Actually, there was more than one intention behind my helping the girl.

Having a knight’s favour meant having their loyalty.
Therefore, it was kind of an action to open the tightly shut door to Hillary’s heart.

But that wasn’t the only reason.

The reason I helped her…

“Because I can.”


“I was only helping because I was capable.
It’s not like she has committed a major sin against me.
And if I can afford it, I think it would be much better to help each other between human and human.”

“….only for that reason…?”

“Yes, for that reason.”

Hillary was speechless.

She bit her lower lip as if in thought.

If there were to appear even one tiny crack in her frozen heart…that would have been enough for me.

I turned my head and looked out the window.

Come to think of it…

Something similar happened a long time ago.

When was it?

I could not remember the exact time, but I did remember it was quite a while ago.

It was at a slave auction house.

My client had chosen the place for entertainment.
He took me down to an underground chamber, saying he would show me something interesting.

It was a slave auction.
Selling and buying people.

Having lived in a democratic country, I felt disgusted at the time.

As I vowed to withdraw from the contract once I returned, a boy came up on stage.

What did he look like?

Again, it was a long time ago, so I did not have that clear of a memory.
The impression that came to mind was blurred.

Actually… does it even matter at this point?

It’s already an old-time story.

I didn’t dig into my memory any further.

Anyway, if I could win Hillary’s favour, it was quite rewarding for a start.

Looking at the same scenery, I started to get bored.

I leaned my head against the window with the intention to close my eyes for a while until we reached the Imperial Palace.


I promise.
Once I grow up and become an adult, I will definitely stand by Master’s side.

Is that so.
Very well.
I’ll be waiting.

I adore you, Master.


“Lady Eureia, we have arrived.”


I opened my eyes to Hillary’s soft voice.
I must have slept all the way here.

A dream?

I remembered having a brief dream before waking up.

I think someone made a promise to me.

Nothing came to mind other than the young voice that emphasised the promise.

I suppose it’s just a silly dream….?

With that, I got out of the carriage.

Immediately, the maid who was waiting approached and bowed toward me.

“Welcome, my lady.
I am Chia.
I have come to serve you, lady Eureia Craycia.
I shall be in your care then.”


“First, I will guide you to your room.
Please follow me.”

The maid, who introduced herself as Chia, turned her back in a stiff manner.

The room Chia guided me to was one of the guest rooms on the third floor of the main palace.

“I will tell you when it’s time for the audience with His Majesty.
Please rest until then.
We will allocate a room for you too.”

“Go on, Hillary.”


When Chia and Hillary disappeared from my sight, I threw all my grace away and just fell flat on the bed.

As the bed firmly supported my drowsy body, a languid sigh came out.

Riding a carriage for a long time is truly uncomfortable.

It would have been a little more convenient if I teleported.

“I guess it can’t be helped.
Teleporting requires the emperor’s permission, so it’s virtually impossible unless you’re an envoy.”

I used it as much as I could during my time at the Guild.

What about this emperor? Could there still be such flexibility?

As the time for the audience approached, my curiosity grew.

A while passed since I fell into the spiral of queries.
The appointed time came and Chia came to pick me up.

The woman guided me in front of a certain door.

“He is in there.
From here on, escort is not allowed.”

Hillary with her sword couldn’t go any further than this.

Leaving her alone, I went inside.

The meeting place was actually the emperor’s office.

It was a simple formal meeting.
It was inevitable because the emperor had a lot of work.

I went inside with my head bowed.

At first glance, the emperor was sitting at his desk, minding his business.
It was natural.

“I greet your Majesty the Emperor.
I am Eureia Craycia.”

“Raise your head.”

I shuddered slightly at the sound of his voice.
Then rose.

The emperor was just scribbling with his pen.
His tired face was not directed at me.

He is handsome.

That was my first impression of him.

I already heard that he was a young man.
So it was no surprise that he was youthful.

But he was much more good-looking than I expected.

Silver hair like it was dyed with moonlight, dark red indifferent eyes, lips closed in a straight fine line, and sturdy large build.

The word ‘alluring’ would best suit him.
Since his beauty could not be called picturesque.
Unlike the delicately refined ones, the emperor looked untamed, wild, and ferocious.

The emperor did not continue his next words right away, whilst I could not dare to speak first.
So silence engulfed the room.



All I could hear was the sound of his pen moving.

The silence was not uncomfortable, but I felt a little irritated because I wanted to finish it quickly and go home.

“All right.”

As if reading my thoughts, a low voice gently broke the silence.

It was nice to hear a moderately calm voice without excessive highs and lows.
I also heard languid mixed in somewhere in his voice.

“So you want me to grant you permission to succeed to Craycia?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The audience with the emperor for succession was, in fact, only a formal procedure.

It would just be over once he had gotten a glimpse of the face of the next aristocrat to the title.
And it then ended with him approving the documents.


“Do you think you are worthy?”


I widened my eyes at the unexpected question.

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