The other one inside me….

Chapter 6 Different identity

Evas phone rang, it was David sir, she jumped out of her bed and received the call, ”are you eating all the food in the canteen ” he said before she could say at least hello.

”no sir I am on my way, ” she said and ran out of the room, thinking, whats wrong with my life, why everybody is playing Soccer with me..uhh.. She ran to David sirs room setting her displaced hair with her hands on her way I don even have time to see myself in the mirror. When she reached there, he was sitting on his chair and writing something.

He put the file in front of her and said ” copy that and check whether its ok ”.

”sir what is this? ” she asked him with confusion.

”don tell me, you don even know that you have to prepare a report of the patient you check, ” he said.

”no sir I know, I was just wondering that, is it my work ?, actually I was just assisting you, you were the one who checked on them… ”,

before she could complete her sentence, he saw her seriously, and she could hardly say anything.. ” yes sir I got it, let me complete it, thank you sir ” saying that she left the office with the file.

”bring it tomorrow ” he shouted.

Eva relaxed a bit and returned to her room. It was 6 oclock already and was getting a little dark.

On her way back to the room, she saw the closed door of the mortuary and checked for the key in her coat, if it was still there or if she lost it. She thought to herself onight I will solve this mystery. She returned to her room and sat with the file in her hands thinking lets finish this up, I can take the risk to offend David sir again. She started writing the report and completed it as fast as she could. When the work is done she prepared for her mission, she wore her black hoodie jacket and a mask just to avoid getting caught. It was already 8o clock, she messaged Lara that she is really tired and is going to bed early and can meet her today. She switched off the lights and silently came out of her room seeing her here and there. Being the last room on her floor, it was easy for her to get out without being noticed by anyone. She secretly walked towards the mortuary hiding herself from the lights and the CCTV cameras. She somehow managed to get there and was so much excited to see what could be inside the door. Her imagination was getting fantasized as if a suspicious thriller movie is being played, she thought what could be behind the door, what if I see Era there or something to know what happened to Era….oh I am so excited… Finally, holding her phone light in her mouth she took out the keys and tried to open the lock, it was stuck a little but after a little trial, she was able to open the lock. It was opened. She looked around, if anyone is there, and then slowly opened the door of the mortuary. It was all dark, she can switch on the lights as it wasn a good idea, of course. So she used her phone light to see what was inside. It was a huge room emptied, there were some stretchers and plastic covers everywhere and nothing else. She went inside and slowly saw every inch of the room, and thought, its nothing here, then why did they close it up, is it because some other reason or something is there which I can see she thought and came to a conclusion that, it was all her imaginations, there was nothing there. She was disappointed and decided to go back. Suddenly a strong wind blew through the window and for a while, even Eva was stunned. There was some sound coming from outside, the sound of steps, someone was approaching there. Eva alerted and switch her phone off she hid behind a shelf and stood there until the one approaching passed by, as she was sure that it was the watchman. She bent forward to see the focus of his torchlight. That man didn even doubt, that there could be anyone in such an abandoned place, and passed by quickly without checking the lock. Eva stood there for a while and when there was no sound there, she came out. In a hurry to leave she bumped into the wall and accidentally dropped her phone. It was all dark and she couldn switch on the lights either, so she tried to find it with her hands but couldn find it. She thought what to do now.. lets just get back for now and come in the morning tomorrow so that I could find it… thinking that she silently left the mortuary and went back to her room. She did not lock the room, as she had to go there to find her phone the next morning. She was a little tense because it will be hard for her to go there in the morning. Then she got the idea that she could go there early in the morning as no one would be there at that time. She set her alarm for 4 oclock and went to bed. After sleeping she had a dream of that mortuary, in which she saw a girl sitting there and crying and suddenly someone grabbed her from the backside. Eva was trying to see what happened but she couldn see as it was all dark. She suddenly woke up from her dream and saw that her alarm was ringing. She stopped it and got ready so that she could get her phone and go to the hospital from there. She took her coat and file and left her room at 5 oclock when there was a little light in the sky, it was enough for her to find her phone. She ran fast avoiding CCTV cameras and went straight to the mortuary. There was no one around there as it was so early in the morning. So she managed to get there without being noticed by anyone. She went in, it was a little clear this time she bent down to search for her phone, she saw under the shelf, there it was, her phone. She tried to pick it up with her hands but she couldn reach it so she got up and started looking for something like a rod or something which could help her. She finally found a stick. She hung her coat on the shelf to prevent it from getting dirty and bent to pick up her phone. She picked it up. There was some noise coming from outside so she stood up, took her coat and left the room, m and locked it.In a hurry, she didn even notice that she took the wrong coat. It was not her coat, it was a coat that was there already. She hurried back and finally reached her room where she met Lara. Lara just arrived there, as she couldn reach Eva on her phone.

”hey ..where have you been? where is your phone? I have been trying to call you but its not reaching..what happened? ” she said.

Eva was shocked to see her but she acted normal and said ”oh I think its switched off, sorry ya… I didn notice, I was in a hurry to go to work…you know David sir right ..he asked me to write the report, and I forgot the file in the I went there to bring it ”

”OMG, .. do you need any help…I can help you ..are you done with your work? ” Lara asked.

”ya .. don worry its almost done thank god I bought it on time …by the way are you off to work, lets go then. ”

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