The sword demon

Ch-1 ,a unfortunate child

~~~augustuss pov~~~

The Amanda left me after dropping me at my house. This house was very poorly built.No, it could not even be considered a poorly made shack. Even the slightest wind would turn this shak into dust. I opened the door and went inside. This place had a single room with 2 shelfs full of books. In the corner was a small bed fully made of wood, on its side was a small table with a oil lamp. I sat down on the bed and smerked, then started laughing uncontrollably, this day had been a boon. Not only did i got a rune guide but also a sword, a rune sword. She told me this sword will never rust and is capable of self healing, while this may sound impressive this sword was mass produced by millions. It is priced at 16 gold coins just above my net worth. Including the wand my father left behind i have 2 rune weopons. And the biggest profit is the rune guide. I will have to learn swordmanship by scratch

But I will be able to learn runes from this guide. The more I saw the runeguide the more happy I got. As I was happily lying on my bed my door was knocked 3 times

”who ” I asked but got no reply

huh strange while thinking, I got up hided the sword and runeguide and opened the door.

”there really is no one ” I mumbled

”whats that? ” just as I was about to close the door I noticed a paper lying on the floor I picked it up and after closing the door, started reading it.

on the 31st may, 989 all the academies of law alliance will conduct a admission test to scout younger talent. All the people younger than 20 invited to the capital of mason empire where the common test will be conducted my heart blazed with the fire of ambition this was a golden chance. But i wonder who bought it here.

Anyway, I need to start preparing. Ive got 3 years, Ill either break it or make it.


As augustus was planning his future training, in the capital of mason empire

The whole capital was in frenzy. A paper had been delivered to every house in the mason empire declaring the admission test in 3 years. All the major powers were calling talented youths to the capital, some mages who were 18 to 26 year old were crying at there misfortune. Every person who would remain younger than 20 years old after 3 years was planning training schedules for the next 3 years.

This was just the start of there surprise,

On the next day all the academies in the law alliance merged to form a single academy. This news caused an uproar. Everybody was sure that something major was going to happen and indeed some thing major was going to happen but it was something too big to even imagine. A storm will descend and… Thats a story for another time.

In the present, the new academy was giving surprises after surprises to the world. First they named the academy nightwalker mage academy. Then sent archmages to bring back talents with advanced grade or higher affinity to the academy. They even sent blue core mages with awakening stones to every village and city throughout the 3 worlds to awaken individuals soul affinity. And at last they declared that every individual with a awakened affinity of advanced grade or higher will be admitted to the nightwalker academy directly.


5 days after receiving the admission notice.

In augustuss house

I have been swinging this sword for the last 5 days. I have not even touched the rune guide why the hell did I not even feel a slight resonance with this stupid weapon! he was irritated. even if a normal person half heartidly swings a weapon for 2 days he will feel a slight resonance with the weapon. After stronging that resonance for 2 to 3 years depending on the person willpower they will achieve weapon light or in swords case sword light. But augustus didn felt the slightest resonance. ”sigh ” a sigh escaped his mouth. I will try again later first I should read the rune guide. he thought as he opened the red book.

mana is a basic energy that governs the universe. Runes are a language that taps into manas laws and make them work for you… this book broadened his horizons. The book basicly taught the basics of runes and some simple rules to remember while making runes. Yes it, didn contain any runes except the most basic ones of the 7 elements Fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, light and darkness. This book was meant to build a foundation of aspisiring rune masters and blacksmiths. Anyway he read it 3 times in a row. After hiding the book with the sword he went outside started walking in the direction of the village. The village had a scheme in which they provided for a orphans hunger until they turned 15. This was how he managed to survive until now. He went to the village and saw that it was empty. Looking around he saw a line streching halfway across the village he tapped the man standing at last and asked what was going on.

”augustus? You don know the nightwalker academy has sent these people. They are here for awakening our soul affinity! ”

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