Why are you there?

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I followed Eden without much thought and wondered what an SS rank dungeon would be like.
I generally assumed that dungeons would be similar to the games I’m used to playing, but when I actually got there the feeling was no joke.

Firstly, the dungeon management was much better than I expected.
Even though I saw Eden secretly giving bribes to the dungeon manager, it feels like some people are also systematically managing the dungeon like this.

Anyway, we were finally able to enter the dungeon illegally by giving bribes.
Eden boasted that there was no fear of being caught by the guildmaster because this wasn’t a dungeon managed by the Loki Guild.

“Can we really clear the dungeon by ourselves?”

No matter how important the secrecy was, I didn’t know that I would be going to the dungeon with Eden alone.
However, responding to my question, Eden frowned as if his pride had been hurt.

“Of course it’s possible.
Don’t you trust your Oppa?”


That damn oppa joke again.
I wanted to hit Eden in the face, but I held it in.
I’m sure that damn guy would be happy if he got hit.
Anyway, since he was an A-class hunter, he seemed to be able to clear D-rank dungeons alone.
Eden’s role was very important because Han Yi-jin had no combat ability.

“But aren’t you going to give me a weapon?” I asked Eden who was checking his equipment standing in front of the dungeon entrance.
This bastard wore gear from head to toe, and gave me nothing.

“Do you really need a weapon?”


Eden skimmed down my body with a clearly disregarded look.
I now only wear minimal protective gear.

“You want me to go to the dungeon without a weapon?”

“You don’t have to fight.”

“No, but you never know!”

Hearing my words, Eden looked troubled and started looking at his inventory.
Looking at Eden’s attitude, I could see how Han Yi-jin has leveled up in the dungeon.

“Well, you won’t be able to use a sword… A stick? How about a stick?”


What Eden took out of the inventory was a worthless stick that looked like a baseball bat.
He really wants me to beat him like a dog, huh.

“Do you want me to hit you with this?”

“Oh, really? Then I’d be grateful.”


I really frowned seeing Eden’s delighted face.
Then I raised my middle finger.

“Go away.”

“I’m joking, just joking.”

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Eden, who spoke with a face that didn’t look joking at all, returned the stick to his inventory.
Then he took out something elongated and handed it to me.

“Try this.”

“A gun?”

I looked at Eden and the gun alternately, surprised that I had inadvertently received a gun.

“Is this a real gun?”

“Then would it be fake?”


I was momentarily stunned by the gap between the reality I experienced and the reality in the novel.
The world in the novel, the SS-class world, allows hunters to carry all kinds of weapons.
As long as you don’t use a gun in public, we are allowed to carry this kind of weapon.

Plus, this isn’t an ordinary gun.
The equipment, which was identical in shape to the Beretta pistol, glowed faintly from the white barrel.

“Well, it’s created by a C-class gunsmith, and maybe it’ll come in handy.”


I scanned the gun in my hand.
With a C-class production skill, it wouldn’t be a high-grade weapon.

“But you know how to shoot, don’t you?”


What do you think I am? I served in the army.
Perhaps this world hasn’t even enlisted hunters since the Gate crisis.
I glanced at Eden and loaded my gun.


“I know how to shoot.


Eden opened his eyes wide in surprise as I wielded the gun skillfully.
I tried to tease him again, but suddenly someone’s voice rang in my head.
It was a blunt system voice that I got used to now.

[The item grade will be changed due to the character’s trait ‘Golden Hand’.]


Golden hands? Item grade change?

I stared at the loaded gun in amazement.  For some reason, the white barrel seemed shinier.

“What’s wrong?”

Eden, who saw me pause while looking at the gun, asked with a puzzled look.

I shook my head as I quickly adjusted my expression.
It’s not a big deal.

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“It’s nothing.”

I pretended nothing happened and walked forward.
I saw a gate with a bright blue light glittering in front of me.

“Hurry, let’s go.”


Eden, who had been looking at me suspiciously, took the lead through the gate.
And after taking a deep breath, I followed.
Instantly, I felt my eyes flicker white and my body float.


“Are you okay?”

I immediately felt a hand grab me.
I never thought I would get sick when I passed through the gate.
I furrowed my brows and lifted my head.


“Oh, I’m okay.”

“You still feel sick.”

Tsk, I clicked my tongue and Eden patted my back deftly.

