I was so tired after facing the Kang Yoo-hyun disaster that as soon as I returned to my room, I slept like a log.

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Then, the next day, I finally woke up as the sun rose in the sky.
I thought that the bastard guildmaster would come and make a fuss, but it turned out to be very quiet.
He was likely cleaning up the mess that guildmaster Laufey had caused.

Feeling a little relieved, I got up, then showered and ate.
How thoroughly Han Yi-jin was confined, there was even a dining room in the connected room.
My head was a little clearer when I returned to my room again after eating someone’s cooked food.

“Now, what to do?” I sighed, muttering softly.  

As I expected, I avoided the route of being beaten by Kang Yoo-hyun, but the discomfort persisted.
The fear I felt when I faced him was still clear, and most importantly I couldn’t forget his gaze, which was as hostile to me as a Villain.

If I continue to do evil deeds like the guildmaster said, I will die.
That feeling gave me goosebumps all over my body.

“Damn it.”

I opened Han Yi-jin’s notebook and picked up a pen.
Now I realise that I can’t break the death flag half-heartedly.
First, I organize the current situation in my notebook.

[1.  Han Yi-jin was under the strict supervision of Loki Guild.

The Loki Guild Master tries to use Han Yi-Jin’s skill to do evil deeds.

If he continues his evil deeds, Kang Yoo-hyun will kill him.]

Here, I drew a line next to number 1 and added content.
This is a serious solution.

[→ Leave Loki Guild.]


I was hit with reality after writing.
I mean, how do I get out of here? I looked around subconsciously.
The neatly arranged room had made me breathless as if it was a prison.
I managed to come to my senses and continue to write as I thought.

[→ Get out of Loki Guild.
The currently available skills are mental (B-rank) and auxiliary (S-rank), and mental skill can be used, but are of low rank.
On the other hand, an auxiliary system is useless without allies, but has a higher rank.]

I came to one conclusion.

[Let’s level up!]

Han Yi-jin now lacked strength.
He had S-class skill, but they were auxiliary skills, and if the mental skill he could use were B-rank, it wouldn’t be of much use.

Of course, once a B-rank skill is acquired, it cannot be promoted to a higher rank, but that doesn’t mean that it is meaningless if you don’t put in the effort.
Above all, Han Yi-jin’s stats were terrible.
The base level was too low and the stats were a mess.
First of all, I have to level up and become the top hunter among the B-class.

I had to go to the dungeon to level up.

I wonder if the guildmaster will actually send him.
Because it seemed like Han-Yi Jin had never cleared the dungeon, be it intentional or unintentional.
Because there is no such title attached.
No, but if he’s willing to be strong, then there’s no reason to stop him, right?  I don’t even know if he will let me go.

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However, I felt uneasy as I don’t have anyone I can trust now.
It can be said that the synchronization is complete in the system, but Han Yi-jin’s memory cannot be accessed.
All that was allowed was access to his skills and abilities.
In this situation, it would be difficult to ask for help from the Guildmaster, who was clearly a Villain.  After all, I had to level up as much as possible without the guildmaster’s help.


Thinking about that, I approached the tightly closed door.
It was past 2 pm, but no one came to Han Yi-jin’s room.


I opened the door and looked down the hall.
There was no one in the hall.
I squinted my eyes.

“Hey, Eden.”

I called him carefully.
But still no response.
The desolate hall had no signs of life.
However, I am sure that Eden is nearby.
When I saw Eden appear when I kidnapped Kang Soo-hyun, it was clear that he could hide his body with his skill.

“Aren’t you coming out?” I winced as I looked around the unanswered hallway.

I see, so he will stay like this.

Frustrated, I broke down the half-open door and stepped into the hallway.
As I was walking, I felt something flinch.
He must be confused.
Because I didn’t receive any tasks.
I ignored him and kept walking, and in the middle of the hall someone grabbed my arm.

“Hey, wait, wait!”

It was Eden.
He appeared and grabbed my arm with a panicked expression on his face.
I turned around with a nonchalant look.

“Let go of me, you bastard.”

“Where are you going?”


Unfortunately, that’s not a question I can answer.
Because I didn’t really intend to go out in the first place.

“Why are you curious about that? I won’t answer it.”

“No, that…”

I shook my arm while looking at Eden with a displeased look.
However, his hand that stuck like a leech never let go.
Fuck it.
What a weak body you have Han Yijin! Fuck, fuck.

“Let go of me.”


