The sword demon

Ch-4, soul affinity

izing to them i then turned towards arthur

”ok so Mr. Not a crybaby, how about a piggy back ride ”

”yay! ” his small face instantly lit up. He instantly climbed up my back. Seeing this I laughed. This boy was the only one I ever opened my heart to after my parents death and this boy makes my life brighter day by day. I treat him like a brother and will always love him.

”so lets go ” after saying this, I started walking and stopped after I was about 25 meters away from the pillar.

The old man who had been waiting quietly for a minute or two stood up and started talking

”it seems that all the people have gathered. Let me start the awakening pillar aaaaaaaaand ”

He put his hand on the pillar and poured mana in it. It started glowing a bluish green glow and then released a golden liquid which went inside all the peoples head except the white core mage (the old man).

”Done! Now we will test which affinity youve got. Everyone older than 40 come on stage ”

”wait, thats it? ” a sturdy man asked the question which I wanted to ask. I just felt something vague inside my head and it stopped after a second. I thought it was gonna be something louder or even painful.

”yes that,s it. The awakened affinity always belonged to your soul. This pillar just affimilated it with your body so that you can absorb the said affinitys mana. Now we will start, form a line please. ”

All the people above 40 years of age went to stage and formed a line at the side of a affinity orb that the white core mage (I will call him old man until the story reveals itself to you) had put on top of the pillar.

”Gentlemen at the start of the line place your hand here and announce what is your innate affinity. ”

A man in his 50s put his hand on the indicated spot and shouted.

”my name is Biafra and my affinity was medium grade water and intermediate grade earth ”

After 3 to 4 seconds the orb above started shining a bright red

The old man nodded and said

”Mr. Biafra you have intermediate grade fire affinity. NEXT ”

Biafra was really happy as intermidiate affinity was considered above-average and he had 2 intermediate affinities. Now that he had a total of 3 affinities he will be able to reach green core in the future even with his advancing age.

The next man arrived and at his turn the orb glowed a silver color. He had medium grade fire talent before and awakened medium grade wind talent.

Soon every person above 40 years of age had awakened and the old man called the 20 to 40 age group.

This time 178 people got on stage 13 people awakened intermediate grade affinity and the rest medium grade.

The 10 to 20 age group was called and a total of 93 children got on stage out of which 1 awakened an advanced grade affinity, 12 intermediate grade and the rest medium grade.

The 12 year old girl who awakened the advanced grade light affinity started crying.

Her parents went on stage and started crying the tears of joy as well. They were crying because the girl awakened light affinity the rarest affinity amongst the 6 main affinity. As for the seventh, humans can have the darkness affinity.

The old man congratulated them and invited the girl to the nightwalker academy. She and her parents readily agreed and went home to pack her belongings.

Next the old man called for children 0 to 10 years old with there parents. I stood at the end of line with Arthur, when his foster father Aron arrived.

He patted my head took arthur in his arms and stood in the line. neither of us talked as I was clearly very nervous.

The line continued until there stood only 5 people between me and the pillar which will decide my future

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