sy and almost immediately the doorknob rattled. She

rolled her eyes and didn move an inch.

It kept on for ten seconds before a deep yet euphonious voice that sent an exhilarating feeling

all over her body made her hold her breath impulsively.

”Open this door, Kayla! ”

The way he drew her name. It was several more seconds before she was able to take deep

breaths, even longer before she was able to utter more than a strangled sound

”What do you want, Marcus? ” She pulled herself together. ”Go away! ”

Despite her massive crush on him, she hated him sometimes or so she tried to force herself to


There was a time she caught a naked girl hastily leaving his room and she was so consumed

with jealousy she didn talk or go close to him for a week.

She saw a lot of girls hit on him at school but she didn think hed have anything intimate to do

with any of them. He looked good only with her…

”Kayla! ” He growled, swearing silently as his body quivered with building rage.

Why wasn she opening the door? Did she have someone in there with her?

Was it one of the guards or the boys at school?

The thought of Kayla having a boy with her alone in the room infuriated him and he didn know


He was already thinking of where in his room hed put the skull of the boy he found in there

when he heard a faint click almost not audible but loud enough for his werewolf ears and the

door slowly opened.

His face held no expression to it but his mind was blown away. She had her hair in this beautiful

bun though she looked like she just got off her bed. He moved closer causing her to pull back a


The sleeve of her gown was a little loose and the motion caused it to slide off her shoulder

revealing smooth glistening skin. His eyes darted almost immediately to her shoulder as he felt

his inner wolf stir.

Kayla wasn having it any better on her end. She caught a whiff of his eau de cologne and all

she wanted to do was hug him till she smelt like him. She looked up at his face and couldn tell

what he was feeling. His eyes met hers and her heart melted but then his expression turned

from placid to anger.

”Why didn you open the door and why was your door locked in the first place? ” He entered the

room, his eyes flickering, searching every corner of the room like a detective on a search.

Kayla glared at him. She had forgotten how meddling he could be.

”What do you mean why did I

lock the door? I could be naked. ”

Immediately the thought of what shed look like without clothes flooded Marcuss mind and he

felt a little tickle down his member.

”The servants have strict orders to always knock. ”

”Marcus, you can encroach on my personal life all the time. What? They didn teach you

privacy in school? Oh yeah! ” She drawled. ”You must have been too busy with all the girls, your

flat brain couldn absorb anything! ”

In a split second, he was in front of her as quick as a wink. He hit her two shoulders with his big

palm gently but firm enough to make her weak. He picked her up almost immediately with one

arm and slammed her to the bed. Before she could regain her breath he was right on top of her

and he had this look in his eyes that she couldn place a finger on. His face entailed anger but

his eyes were conveying a different message.

He hissed and his eyes turned blue. Her expression wavered between fear and curiosity but as

he snarled at her, curiosity left the chat and all she could feel was nothing but blind terror. His

eyes were blue!


It meant he had killed someone. He had taken an innocent life if not lives. Betas eyes were

supposed to be golden and only turned blue if they had committed murder.

He held her wrists over her head and pinned them down on the bed with one palm. She tried

wrestling it out but he was too strong for her feeble mind to push off.

”You don get to talk to me like that! Next time you disrespect me Id have you naked and the

Tie Bian used on you. Do you understand?! ”

Her eyes widened at the mention of Tie Bian. No! She thought. He was joking, he couldn do

that to her… right?

She looked at him. His eyes were still glowing and his face hardened. He meant it. She didn

care though as the thought that hed actually do that angered her.

”Understand what? ” She retorted. ”I don speak bullshit. ”

It felt like the world paused for a second. Was that a smile she caught? She couldn tell

because it came as quickly as it went.

”Get off me. ” He didn move. ”Get off me now! ” She repeated with a firmer voice.

He released her wrists but still hovered near her

e going to learn how to control that tongue of yours because I wouldn have you speaking

to me like that when I become Alpha. ”

She eyed him and scoffed, searching every corner of her mind for the next scornful thing she

could say to him.

”Id rather go live in the slums than stay and let you control me. Poor wolves. You couldn even

lead yourself out of school with good grades let alone these beautiful people…Tsk-tsk. ”

He got off her almost immediately like her words were hot lava on his skin. He glared at her for

two seconds long and then stormed off, almost tearing the door off its hinges.

She drew a few shaky breaths to calm herself as soon as Marcus left.

He was so terrifying. It took every gut in her to talk back at him and it wasn as easy as she

made it seem.

Why was he always meddling in her life?

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