Is Han Yi-jin’s body being rejected and feeling gate sickness?

Convinced, I sighed and looked around.

A short grass filled the wide plain.
A tall tree that appeared in between covered the scorching sun, and on one side was a river with transparent water.
It was a peaceful field scene, as if like an old painting.

I can’t believe this is a dungeon.

The low-rating dungeon seemed to be an extremely low-level zone, and it seemed to be true.
I could feel my tension quickly dissipating.

“The monster will come out after a while.”


We continued walking past through the fields, where we didn’t find any slime.

Finally, a thick forest appeared.
Eden naturally led me there.

The SS-class author liked Norse mythology, or they wrote names that reminded people of Norse mythology throughout their novels.

For example, the space inside the dungeon we are in now is called Álfheimr.
Alf, the ancestor of the famous elves, which means their hometown.

The low-rating dungeon was said to be a peaceful and beautiful place where the elves seemed to live.
I went into the forest with a light heart, recalling the setting of the novel.

Immediately after, Eden saw something and stopped.

“It’s a monster.”

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I tilted my head at Eden’s words.
It was because it was a small animal in front of us.
I immediately ridiculed Eden.

“Hey, the rabbit isn’t a monster.”

“No, the rabbit is a scary monster.”


I snorted and Eden stomped his foot in frustration.
Then the rabbit flinched as if it was a signal.

“Yes, it’s very scary…”



For a moment, a deafening sound startled me then I looked ahead.
What surprised me was that the rabbit was standing on both legs.
And the body that was exposed under the cute head was unexpectedly muscular.

…A full-leveled rabbit?

I opened my mouth in surprise and the rabbit rushed towards us.
Unlike me, whose body hardened at the sudden situation, Eden moves fast, perhaps he’s used to it.


The wind barrier that Eden made prevented the full-level rabbit from rushing over.
The rabbit bounced into the air as if angry and howled.

Kkiii kkii!

“I told you, right?”


Said Eden, turning his back on the ferocious rabbit while Eden looked at me as if he was right.
I was surprised, but I don’t know why he was so proud like he was bragging about it.

“I got it, so deal with it quickly.”

The rabbit’s face was cute and lovely, but the body and its actions that betrayed him were destroying its innocence.
When I said with a distressed face, Eden said with a grin.

“Okay, Yijin only trusts his Oppa.”



Eden swung his hand with a pleasant smile as the swearing escaped from my mouth.
A translucent light shot out of his hand with the gauntlet.


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The rabbit, pierced by the strong wind, shrieked.
It was a ferocious figure, but it looked definitely weak, perhaps because it was a monster of a D-rank dungeon.

“I think we’re about to be cornered.”

As soon as Eden said that, the same-looking full-level rabbits appeared and surrounded us.
I was wondering why Eden was so relaxed about handling the rabbits, and it seemed like he was trying to lure and hunt down the group of rabbits that heard the screams.

“Kkik kkii!”

“Kkiii kkiik!”

After that, the massacre took place.
The rabbit that Eden was swinging was cut off.  I was just nonchalant when I saw the dead rabbits, beheaded, with blood spurting out from all over their bodies.

Was it because Han Yi-jin’s mental stat is high? The scene was far from realistic.
It didn’t look too brutal despite all the blood.
I turned my head because I thought one corner of my mind would be weird if I continued like this.
The unseemly screams continued in the peaceful forest, and I carefully surveyed the corner of the forest.


There was a dark area in the forest.
The shady grass swayed suspiciously.

I don’t think I should touch it carelessly, but it kept bothering me.
I wanted to tell Eden, but he seems busy with the full-level rabbit slaughter now.


Thinking hard, I carefully approached the shaded area.
What would happen in a D-rank dungeon anyway? I thought about it half way.

When I carefully reached out, the swaying grass became silent.
I guess it’s nothing?

I tried to go back, but something appeared and grabbed my hand.


“…Han Yijin?”

The hideous blue eyes I’ve seen before stare at me.

No, why is the main character here?

Kang Yoo-hyun looked at me frantically and gradually put more strength into my clasped hands.

[…The dungeon rating is being adjusted due to the disturbance.]

Then, there was a blunt system voice.

What is the system talking about? Rating adjustment?

[Alfheim-D29 will be rated as SS.]

This is madness.

My complexion hardened and cursed inside.

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