The undecided

Alexander\'s experimental log n°1-4.

al proxy, unknowingly acting in concert, I have been able to start a war among the Elders.

Once the fight was over, I simply volunteered to watch over their resting place, ie, the wells.

I have selected the biggest one as my base of operations. That well is located in orbit around an isolated planet, the only one of a solar system on the edge of the galaxy.

There, no one will interrupt my research.

I also made progree on acquiring test subjects to practice on living soul. I found a species of tree that can produce fruit containing all manner of biological matter, the kind usually found in animals.

I also decided to use clones as my subjects. I will grow them using those fruits.

Clones are perfect for my experiments. Their identical DNA will allow me to truly research the soul and make abstraction of their body. Furthermore, since I will use clones of myself, I will be the most familiar with their body. This will simplify many matters like figuring out what kind of energy vessels they have.

They will also have an innate sense of loyalty towards me. And if they don , well I can always make a new clone.

Entry four :

I have run into a problem. On the positive side, the production line for my clones is fully functionnal.

I even added the possibility of modifying some of their genes. Just in case, it might come in handy. Since my goal is to create immortal soldiers, it would be arrogant of me to simply assume that my DNA would make the perfect container for any souls.

I need to both check if any soul is perfectly matched to one unique body and if there is a most optimised option.

The production line creates and grows the clone until they are thirteen, the time where the energy vessels finish forming in the body.

But this is where my problem occured.

Whenever I try to integrate a soul, no matter how well conserved, the clones body always rejects it. I believe it is because the clone has its own remnant soul but if I destroy it preemptively, the energy vessels don grow.

If I wait too much, they just become vegetables.

In both cases, I have no need for cripples.

Furthermore, the effect is worsened when the soul is in a worse state. And my wells almost exclusively produce old ans broken souls.

And I lack the expertise to fix them. Or rather lacked.

That is where I was when I met my savior. Luna.

She is a soul being. At first, I thought she was here to take revenge for that tribe I captured. I remember them worshipping such beings and thought my comuppance had come.

How wrong I was.

She was interested in my research. She asked me to help with a problem of hers and she would not only teach me about souls but also guide my research.

Thanks to her, I could now repair even the most damaged soul. I could take a soul, break it into tiny pieces, age it a million year, and plunge it into The Dark, recover the smallest of fragment, repair it, insert it into a new body and the being would not even know it had died.

Not only that but her insight into the way I could continue my research was invaluable.

She proposed that each soul had, like the energy vessels of the body, a unique set of markings that oriented it towards certain ability and attribute. If I could identify these marks, by exposing the body to that ability or attribute while I insert the soul, I could recharge it and, potentially, ensure that after resurrection, the soldier still had the same level.

I wasn there yet. But with each day, I get closer to my goal.

But obtaining that help wasn free. Luna requested something of me. As soon as my research advances enough, she needs me to create a child for her.

She isn human. her species is that of a soul being. That is a rough translation. The actual name of the species is untranslatable.

These beings don have body. The way they reproduce is throught a form of parasiting. They cut off a small part of their soul and inject it into a living being. Then as that being gets older, they either adapt and evolve into the same species, losing their body in the process or they die a slow and agonizing death.

That process is both long and has a very low success rate. On a planet with billions of inhabitants, maybe only one would be able to survive the process. But it is very unlikely that they would be the one actually selected.

Lunas species may live for billions of years but they very rarely reproduce and so their number remains almost constant, slowly declining.

She wants me to identify what are the factors that can garantee the success of the injection. And to at least make one for her.

Basically she wants me to make her a kid.

It won be easy. But I can refuse now when her help was so useful.

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