do anything due to his lower skill ability than the Draug King.
All he could do was watch his comrades die and cowardly flee by surviving alone.


He could only hear the faint voice of Song Yoon Jae, the first generation Awakener who remained by his side.

-Yoohyun-ah, run away.

He was a hunter with the skill to make everything made of soil harder than steel.
The Draug King was a monster with high physical attack, so his ability could work.

-Come on… if I let go of my hand, your ability will be weakened.
So please…

But soon he reached his limit.
The powerful shield made by Sung Yoon Jae was about to break.
The two remaining in the last stronghold must make a difficult decision.

-You have to survive and return to the original world.


He doesn’t remember what he answered to Sung Yoon Jae’s desperate request.
Only screams hovering in his ears.


The Draug King also howled as if he recognized Yoo-hyun.
Seeing the remaining dead fly like moths led by the Draug King’s screams, Yoo-hyun calmly raised his magic sword.

[Niflheim-SS31 temporarily opens channel]

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[“The Ruler of the Dead” laughs at you.]


The jet black letters appeared in front of Kang Yoo Hyun, whose expression stiffened.

[Should I lend you a hand?]

Eventually, Kang-Yoo Hyun’s face contorted.

“Fuck off.”

[“The Ruler of the Dead” laughs happily saying he likes you because you have a temper.]

What a sick bastard.

The only opponent that Kang Yoo-hyun showed a strong hostility to was him.
The ending of his comrades didn’t all end well from the hand he generously extended to him.

He was a demon bastard who played with people just for his own interests.
It was then that Kang Yoo-hyun, who was frowning, ignored the messages and system notification and tried to attack the Draug King.



Someone fell from the sky.
Kang Yoo-hyun’s eyes widened as he received his body unexpectedly.


“…Han Yi Jin?”

It was Han Yi-jin who fell into Kang Yoo hyun’s arms.
His fair complexion became paler and he couldn’t open his eyes properly and groaned.
With the boss fight in sight, Kang Yoo-hyun frowned with a puzzled expression on his face.



That Eden, when I told him to throw me, he threw me like throwing a luggage.
I thought I was going to be airsick, this is the worst.

I groaned and could barely open my eyes.
Then, I was met with bright clear blue eyes.

“…Han Yi Jin?”


I was surprised when I met Kang Yu-hyun’s stiff face.
Surprisingly, I hugged Kang Yoo-hyun in a princess hug position.

“Why are you…”

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Kang Yoo-hyun, who had a serious expression on his face and pursed lips, raised his head.
Then he quickly retreated backwards with me in his arms.


At the same time, the ground we were standing on was dented.
One move shakes the ground and melts the surroundings due to toxicity.
I stared blankly at the scene in Kang Yoo-hyun’s arms.

Shit, I’d be dead if I were alone.

I looked at the Draug King with a frightened face.
At the same time, the sound of the warning system hit my ears, informing me that all of Han Yi Jin’s useless passive skills had been disabled.

An error has occurred.]

[Cat Movement (C) is disabled.]

[System ??-198.
An error has occurred.]

[The effect of Oily Tongue (C) is weakened.]

[System ??-199.
An error has occurred.]

[The Lucky Bag (B) is disabled.]


Aren’t the skills pretty useless because there’s no offensive type in passive skills?  It was a strange notification that made me feel lucky or unlucky.


Draug King made a long scream as he watched us dodge his attacks.
No, it’s not us, but Kang Yoo-hyun.
The boss monster won’t be interested in a small-fry like me.

It didn’t feel too bad.
Rather, it’s good to ignore me as if I wasn’t there.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

The problem is that I can’t leave Kang Yoo-hyun now.
The excited Draug King started to attack recklessly.
Kang Yoo-hyun dodged his attack while hugging me.

“Hey, in front! Fro–!”


Suddenly, I became the team leader.
Whenever I see the Draug King’s arm, I shout.
Kang Yoo-hyun moved swiftly to dodge all his attacks with incredible reflexes.


