After repeatedly kicking off the blanket, I stayed up all night with bleary eyes.Does everyone have it this hard? It would be a lie if I didn’t have the same question, but I finally convinced myself after putting in my utmost effort.As someone who has transmigrated into a modern dark fantasy novel, I acknowledged my strange future and began to take the next step.The next step was setting goals.The first goal that came to mind was one:1.
Avoid the destruction of the world!Actually, there is no need to deliberately avoid it.
Since I am the one who causes the destruction of the world, as long as I live quietly, the world won't end.
If you think about it, I am the most talented person who can wipe out everything except for the protagonist of the academy.
So, I can just trust that and live comfortably.Of course, the fact that there are other world destruction wannabes besides me is a problem, but they can't produce as much firepower as I can.The world will be protected by the conquerors.”I'll be a useless person with an empty head.”Secondly,2.
Protect the glory of my life!As a nobleman from a prestigious family, it goes without saying that I have a lot of valuable assets to enjoy.And finally, the long-awaited third one.3.
Don't get caught for not being “Cassis De Milan”!…I feel skeptical about the third life goal that came to mind being more important than the previous ones, considering my intellectual state.Let's say it's because I haven't adapted to my new body.Anyway, it's a bit difficult.
This kid who pretends to be the rival of the protagonist in the original work but ends up appearing as the final villain is a pretentious man who laughs brightly every day and walks around, calling himself the best fighter.
Even though he's called a “bitch.” The problem is whether I can imitate such a personality well enough.But if I don't imitate it properly, the prestigious “De Milan” family will try to kill me for impersonating their precious heir.
The De Milan family in the book was still a group of people.I'm lucky if they catch me alive and don't dissect me.”Ugh, it's terrible.
Inhumane and outdated.
Ew.”Let's not keep having such negative thoughts.
Let's think positively that we can catch up with such a personality if we try hard enough.We might hurt our skin if we're not careful.So, what should I choose as my fourth goal?How about spending a hot night with the protagonist?”Oh.”In my opinion, this is quite a plausible goal.”…
Wait, I don't know why, but I think I should start by clarifying that I'm not beyond hopeless, but I can't find any evidence, so I'll leave it at that.
But I'm not hopeless.
Don't use such a shameful word in front of me…”But think about it.
Suppose you're Pygmalion, who met your perfect ideal type as a gift from the gods.
Pygmalion, who tasted the miracle of his ideal type he was making, became a living person through God's grace while making a statue.If you were Pygmalion, would you ‘do it’ with Galatea or not?The answer is clear.
Why ask? You have to do it no matter what.In short, Galatea was the protagonist of this novel.I want to complain and say he's the guy who makes me sincerely wonder why he only exists in the novel.- The protagonist's name is Ryu-Seong.It's unclear why the name is so cool from the start.
By the way, the novel is set in Korea.The story incorporates Korean culture, and in this world, the Korean peninsula is the only place where pure energy flows due to the influence of nationalism.
As a result, young elites from all over the world in the 21st century are scrambling to graduate from Korean academies.My body is a mixed-race individual with Korean and Western aristocratic bloodlines, and even their direct lineage bears the name “Cassis De Milan.””The place where most of the story takes place is here.”The Alaea Academy.This is the most outstanding academy among the three academies that exist in Korea.
Here, Ryu-Seong dominates all fields with his overwhelming ability.
I was enamored with the sight of such a lofty man suffering, despairing, and struggling.That was me.
I was trash.The concept of a world with healers is really cool.
Even if you do something stupid while fighting enemies, everything regenerates.
It made me want to buy a meal for the person who recommended this novel in an internet post.I thought all web novels were light until now, this is a hardcore dark fantasy that truly revolves around the protagonist.”It's so thrilling.”Just thinking about the character's background makes me greedy.
Even though this body was a fresh adult at 20 years, I couldn’t help it.”I have to try it once.”In this world, people become adults at the age of 20.
The timing for academy admission is also 20 years old.Therefore, I guessed that I had been transmigrated before I entered the academy since a new uniform that I had never worn before was hanging on the wall.
It was a divine revelation now to seduce the protagonist.So, I finally got out of bed, which I had been reluctant to leave, to see how handsome “Cassis De Milan,” who was described as the world's most beautiful person in the novel, really was.And facing the mirror, I was quite satisfied.”It's similar to before transmigration.”Well, I think I'm prettier than before.
What can I do about being a guy so pretty?It's a bit disappointing that my body, which is now taller than before, has a dominant skeletal and muscular build, but my face is truly overwhelming.
I don't really know my preferences, but I like men with strong and thick eyebrows.”I guess he looks suspicious because I know he's a villain.”How should I put it? Should I say it's suspicious? Should I say it's meaningful? Even when he smiles while folding the corner of his eyelids, his crescent-shaped eyes between his silver eyelashes sparkle like jewels, creating a strange atmosphere.
If you read his fortune, his face is sure to have a rainbow aura.With silver hair that has a fluctuating shine and skin that is so white it's fascinating, and even the white eyelashes are mysteriously lush…He's a cold and youthful man with a shady feel.Yes, an appearance that looks very similar to me.”…Were you a little lacking in conscience?”To elaborate, the atmosphere itself was similar even before transmigration.
It's a version of superior features, although it hurts my pride.It's almost like being forcibly upgraded.”I get pissed off when WinXWoo updates without permission, why is it doing this?”I'm going to change my appearance as I want.Damn it.I'm really pissed off, but the world is still turning.Knock, knock.”Young master, it's time to prepare for enrollment.”As an adult in a new country, I had to prepare for enrollment in the academy.So from now on, as “Cassis De Milan,” I lazily muttered in a seductive voice.”Why do you call me 'young master' as if it’s safe, servant?”It's awkward to have an attitude towards someone older than me, but oh well.
I lived as “Cassis De Milan” with honorifics.A moment later, the apology came back.”…I'm sorry, Lord.
I had a moment of confusion.”But even so, “Cassis De Milan” will just smile and not accept it.”Well, that mistake should be temporary.”As I said that, there was a thud outside the door, like someone kneeling.”Please punish me for my wrongdoing.”Unexpectedly, the pathetic life of 'Cassis De Milan' was…”Wait, is this my destiny?”I realized that I was a perfect match for him.
It's a really regrettable fact, but the average personality of the ultimate villain in the world view was similar to mine.

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