anding, I could unleash this level of destructive power…
I looked proudly at the shattered hotel room and then immediately went down to the counter to request a room change.
With anger and a desire to win, I thought to myself, ‘Are you kidding me, you mana jerk? Are you starting a fight over being stuck in a single room?’
‘Okay, let's just wait and see.’
You'll soon find out who has the upper hand.
It's a lump of mana.
It's people who wield the power.
You're just a tool, you bastard.
While combining sudden acceleration and mind control, I sat cross-legged in the newly obtained room and meticulously chewed, tore apart, and dissected the original story in my mind.
In the original story, Cassis De Milan was an unusual case who could learn both magic using mana and martial arts using qi, despite being a European magician.
It was because he gathered mana in his dantian.
It wasn't that others hadn't tried such attempts before.For over a thousand years, people driven by various curiosities had violated the rule that mana is the heart and internal energy of the dantian.
They tried accumulating energy in their hearts and mana in their dantian.
So my conclusion was, ‘Don't do it.’
“Not too much, not too little.”
Qi and mana were powers that diverged from the roots of the World Tree, similar yet different in nature.
The positions where they needed to be accumulated and the locations of their meridians and circuits were different.
If one deviated from the original positions of accumulation, the circulation would become equally difficult, meaning that the control of energy would become unstable.
If one cannot control the flow of blood or the signals of their nerves, what would happen to a person?
If not careful, there was a chance that all the blood mixed with brain fluid would pour out of the seven holes in their head and they would die from exploding.
‘Or go on a rampage like a crazy person, destroying nearby landmarks and commit suicide together.’
However, Cassis De Milan had a weak heart.With such a body, he couldn't accumulate mana in his heart.That was why the De Milan family, especially the main lineage, didn't acknowledge him properly.
It was because a hereditary heart condition had a detrimental effect on his blood.
De Milan didn't possess the ability to use magic, so he wasn't really a De Milan.
So young Cassis stored mana in his dantian and showed them magic.
That was the story.
‘Even if it's just a supporting role in the development arc, highlighting the coolness of the protagonist who surpasses the arrogant talented martial artist.’
There was such a thing.
It was a past narrative to highlight the coolness of the protagonist, who could beat an arrogant talented noble with his skills, saying, “The rival is also a cool person.
But it's only for the protagonist's development.”

It was a narrative that only served as an entertaining portrayal, but thanks to it, I, the possessed individual, found a clue.
Cassis De Milan was a talented person who could achieve such incredible feats even while walking a tightrope where his body could explode at any moment.
A textbook approach is useless for a genius.
I just need to “command” what I want.
–Mana is already under my control.
That self-confidence is important.
A magician must be arrogant.
I reached out my hand and shouted.
“Kneel before me, you damn mana…!”
…And so, in just one night, I ended up throwing stacks of cash instead of tipping the terrified hotel staff who witnessed me demolish the room fifteen times.
Unconsciously, I spent a week like a recluse person, using money to cover up the damage because there was a chance that my clumsiness and inexperience could be recorded on CCTV if I rented a training room.
I wondered if I would end up with a no-income death route until the day before admission to the academy.
Surprisingly, that day, I learned how to control mana convincingly.
Of course, I couldn't subdue mana under me like Cassis did in the original work.
Even now, the mana nestled in the dantian seemed to growl at me, unwilling to listen to my words.
But at least it looked convincing on the surface, so it might be okay for a while.
“Now I don't have to bend down and pick up the remote control even if it falls!”
I laughed triumphantly, waving my hand to create a gust of wind that pulled the remote control towards me.
The remote control rushed towards me like a bullet and hit me right on the bridge of my nose.
Ouch! Damn you, mana!
When it was announced that a De Milan would be staying at their hotel, the staff prepared themselves with firm determination to serve the VVVIP.
This was due to the rumors circulating about how demanding and sensitive he was.
However, when they finally faced him, he didn't show as many demanding and sensitive qualities as they had expected.
‘Maybe we can get through this without any major issues?’
That's what everyone hoped for.
But that hope changed drastically as night fell.
Clang! Crack!
The VIP room was surrounded by a strong barrier and spell to prevent external access.
It was impossible to break it with a gun or even a bomb.
The robust barrier was the hotel's selling point.
And Cassis Demirang was demanding to change rooms, tearing through those barriers as easily as tearing paper.
‘No matter how skilled the barrier masters are, they say a higher level of inner power or mana can break through the barriers…’
Even the hotel's owner, who was peeking at the world of strategy players, was overwhelmed by the sight.
As a precaution, when the manager asked De Milan's bodyguards if it was a dangerous situation, the obedient dogs of De Milan didn't give a response.
They were truly dogs of De Milan, unable to bark without receiving a command.
The manager trembled in fear as he collected the scattered tip checks from the staff.
What on earth is happening….
He only hoped for a peaceful check-out without any incidents.

On the morning of my Academy admission day, I was so happy that I could control magic that I even threw some checks while checking out.
Anyway, it's not my money, and tipping culture is a noble mannerism.
But for some reason, the faces of the staff and security guards looked much more shocked than when they first arrived, was it just my imagination?
“Young master.”
“What is it?”
“I have obtained the information regarding dormitory assignments.”
At that moment, one of the security guards discreetly approached me and whispered.
Mind you, it was still well before the dormitory assignment ceremony had even been prepared.
In other words, it was leaked.
He's so confident and cool.’
I loved this kind of thing.
Compliance? Nah, forget about it.
Finally, I have something to be praised for.
“Well done.
Show me.”
“……! Thank you……!”
Was Cassis not giving much praise due to some excessive reaction? I thought so, but that feeling was washed away by the content that came up on the screen the next moment.
Underneath the list stating that once the dormitory was determined, the son of a prestigious family would be assigned to the same room as Cassis, there was an interesting note.
[Note: Ryu-Seong from Hara Academy requests to become roommates with De Milan's Cassis.
If there are any considerations or requests, they will be taken into account.]
It was very interesting.
“Young, Young Master……”
“This is amusing.”
I chuckled softly.
'Is this all it takes to stir up a commotion, protagonist?!'
Keeping my excessively radical thoughts hidden, I continued to exude boundless elegance and beauty.
As for how the people around me reacted, trembling and faltering, it's not like there's anything I can do about it.
TL note : Dantian – lower part of the abdomen, a center of qi or life force energy.

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