Eden shook his head at my attempt to free his hand.
His face stiffened for a moment, he said in a serious voice.

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“You can’t go out.”


Why is he speaking so desperately? I felt a little overwhelmed and looked at Eden’s face.
I felt a little uncomfortable with his thoughtful and serious face which didn’t match his flashy appearance.
And I don’t really mean to go out.
I just wanted to lure Eden out, which didn’t show up.

I felt awkward, so I averted my eyes and said,

“I’m not leaving, so let go of me.”


Then Eden, who was hesitating, slowly let go.
At the same time, he looked anxious because he was afraid that I would run away.
I frowned and turned back.
Then I walked again to the open door.

I reached for the doorknob again, but there was no sign of him following me.
I looked back at Eden who was standing behind me with a suspicious expression on his face.

“You’re not coming in?”


I don’t know what to think about Eden looking surprised.
Aren’t we close enough to invite him to my room? I don’t even know if they are close enough as a monitor and a monitored person, or if Eden is one-sidedly pretending to be close.

Still, it bothered me that someone would hear what I was about to tell Eden.
Even if there seemed to be no one here, there might be a hidden talented person with the same skills as Eden.

Of course, it would be a shame to think that Han-Yi Jin could attach to someone of that caliber, but it was a possibility.

I told Eden again, looking through the deserted hall once more.

“Come in.”


Then Eden’s face turned red in an instant when he heard me.

“I don’t think we’re that close yet.”

“What are you talking about, crazy bastard?”

No, why was he talking about something that people would misunderstand if they heard him? I was so angry that I tried to close the door.

“Don’t come in.
You motherfucker.”

“Ah, wait, wait.”

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Eden hastily pushed one foot into the gap in the door and shouted–

“I didn’t say no!”


I leaned back slightly with a salty face.
Then Eden slid through the door’s gap as if he had been waiting.
I took a few steps back and I looked at him with dumbfounded eyes.


Not caring about my gaze, Eden looked around the room.
There wasn’t much to see, but it seemed very suspicious to look around what was so strange about it.

“What are you drinking?”

“Huh? What?”

Seeing me casually holding the teapot in my hand, Eden rolled his eyes.


“…You’re going to make me a coffee?”


Seeing the look of disbelief in his eyes, I realized Han Yi-jin’s personality again.  Well, luckily I didn’t spill coffee on his face, let alone give him coffee.
I put down the teapot with a click of my tongue.

“Don’t drink it.”


I can’t make Eden doubt me for no reason.  His pleasant demeanor was most likely fake.
Nevertheless, I have no one here to trust.
I always doubted Eden, but I had to take advantage of him.
I sat cross-legged on the chair and opened my mouth looking at Eden.

“You knew I hid my skills, right?”


I accidentally activated the catnip skill in front of the Guildmaster’s room, and again yesterday in front of Kang Yoo Hyun.
Even though Eden was confused, he didn’t question the use of the skill itself.
I naturally assumed that as a watchdog he would know in advance the existence of the skill that Han Yi-jin was hiding.
And Eden nodded slowly as if it was true


“Why didn’t you tell the guildmaster?”

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I wonder why Eden, the watchdog, didn’t report to the guildmaster.
If the guildmaster knew Han Yi-jin’s auxiliary skills, he would try to use him more thoroughly.
However, the guildmaster didn’t seem to know, and Eden, who knew catnip skill to some extent, didn’t even tell the guildmaster.

Did he get money from Han Yi Jin? No, Han Yi Jin couldn’t possibly be that rich.  Why in the world…

While thinking about it, Eden shouted.

“You told me not to tell anyone!”


I didn’t understand Eden’s words for a while, so I tilted my head and asked in a serious tone.

“So, you really didn’t say anything?”

Is this guy stupid? He hid it from the guildmaster and knew what would happen to him.
Seeing me frown, Eden shook his head with a sad face.


“This Oppa1 has always been sincere to you.”

“Fuck it.”

Unexpectedly, swear words came out of my Oppa’s joke.
But Eden smiled, feeling somewhat better.
What a pervert! I finally continued speaking, suppressing my disbelief.

“So you won’t say anything in the future?”



I skimmed Eden up and down.
To be honest, I don’t know what his intentions were, but it was good for me that he kept his mouth shut.

“Then, can you do me a favor?”

T/N: So guys, we have reached chapter 10, remember what I said in the beginning?

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It means older brother and it is used by women to call men who are a little older than them whether he is related to her or not.
Eden is so naughty ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

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