The other one inside me….

Chapter 5 Behind the door

Eva ran out from there straight to the terrace until she was short of breath. She kept thinking about what happened and was confused. She thought, what was that….!?, how could I…!!. what should I do now.. everyone will start gossiping…oh what a day…I can believe I messed up with three of my superiors in one day…oh god I just wanted to have a smooth residency…but I must say he was so so handsome…I couldn forget his face..uhh. thinking about that she started blushing.

Meanwhile, Lara came running after her ”hey are you alright? Why did you run away like that.? ” asked Lara.

Eva came near her and said, ”I am fine, but is everything fine there? Are they talking about me? ”.

Lara said ” well, I don know I came running after you, but I must say, you are so lucky…hmm ”. ”come on lucky for what, getting messed with three superiors in one go… I just can understand why its always me…why troubles always wait for me??? ” Eva said annoyingly.

”oh ..ya.. darling, but others always want that trouble, well its ok now lets just get back to work… don you remember you need to follow the other handsome guy from the hospital…uhh I am so envious of you!! ” said Lara.

”oh my god I just forgot about that, oh no I am late, ok bye see you in the evening . ” Eva ran after saying this.

When she reached Dr. Davids office, he was about to leave, he asked her to follow him. They both went to the VIP ward and he asked her to run some errands there, like dressing, changing the IV, and reading the case files. They were not involved with blood so she was fine with it.

After checking all the rooms one by one, he stopped, there was another room before him but, he asked her to go to the equipment room and bring the keys to the desk in that ward. She was frustrated as the VIP ward was on the third wing of the hospital and the equipment room was on the first wing, she thought that he did it deliberately, but all she could do was obey his orders and swallow her anger. When she left, David went into the last room of the ward for checking. On the other hand, Eva reached the first wing and was searching for the equipment room, She found the room but it was already rushed, while she was in a hurry to find the keys everybody else was busy murmuring, pointing fingers at her. Eva noticed that something is going on but she didn care about them. She asked one of the attendants there for the key, he pointed his finger towards a huge carton box with lots of small boxes in it and said ”it will be somewhere in this, please look for it yourself ”. Eva turned red with anger but he was really busy, so she chose to find it herself. While she was looking for the desk keys, she accidentally dropped a box, and bent down to pick it up she noticed something was written on it, she saw it from near, she was shocked, *OLD MORTUARY* was written on the box and there was only one key in it. She silently hid the key in her coat pocket and started looking for the desk key. The attendee was finally free and came to help her. They found the key to the desk and she left silently without getting caught. The attendee kept everything back in its place and didn notice the missing key and started doing his job again. Eva was so happy to get that key. She ran back to the third wing but this time, she was not angry at all. When she reached there she saw David coming out of that last room in a very sad mood.

She asked ”sir, is everything alright? ”,

He looked with his cold eyes at her and said ” mind your own business, where are the keys I asked for? ”. Eva was angry with his behavior but couldn say anything, she gave him the key and stood there silently. David went to the desk and took some files and gave them to Eva and said ” hold them and follow me ”.

Now that she got the keys to the mortuary, she needs a chance to go there and see what is in there. She was so happy and excited. David saw her giggling and stared at her. She calmly followed him, he was like a robot running here and there, working all day. It was true that following him was no less than a punishment. She was so tired, looking for a place to rest but, he didn stop anywhere.

Looking at her tired face he said ”so… how is it to work like a real doctor for a day? ..its not easy ha? ” That dialogue from him after a long day of work was like the sound of scraping the wall, so irritating for her.

Even though she was irritated ”its fun sir, I loved it ” she said calmly.

He seriously looked at her but didn say anything. He then went back to his office room. Eva silently followed him there. It was already 4 oclock and they didn have their lunch yet. Eva was so hungry that she would eat him, out of hunger but couldn say anything as it was her first day of work with him. Finally, David sir realized that it was already posted lunchtime, he asked her to go and have lunch.

Before leaving she asked, ”sir would you like to have anything, I can bring for you? ” ,

It was a genuine concern from a student for her teacher,

but he said ”I hate those students who try to lick my boots ”, listening that Eva was frustrated and left the room closing the door with all her strength, behind her.

She went to the canteen to have something but nothing was left, she asked the man standing there for a chocolate chip cake, she loves it but he said that they are out of it, and also promised her that hell store one for her tomorrow. So she bought a vanilla cake and a coke and left them there. When she was going to the on-call room (where the doctors take a rest), she saw Ben coming in her direction, so she turn around and rushed back to the canteen to avoid him. She thought he was going somewhere else but he entered the canteen as well, seeing this, she covered her face with the packet in her hands and ran outside. Ben saw her but didn say anything but he started laughing at her actions, the staff there were surprised to see him laugh, as he doesn laugh often. Eva ran to the on-call room and finally sat there to eat her cake. In a hurry, she left her coke in the canteen. She thought to herself nothing is good about this Ben, every time I meet him, something goes wrong…ah my coke…I am so tired to get it back. She lay down on the berth there and suddenly there was a knock on the door.

She sighed and asked ” whos that? ”,

” Its me, ” said someone from outside.

It was a familiar voice. she opened the door and was shocked to see Ben,

before she could say anything he gave her the coke and said ”I am not a ghost, and of course, I don look like a monster either. ” she was out of speech, she took the coke and stood there silently,

” I think I deserve at least a hank you, don I ? ” he asked.

”Well its ok if you don want to, Ben continued.

Eva got her senses back and said ”sorry sir…I mean..thankyou sir ” she was still confused.

Ben laughed at her again and said ”I never met someone like you,…. interesting… ” and left.

Eva was so annoyed that she was about to throw the coke at him. Then thought to myself why should I waste my coke .. even when I am thirsty now … lets just forget about him and enjoy my drink. She drank her coke and laid down on the berth, sleeping there for a while. It was not even an hour when her phone rang. She sighed and looked at her phone, and jumped out of her bed…

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