The other one inside me….

Chapter 8 The confusion...

When Ben came to meet David, Era was asked to leave. She took a short walk towards the terrace and tried to remember what happened back then. She was unable to remember anything about what exactly happened to her. Meanwhile, she spilled some water when drinking, she started to clean it, she opened Evas bag to find some tissues, other than tissues there were some other things in her bag. She took out the tissues and cleaned her coat, while cleaning she saw an ink mark on the coat, and recognized that it was her coat. She checked the name on the coat, it was Era Fernandez. It was her coat, she was shocked to see that. She wondered how her coat was with Eva. She was in shock. She opened Evas bag again to find Evas coat but it wasn there. While she was looking for it, there was a diary in the bag. She took it out, as she was desperate to find the connection between them. It was Evas dairy. She started reading it. Eva had a habit of writing everything she does and also that which happened to her, in her diary. Everything was written from the day she joined the hospital, the things she heard about Era, almost each and everything, and also how she went to the mortuary that night. After reading the diary Era had some flashes of a girl crying in the dark, those were the same flashes Eva saw in her dream. When Era flipped the page, there Eva wrote about her dream, Era then understood that there was something between them. An unknown connection through the souls, but she didn know exactly what it was. She kept reading the diary. Suddenly her phone rang, it was Lara. Era remembered Lara, it was in her diary several times as Evas best friend, so she answered the call, ”hey Eva where are you? You said youll join us for lunch, is everything okay? come fast ” Lara said. Era was confused and thought that it would be weird if she finds something wrong in Eras way of talking as she is Evas best friend, Era somehow gathered her courage to answer ”hello Lara I don think I can manage to come, I have a lot to do right now, you guys can carry on without me. ” said Era hesitatingly.

Lara found it weird, ”hey whats wrong with you this time, why are you talking so formally? are you with David sir now? ”Lara asked.

”hmm, Ill call you back later, bye ” Era replied and hang up the phone in a hurry, then she took a long breath, and suddenly her phone rang again,

it was David sir this time, so she answered immediately, ”where are you, come to my office, ” he said.

”yes sir, ”said Era, and before she could say anything else the phone was disconnected. She kept the diary inside again and rushed back to the office.

When she reached there, Ben was already gone, and David sir was sitting there reading the report.

”When you can write the report correctly, then why did you make mistakes in yesterdays report? don you know a patients life can depend on your report? ”he said furiously,

Era thought maybe Evas not good at writing reports . ” sorry sir it won happen again, Ill take care from now on ” she replied calmly,

David was again so surprised to see her behavior. ”did you have your lunch? ” he asked,

”no sir, not till now ” she replied.

”then go have something, what were you doing all this time? all you know is to waste time. get out now. ” he said furiously.

Era left the room immediately, she went to the canteen, the man recognized Eva and said ”hey Eva heres your favorite chocolate chip cake you asked for yesterday, I kept it for you, you said you will come, here you go take this ” She just smiled at him and took the cake along with some veg sandwiches, Era hate desserts, and Eva could kill for chocolate, she loves desserts. Era took some sandwiches for David, as she used to do it before.

She came back with a parcel in her hands, just by seeing this, David said ” I think I made it very clear that I hate people…. ” before he could continue,

she said ”yes I know you hate people who try to lick your shoes, but you are human too and you need to eat too ”, the way she talked reminded him of someone. He was shocked,

”Sir, are you okay, sorry sir if I offended you? she said politely.

”hmm I am fine, you reminded me of someone, ” he said.

Era understood that everyone is confused because there is a huge difference in their behavior of them. She placed the parcel on his table and left the room back. She sat on a bench on the terrace which used to be her favorite spot back then and ate her sandwiches. After completing her meal she saw the cake and thought how could two different people get linked like this, I really wish to meet her, the one I am in, the one who was concerned about me, the only one who is connected to me, but now I just can understand, am I disturbing her life or she wants this to happen, I wish I could talk to her tears flow from her eyes. The era was so sensitive and so emotional but could never hurt anyone. Not even those who hurt her and so she was always bullied.

When David opened the parcel on his table he was astonished, he couldn say anything, those were his favorite sandwiches which Era always used to buy for him, from the moment she went missing he stopped eating them. It was like an emotional touch for him as he developed feelings for Era. It reminded him of Era and he couldn eat the sandwiches. He always regretted that he couldn tell Era about his feelings and cherish the time they spent together. He used to be very strict just like how he is now with Eva. But Era was a brilliant student and a very good doctor which made him fall for her. She was beautiful, calm, and mature which was also like a topping on her character, which made her extraordinary, and that was the reason why she attracted more jealousy and hate from other people.

David, being unable to eat, kept those sandwiches aside and started working. There was a case that needed surgery, he was busy studying it. When Era came back after the meal, she saw those sandwiches uneaten and thought maybe sirs choices changed and took them away silently. She used to admire him so much but silently…so it was a two-sided love but untold.

David said you can go now, I will call you if I need anything ”,

Era was about to leave, but when she saw the case file in Davids hands, she asked curiously ” sir, is this a case of Pneumonectomy, tomorrows scheduled surgery? Can I scrub in? please ”.

It was like a small kid asking for candy, Era was always deeply interested in thoracic surgeries, and that interest make her ask for it unaware of what is going to happen, but suddenly she remembered that she is not Era but Eva now and Eva mentioned her homophobic conditions in her diary,

she thought oh no what if I return, if Eva comes back during the surgery it will be a tragedy for both Eva and David sir. how could I say something like that without even thinking, what now, what should I do.

She silently moved back and was about to leave as David did not give any response, but ” I never thought you would ask me to scrub in, I am happy to see that you are not a quack doctor anymore, and by the way, you can scrub in and you will be my first assistant in the surgery. ” he said.

It was like a huge candy for Era which she can eat, and as for Eva, it was like a huge ball hitting her face which she can dodge. She was unable to say anything so she kept hesitating,

”What now, if its nothing you can leave now, ”David said,

”yes sir ” she replied and left the cabin.

while on her way back to the on-call room she kept thinking what can I do now, how should I refuse him? I dug my own grave, now… no …actually a grave for both of us, what will she do now if she gets back. I even don know when and how it will happen…!! she reached the on-call room and went inside. Once reaching there she sat on the berth there and removed her coat, oh… everything stopped again…. it was Eva… back again.. … She was like getting up from a long sleep…..

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