the destruction of the world, it was devastating….The only fortunate thing was that he had returned to five years prior, when Cassis De Milan had just begun planning the destruction of the world.Ryu-Seong chased after him relentlessly, spreading his wings like a madman, in order to kill the person responsible for the destruction of the world in the future, is the present timeline.Cassis De Milan.
Fucking Cassis.He may only be in his twenties and not yet a monster, but in order to protect the world, he had to trample everything from the very beginning.Cassis, who chased after me with the determination to kill, met him.”Before you go.””Yes, what is it?””You can have this.”He sat on the dirty pavement, hunched over and breaking apart something sweet that he didn't even like, all for the sake of giving it to a child.Thus, Ryu-Seong was still someone who had not yet committed any sins with his own hands, looking at the fetus of a potential monster that may grow up to be a person.However, he also looked at him as someone who might become a human.”…
“He had to suppress whatever emotion he felt….Even though he had never said it out loud, Ryu-Seong had already grasped what kind of person Cassis was.He hated him but also thought of him as a being that he himself might have become if he had not been accepted by the Moon clan.He felt even more disgusted by him, thinking of him as a fellow being, perhaps even closer to self-loathing.
So when Cassis destroyed the world, Ryu-Seong was simply confirming how terrible his own rock-bottom reality was.But now, he was giving candy to a child.”Thank you…! Th..Thank you, big brother! Let's meet again! I'll give you a reward!””No need for a reward.
I have a lot of money.”He smiled brightly.”…
“Once again, Ryu-Seong knew who Cassis was.
He was a person who could not tolerate any suspicion towards himself.So, he mercilessly crushed and displayed the first person who raised doubts in all directions.
He cunningly incited fear by saying that anyone who touched him would end up like that, dissected in front of people's eyes.The reason they became opposed to each other at the Academy from their first encounter was because Ryu-Seong clearly saw Cassis trying to hold someone down and crush them to imprint his superiority.Ryu-Seong wondered if he would have been just as ridiculous if he hadn't met the world of martial arts or if he hadn't changed himself.Despite thinking he was cliché, he scratched his insides while spitting out the right arguments nonetheless.
It made a dent to the superiority that Cassis wanted to establish.‘So, did I not see that appearance?’Was it because they split from the beginning and didn't witness it?Was Ryu-Seong ignoring the fact that Cassis could also be a human?Because the shadow of his own remnants was so long…”Damn it.”And thus, the first moment when the two clashed.Ryu-Seong turned away with a gloomy look.It was a retreat.He ran away from him, rushed to the Academy, buried his head in the faucet, poured cold water over his head, and then his head cooled down.
The realization that if he killed Cassis, the Moon clan would be plunged into some kind of crisis with the De Milan Family came to him belatedly.Ryu-Seong had to protect the world.But at the same time, he didn't want to destroy the family that had accepted him as a human.
He had no confidence that he could keep himself from being ruined like Cassis while watching those who supported him become ruined.He impulsively reached Cassis, but both emotionally and rationally, he could only come to the conclusion that he could not kill him now.Still, he could not leave the one who would destroy the world alone.– Guardian.Since birth, that was the name given to Ryu-Seong, and because he had already seen that he would be reborn as the “Guardian of the World” in the future, he decided while shaking the water off his black hair.The result was this.Just one more time.He could become someone different from who he was then.If you show me hope.I might want to spare you.‘So, let's decide here.’And Cassis De Milan, who was standing at the tip of the sword, showed how he could survive.”Wow, you are still not even a student, but you are already talking about wanting to violate the rules of the Academy?”If it was the Cassis that Ryu-Seong knew, he would have gladly come down to crush the one who threw the provocation, even if it was not enough to aim the sword at him.
He thought about breaking the opponent's arms and legs so that he would never recover.But maybe the first encounter was different.Cassis, who didn't have a bad relationship with him, was smiling with a nonchalant and flexible attitude, without any hesitation.”Unfortunately, you couldn't get out the frog in the well.
Is this what it means to be famous?””Are you scared?””Stop talking nonsense, Ryu-Seong.
Even if you force yourself, you don't have the right to change the rules.
If you want to enter the Academy, you must follow the rules of the Academy.
What kind of arrogance did Moon’s student open his mouth with?””….””Oh, please don't feel uncomfortable on my behalf, Assistant.
This is purely a bold delusion put forth by the applicant alone, and no one would dare to infringe upon your right to judge between the worthy and the unworthy.”Do you know that denying the coercion is considered many times more virtuous than before?Maybe it could have helped establish your position more than rolling on the ground with me.If only I had said that at some point, this might not have happened.Ryu-Seong was lost in thought.Could the world have been saved from destruction?Could you have been someone who could have changed?***And right at that moment.In the mind of Cassis De Milan:‘What the hell is this? Did I face a crisis that I can barely overcome? Why is the plot so messed up? Did that bastard want to eat dalgona and now he's taking it out on me?!'Those were the thoughts running through my head.

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