Bad Guy

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The dry winter wind blew fiercely.
It was only my mother and me in the dining room today.

“Just eat it.
This is the best thing I can do for today.”

“…I know.”

“If you know, hurry up and eat it.”


Contrary to her harsh way of speaking, today’s table was full.
Even though it’s winter, as if some fresh vegetables and soft white bread were not enough, there were some high-quality meats.
All of those were hard to get in here.

Winter 3 years ago.
Compared to eating only boiled beans for a few days when I first came to the North, this was more like a feast.
Even now, when the situation worsens, there are times when people only eat bread or fill their stomachs with boiled beef soup.

Of course, eating like this was unimaginable before.
It’s not strange if my mother says that this dinner cost us the same price as buying a small house.

“The new chef’s skills are quite good.”

“It seems so.”

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“He has three children.
I guess that’s why his skills are good.”

According to Sir Shubart, my mother’s only helper and acquaintance who sometimes comes to say hello, our situation will soon improve.

However, I believe that it will still be difficult for us in the future, given that several years have passed and we are still trapped in the North.

When my mother told me to eat quickly, I lowered my gaze, dipped the meat cut with a fork, and put it in my mouth.

After my mother saw me like that, she began to cut the meat to the size of her little fingernails.
I took a bite and looked at my mother again.

‘Why does such a beautiful woman commit evil deeds?’

“Don’t look at it uselessly.
Just eat it.”


At my mother’s words, I lowered my head again, cut the meat, and put it in my mouth.

The reason I worry about something is because this quiet family has a huge problem.

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So, what is the problem?

This place is in the romance fantasy novel called 「My Soft Fiancee」, and my mother is not the protagonist, but the villainess, Lucellai Rudbihi.
What was troubling more was that I possessed her adopted daughter, Carbella.

To be precise, should I say that I was reborn as a character in a novel…?

In any case, it didn’t change that Lucellai Rudbihi was destined to face a ruthless death as a villainess.
It was the same for her daughter, me.
That reason alone was enough to show how desperate I am.

It is already in the middle part of the novel when Lucellai Rudbihi perpetrated all kinds of evil deeds and eventually was driven out of her family and came to the North, which is full of extreme poverty and ruins.
It is also the time for her to brainwash her adopted daughter for her revenge.
And that daughter is none other than me.

But I never want to live by doing such a dangerous thi

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