By the way, the way to the Academy was quite interesting.***Interestingly, despite his own character, Cassis De Milan's father shed tears while seeing him off, presumably because he had good parents.And I received love that wasn't even mine.
After exchanging pleasantries, I elegantly got into the car with a Cassis De Milan-like posture.As the car took off, I couldn't help but exclaim,”That's right.
This is a world where cars can fly in the sky…!”It's a setting where only expensive cars can fly in the air and ordinary cars drive on the ground, but I don't know why a car needs to fly in the sky.
To be honest, it seems like a setting added just to make aerial chases look cool.But the aerial chase scene was really cool, so let's move on.The problem is that I have a slight fear of heights.”I hope this body doesn't have a fear of heights.”My heart, which should have been pounding like crazy under normal circumstances, remained calm.
Thanks to that, I was able to calm my half-panicked mind.
All I had to do was close my eyes and pretend to be tired.As he did so, the driver noticed and turned down the classical music playing softly.
I had drifted off into a shallow sleep, collecting information about Cassis De Milan's usual playlist, but I woke up again with a sensation of the weight shifting as if the car's wheels had landed on the ground.I don't know if the driver was trying to wake me up, but I saw him reach out to me, and he looked frozen stiff.What would Cassis De Milan say in a situation like this?”Stop it.
It's disgusting.””I'm sorry, I'm sorry.”Wow.
I felt instantly better for having let out the words I had been holding back while considering social norms.Is this why people can't keep things bottled up?”…I'm really sorry!”But then, suddenly, the driver pulled out a gun from his puffy sleeve and aimed at me.
Before I knew it, my own hand had moved to block the gun's muzzle.
I didn't know how to handle fantasy-like “energy,” but at that moment, I felt something boiling inside me and everything was projected out through my palm.Then, a muffled gunshot, as if something was blocking it.”Ah, damn it–“Wow, is this the universal life of a villain?Thanks to the unconscious concentration of energy in my palm for self-defense, the bullet didn't go through.
Instead, blood splattered everywhere.As the driver struggled to keep his grip on the gun, I used my strength to twist the barrel.
He must have realized his fate, as he closed his eyes tightly.
I took the gun from him and hit him on the head.Thud, thud, thud…Wow, what a dog-like life.
What a Cassis De Milan-like life.
My breath became rough.
It was either because of my strained breathing or the smell of blood floating in the car, but it was so hot that I couldn't stand it.
I took off the gloves that were covered in blood and threw them over the driver's broken head.
My vision was spinning.
Now what the hell do I do?Then, ring, ring, ring.
My phone lit up.
I smiled as I saw my half-turned eyes reflected on the screen.Words on the screen.
Security guard.I answered the phone.[Master, it sounded like gunshots went off.
Are you okay―]Isn't it funny?Calling me a lord and all.
They say they're bodyguards, but they were just waiting for me to break the assassin's head myself.”Shut up.
Those who make the guards unfaithful by not paying them their salaries have no right to speak.”[…Can we enter now?]”Are you kidding? Haha, should we just wait until we become corpses before entering?”It seems that Cassis De Milan is the type who doesn't trust his bodyguards because he believes in his own strength.
Perhaps there was something that had to be done.
If he had to get permission for even entering, it might have just been a simple blockage, but who knows.I'm not that damn Cassis De Milan, so I can't even catch one damn loser who just rushes in with a gun.”Fuck, this is shitty.”This is the final villain bastard of my fucking life.
As I rummage through my memories of the novel's depiction, I take out a golden potion from the shoulder holster I'm wearing and I was about to open the lid when the bodyguards opened the door and came in, but they stopped and gasped when they saw me.Ah, damn it.
These losers are called bodyguards.”What are you staring at? Should I gouge out your eyeballs before we start? Bring me some deodorant and a new uniform that fits me, whether you make it or steal it.
I'll give you five minutes.””Yes, understood!””And you, investigate this bastard's background and who hired him.””Yes!”They answer well.
The idiots.As I barely open the cork stopper, the bodyguards approach and sit with their legs crossed against the backrest, leaning in on the bloody corpse before starting to wrap it in something.
Geez.”I guess hiding corpses is the specialty of bodyguards?”Of course, it makes sense in this world.
As I sink my head into my hands, I recall something.Civilians with guns were too weak to protect mana-awakened people called attackers.So, unlike before the transmigration, regular security guards were hired to play the practical role of subduing the attackers.And even though Cassis De Milan didn't enter the academy, he was still making a name for himself among the attackers.
