The sword demon

Ch-1 ,a unfortunate child

d on the inside. The bulky man who was a shoemaker named Aron gave the blacksmith a cold glare, snorted and after picking up the boy like a sack returned to the dukes side.

the duke cleared his throat and asked ”you are Aron I believe ”

”yes, lord ”

”please answer the previously asked question ”

”yes my lord! His name is augustus ” Aron said respectfully

”no need to waste your breath. We should just ask the boy. ”

The duke turned to look towards the black haired boy just in time for him to slowly open his eyes.


*Augustuss pov*

am i dead?, is this heaven? I thought as I tried to open my eyes. I somehow manage to open my eyes and find 3 people staring at me. I know the bulky one, he gave me bread last week. But damn that women is beautiful. I should ask her for marriage. But a women this beautiful could not possibly be unmarried. Now, why is this old man staring at me so weirdly, Is he into men? .

”Oye! Oye! old man i am not into males ”

Pha! ”why did you hit me bulky man ” pha! ”how many times have I told you that my name is Aron not bulky man ” he is too angry better not irritate him anymore


”I apologise in his steed my lord. He is just a child ”

The duke who had been fuming until now calmed down and said ”no problem ” looking irritately at augustus he said ”Brat, I am the duke of this place. If miss Amanda, a Archmage had not been interested in you I would have killed you myself ”

O my mouth was wide open right now. This women was addressed as miss which means she is single. This is a golden chance $~$

”miss Amanda? ”

”yes? ”

”WILL YOU MARRY M ” Pha! Pha! Pha!

”you brat! Pha! You dare speak like this to a archmage! Pha! Apologise now! ”

”miss Amanda. I may not be the most desirable spouse right now but I will become a rune master and come for you then. So, be prepared ”


Amanda was having a hard time controlling her laughter and after the last line she could not control herself anymore.

”Ha ha ha! You damn brat are not even 1 hundredth of my age and you want to marry a old hag like me? ”

”age doesn matter in love miss Amanda. Just say yes and I will fly you away from this cold cruel world ”

”YOU DAMN BRAT! A earth shattering roar was heard the origin of which is the old duke. His mustache was literally standing upright in his anger.

”Its ok lord duke. Augustus is quite funny actually. So you unfortunate child care to explain why you stole a rusted sword along with a rune guide. ”


To Be Continued

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