However, even if the attack could be avoided, there was no way to stop the poison spreading in the air.
The Draug King emitted a large amount of poison, but it got worse when he swung his arm.
It didn’t seem to have much effect on Kang Yoo-hyun who was an SS class, but it was fatal to Han Yi-jin.

“Go back to that person with the wind ability.”

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Kang Yoo-hyun, who spoke in such a blunt tone, didn’t even glance at me.
It didn’t really offend me.
Rather, I was the one interrupting him.
Although I want to apply my skills, I can’t concentrate well if he keeps moving around so much.

Biting my lip, I glanced at Eden, who was flying restlessly above.
As Kang Yoo-hyun said, should I retreat and return to Eden?

No, what if Kang Yoo-hyun died when I looked away?

Then everything is over. If I don’t catch that damn mob boss, the world will perish!

I gritted my teeth and concentrated.
I had to concentrate and use the catnip skill amidst the chaos.
Then, Kang Yoo-hyun, whose ability was enhanced, was able to capture that mob boss.



“Han Yi-jin!”

However, overshadowing my determination, we were immediately hit head-on by the Draug King.
I could hear the startled Eden calling my name from afar.

My body and Kang Yoo-hyun’s body rolled on the ground after bouncing.
I wasn’t actually getting hurt.
This was because Kang Yoo Hyun had used his skill right before the attack, or because his body was quite strong.

“Ugh, hey, Kang Yoo Hyun…!”



I called out to Kang Yoo Hyun when I sensed that the Draug King was about to attack again.
However, he did not respond.  I didn’t expect it, so I slipped out of his chest and looked at his face.

“Kang Yoo-hyun! Wake up!”


Kang Yoo-hyun closed his eyes and remained motionless.
This was a disaster.

“Han Yi-jin!”


Eden’s voice calling my name and the Draug King’s grating laughter echoed in my ears at the same time.
Will it be faster for Eden to come to my rescue or will that bastard launch his final attack?

I have these ridiculous thoughts in my mind.
The approaching black arm of the Draug King seemed slow, like an old film.1 He smiled.
That’s right.  He must have been obsessed with Kang Yoo-hyun ever since he missed him in Niflheim.
Subconsciously, I hugged Kang Yoo-hyun’s body tightly and looked directly into the Draug King’s eyes.
I could feel a hint of pleasure in his sparkling eyes, mixed with excitement.

Then a cold system voice echoed through my head.

[“The Capricious” has temporarily entered the Niflheim-SS31 channel.]

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[“The Capricious” looks confused at you.]


The Draug King’s arm stopped in the air as soon as the system notification rang.
I looked around in astonishment.
Everything stopped moving and the surroundings became silent.
I gulped nervously, and I heard someone’s voice.

[It’s a shame to die in a place like this.]


[I’ll give you a little help, Kitten.]

The man’s gentle voice smiled and disappeared.
At the same time, my view turned upside down.


Meanwhile, I didn’t let go of Kang Yoo-hyun’s body, and I closed my eyes and then opened them again.


The Draug King’s approaching arm slammed heavily into where we were before.
I looked down at it from the opposite side.


Kang Yoo-hyun frowned as if he had come to his senses.
I use my ability when I see him.
Instantly my body became hot.


Special conditions are required to use this skill for those of a higher rank than me.
It is physical contact, that is skinship.
In addition, according to the skill description, the higher the level of the skinship, the greater the effect.

Fuck, fuck.

I don’t want to, but I’m not in a position to choose right now.
I don’t know what a coincidence was a while ago, but that opportunity won’t come again.

“Han… Yi Jin?”

“Damn it.”

Kang Yoo-hyun, whose eyes relaxed from the effect of my skill, looked at me in a daze.
I grabbed Kang Yoo-hyun’s collar with a small swear word.
And rubbed his lips hard against mine.

T/N: Dang, didn’t expect there’s constellations involved in the story.
Anyway the bomb is finally arrive.
Next update is next month lmao jk (^3^♪


Old movies have a slow pace.

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