His existence as a cheat-like entity who had strayed from the positions of most promising individuals may have been irritating to even the most vigilant guards.So, it seems that he ended up living a reckless life without proper protection, which I understand roughly.”….
Did I underestimate the dark fantasy world too much?”He didn't expect to be in danger of being killed by the driver while sleeping in the back seat.
If the depth of the talent engraved in his body wasn't at this level, he would have died immediately.Ugh…
I don't want to…”At this rate, I have to study like crazy….”Studying hard wasn't part of my original plan.
I genuinely intended to clear my mind like I used to.
But in order to protect my body in this crazy dark fantasy world, I had to at least become stronger.However, I didn't know how to do any of the arts, magic, divination, spear techniques, swordsmanship, archery, etc.
I couldn't even control the most important “energy” in this world.
I had to recognize the fact that my instinctive energy resonated with my will just a little while ago to my desperate struggle to stay alive.I'll die on a bad day if I just wait for a miracle without effort.So, It’s become a situation where I have to study until I drop if I want to survive.”It's been so long since I graduated from high school!”In addition, there is one more condition to clear the mission.I must never be caught weak.If I'm caught, everything that Cassis De Milan has shown so far, including his stunts, will be treated as a fluke, and if that happens, he'll be executed for insulting the De Milan family.The De Milan family is made up of sons of bitches who don't even recognize their own blood as legitimate and consider even Cassis as a mere cattle with their bloody talk.
If their ability falls behind, they'll be killed.”It's so archaic.
Do you guys watch too much Game of Thrones or something?”There's nothing I can do about my complaints.
That's just the world I'm in.After arming myself with a little more mental preparation, I spent ten minutes verbally pestering the security guards who spent their time bringing my uniform.
Then, I changed clothes, sprayed some deodorant, and headed out of the car thinking the fresh air feels good, and I'm in a good mood.”Would you like some dalgona?”I smelled the scent of dalgona from somewhere.Since we left early, we had plenty of time before the entrance exam.
Of course, Cassis had already been accepted, so he had more leeway.
As I followed the sweet scent that forcibly improved my mood, I saw a dalgona stand.It was a shabby stand set up in a narrow alley, and the vendor's face looked tired, as if he wasn't selling well.
A child with wide eyes and a drooling mouth was standing in front of it, continuously exclaiming “wow!” and “so cool!”The child looked like he didn't have any money.
Based on his dirty and messy appearance, it seemed difficult for him to even afford to buy dalgona.
However, if I wanted to eat dalgona, I could eat it.So I squatted next to him, and the vendor, who had slowly raised his head with a worried expression, suddenly widened his eyes.From trembling pupils and parted lips, my name was about to burst out immediately.
So, I coldly smiled and raised my index finger.”Shh.”Then the vendor quickly closed his mouth and catered to my order.
He dealt with it much faster than I expected.”Ah, satisfying.”Singing a little song, he started picking out a few dalgona and plucking them into shapes.
It felt refreshing to be messing around with dalgona after such a long time, my heart that had been splattered with blood had become clean again.
However, tearing apart the dalgona didn't go my way, so I eventually crushed the body of the dalgona as a price to purify my heart.The child standing next to me exclaimed every time I tore apart a dalgona, “Wow! So cool…
It's a shame.
Come on, cheer up! Just one more!” and made a noisy background noise.
Every time he did that, the dalgona vendor who was grilling the dalgona turned pale, which was fun for me, and I raised my index finger to them.”I can't do this anymore.””Aww…
That's a shame.
Goodbye, big brother.”Well, I have to start the entrance exam soon, so I should go.My fingers were very sticky, even though I wiped them with a handkerchief.
I don’t want to touch candy for about a year.Moreover, I smelled too much of sugar and it made me feel sick.And who would sit on the sidewalk to open a cheap sugar cookie that looks like crap and have fun tearing it apart?”Before you go.””Yes, what is it?””You can have this.”I threw a broken candy piece wrapped by the shopkeeper in the child's arms.
The child didn't seem to understand for a moment, but then opened their eyes wide and bowed with joy.Even I, a rotten person, couldn't help but laugh for a moment at the happiness on the child's face, which was like a full moon.It was at that moment when I straightened my legs from sitting and turned my head.”……
Huh.”My heart dropped with a thud.I made eye contact.-With the protagonist of this novel.

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