On the other side of the platform, Cliff, who had gone away with some business to attend to, was standing and waving his hand.


“Have you finished registering? Did you receive everything you were supposed to receive?”


I think so.”


“Fortunately, we finished in time for the train.
We can board now.”


Cliff pointed towards the train approaching the makeshift station.




“Is a train supposed to feel this big?”


Jin-woo had expected the train to be like the usual subway trains, but the black train in front of him looked imposing.


[Gaia Express – Schne Spellt]


Jin-woo unconsciously read the name engraved on both sides of the train’s front and then looked at the long line of cars.


Overall, the design was sleek and sturdy, yet elegant in some way.
The most captivating feature was the mysterious light-emitting gems embedded on the side of the train.


Drawn to the sensation emanating from the gems, Jin-woo wanted to take a closer look, but Cliff urged him to board the train, as they were already running late.





Jin-woo and Cliff’s group were in the “general seating” car at the back of the train.


The facilities in the car were noticeably different from the front car that Jin-woo had glanced at through the window on his way in.


I got a free ticket, but what about these people…?


Jin-woo sat down and estimated the financial situation of Cliff’s group.


Since they didn’t have assigned seats, everyone took a seat where they could find one.


Cliff, who seemed interested in Jin-woo, sat down next to him and struck up a conversation.


“Hey, young friend.
Have you come to your senses somewhat? Your friend over there still seems to have a few screws loose.”


Thank you for your help earlier.”


“Haha, one thank you is enough.
But, by the way…
there was a dead spider nearby earlier when we found you.
Did you kill it?”


Cliff asked casually, but there was a hint of anticipation in his voice.


I didn’t even see it.
Maybe it was struck by lightning or something.”


“Just a little rain and lightning, and it died? Anyway, you didn’t see it either, did you?”


Jin-woo nodded in response.


was that…
a monster?”


“Ha-ha, are you referring to the spider? Although you appear to be unharmed, it appears that you have yet to fully recover from the shock.”


“But it was such a big spider…”


“Are you doubting whether there are really monsters in the world?”


Cliff burst out laughing.


“There are 10-meter-long snakes in places like the Amazon on Earth, you know? Well, I haven’t seen one personally, though.”




Jin-woo was about to object, but he shut his mouth.
He had just confirmed the identity of the discomfort he had felt until now.




“Hmm? Why the sudden formality?”


where are we, exactly?”


“Hmm, you catch on quick.
You can probably expect good things.”


Instead of answering immediately, Cliff made a strange remark.
Then he patted Jin-woo’s shoulder and changed the subject.


“Don’t rush things.
You’ll find out naturally in the end.”




“You’re just waking up, so take it easy for now.
It’s normal to be a little confused for the first few days after arriving in this place.”


With those words, Cliff yawned and stretched.
He took a blanket out of his bag and covered himself as if he was preparing to sleep.


“Learn things slowly but surely.
If you’re bored, you can read the guidebook or something.
Well, anyway…”




He died and underwent ‘reincarnation.’


Ignoring his newly born body and changed eye color, the haunting specters of his previous life, as if from a movie, kept Jin-woo from falling asleep.


An indescribable sense of loss.


Sitting blankly with unresolved thoughts, he stopped unproductive thinking and instead look at the guidebook he received from the employee.


The lighting was dim, but he could still make out the words.



“…Schne Spellt.”


When he opened the pamphlet, which was small but thick enough to be about 3 cm, the first page was filled with tiny letters.


He wondered when he would have time to read all of this, but subconsciously flipped through the pages until he stopped at the thick red paper.


[Guide for Those with Superhuman Abilities]


“What’s this now…?”


Superpowers too? Jin-woo felt an inexplicable sensation as he continued to read the page.


[Among the 1.5th generation, there are very rare individuals who possess superhuman abilities, collectively known as ‘superpowers.’


Their numbers are small, and proper research has not yet been conducted, but it is believed that they are closely related to life on Earth.


Representative types of superpowers:


-Excellent communication ability with plants and animals


-The ability to control fire, water, wind, etc.
to a small extent


Example: A male 1.5th generation who lived a normal life for over a year after reincarnation once awakened his fire ability while looking for a cigarette.


*Whenever you confirm that you have developed superpowers, please report it to the government and register immediately.]




Jin-woo covered the guidebook and stared blankly at the ceiling, with his throbbing head leaning against the chair.


As he was exposed to too much unbelievable information all at once, it felt like his mind was going crazy.




The dim light kept flickering, as if its lifespan had expired.
Jin-woo’s eyes furrowed involuntarily.


Not only is this disturbing, but the flickering makes me feel even more uneasy.


This can’t happen on a train in South Korea…


Jin-woo recalled the bright lights inside the subway that shone day and night.


If only I could stand under that light right now.



And the moment he had that thought, his vision suddenly became much brighter.


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