Possessing an Insignificant Villain

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“Gasp!” I woke up just as I heard a loud mechanical sound.

Fuck, that surprised me.

I turned my head reflexively.
Then, a hard-shaped machine, which had just let out a loud noise, emitted a low beeping sound.

Beep, Beep, Beep…

Is this a newly placed alarm?

I don’t remember buying anything like that.

I glanced at the huge machine, while pressing my throbbing head.
The hard, square machine had a long string, and the string attached…

“Crazy, what is this?”

The string on the machine was attached to my body.
I opened my eyes wide at the string hanging on my chest.

“What’s this? Ugh.”


I felt a splitting headache as I’m taking the string off.
I lowered my head.
Beep–, the sound kept ringing in my ears.

“Ugh, fuck.”

After waiting for my headache to subside, I finally raised my head.
My forehead, wet with sweat, bothered me.
I looked around for something to wipe and my body suddenly stiffened.

“…Where is this?”

I was amazed by the view of the room that I had never seen before.
The room was quite spacious and clean.
Very different from my small room, which looks like a pigsty.
Wallpaper and furniture were monotonous, neat and tidy.
I looked nervously around the empty room.

“Is this place someone’s room?”

I went to many unfamiliar places for work, but I couldn’t believe this was someone’s room once I opened my eyes.
I suddenly got goosebumps.

Moreover, there was a strange machine connected to my chest, and most importantly, I was topless.
I couldn’t help but grit my teeth at the person who made me look like this.

I wandered around the room looking for clothes to wear.
Then I stopped moving when I saw a full-length mirror near me.

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“Wha–?!” A pale-looking man in the mirror looked at me and was appalled.

His small, pale white face was extremely good-looking.
I might have thought he was an idol if I saw him passing by.
His wide open eyes were like deer’s eyes, and his small, beautiful lips were not pale as his face, but caught my eye.

He had a skinny body, but he had some fine muscles and was quite handsome.
I kept looking at the man in the mirror with this ghostly face.

After some time I noticed that this man in the mirror was me.
I was dumbfounded and confused, but when I pinched my cheeks, it wasn’t a dream.

“Abs… My abs…” I muttered in vain while stroking my flat stomach.

Initially, my body was not muscular.
I worked out hard because there were so many people with good body shape around me, but I’m not gaining as much muscle as I wanted.
However, after working hard, I had shredded abs, though not by much. Uhuhuk, my abs, there’s nothing there.

“Damn it, who the fuck is this bastard…” I muttered in annoyance and looked around.

I approached the desk wearing a rough t-shirt.
As if to show the personality of the owner of the body, a notebook, pen, wallet, and cell phone were placed on a neatly arranged desk.

I grabbed the wallet first.
To find out who the owner of this body was, I had to start with identification.
I opened a black leather wallet and saw several crisp bills and credit cards.

As I continued to search, I saw several ID cards.
I thought it was an ID card and driver’s license, but one of them had a strange colour.

“Hunter… license?”

Was this bastard an otaku1? On the green ID card, the word “hunter’s license” was written.

Hunter? I couldn’t believe he’s a hunter.

Don’t tell me it’s the hunter, I think it is.

I smirked at the thought, but behind it was information I couldn’t ignore.

Hunter License

Name: Han Yijin

Registration number: 21B-32269

Rank: B

Affiliation: Loki Guild

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For a moment, the contents of the novel flashed through my head.
A male-oriented novel that keeps me on my phone until bedtime.
My hands trembled as I shuddered, staring at the hunter’s license in disbelief.

“Han… Yi Jin? The dual-class loser villain bastard, Han Yi Jin?”

[The World’s Only SS Class Returnee]

As the title suggests, it was a novel where the protagonist was sucked into a gate and barely returned, becoming the only SS-class hunter in the world and unrivaled.

I was bored so I read the free ones, until I binge read all night paying for them.
The author’s writing skills were unbelievably good.
While smiling happily remembering the episode I read last night, I looked at the license again with a serious look.

It’s possible that this license was fake… Someone more crazy about novels than I am could think of these cards as mere merchandise.
But right away I thought it didn’t make sense.
If that’s the case, I would had a card2 as the main character, Kang Yoo Hyun, or I won’t have an insignificant villain bastard card.


I sighed and washed my face dry.

Was the owner of this body really Han Yi Jin? So, this place is a fictional world? What nonsense…

Han Yi Jin was a villain in the early stages of dual-class.
When the main character Kang Yoo Hyun returned from the gate and was in the spotlight, he play

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