he bastard himself.”

Yan Zhou didn’t know why his dad insisted on adding that sentence, he had asked, but his dad impatiently told him to just do as he was told, so Yan Zhou simply repeated his words.

Lin Sui laughed coldly: “Does your dad think I can’t even afford a nurse?”

He was very clear about what kind of things that old bastard from the Yan family was planning, taking his profit and, still not satisfied, wanting to sound him out, all while surveilling him in passing?

He just thought that his behaviour of wanting to take Yan Qin was not simple, and he probably had taken a fancy to this plaything, so he asked Yan Zhou to emphasise the words ‘personally chosen’.
It didn’t matter if it had been Yan Qin’s choice or not, in any case, the money was not coming from Yan Qin, so naturally he had no say on whose side that nurse was on.

Yan Zhou’s mouth twitched: “That’s right, ah.”

“Let’s not talk about those things, Yunqing is coming back soon, should we throw him a welcoming party?”

Yan Zhou picked out something that interested the young master Lin, and offered up the news he’d received.

Song Yunqing was also a rich youth from their circle, he was studying design, and had gone abroad to participate in a competition last month, so he would be coming back in a few days.

He and young master Lin were the closest friends within their circle, and he was the only person that could soothe young master Lin’s temper when he got angry.

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When Lin Sui first heard this name, it was very unfamiliar, it was only after the System quickly pulled up the relevant memory data for him that he answered.

“See what you can do, just call me when the time comes.”

If it wasn’t for him playing his character, Lin Sui wouldn’t care who he was.

Yan Zhou couldn’t get the hang of the situation, in the past, the parties for Song Yunqing coming back from abroad were all personally arranged by the little ancestor, why throw it at him this time? In addition, he didn’t seem too excited about it.

Maybe Song Yunqing had been out competing for too long this time, and the young master wasn’t happy.

Yan Zhou muttered in his mind, but agreed on the surface.

After chatting a few words with Yan Zhou, Lin Sui lost his patience and left.

He didn’t have a good opinion about Yan Zhou, and had even been wanting to teach him a lesson for a long time, he still remembered the whip he’d lashed out with in his presence.

Soon after, Lin Sui went to the hospital to find a doctor, to understand Yan Qin’s mother’s condition.

Cancer cells had spread inside of her body, and current treatment options could only be used to control the rate of the spread, there was no cure for her illness, they could only delay it one day at a time, and it was up to Heaven to decide how long she could live for.

Lin Sui stood beside the hospital bed, looking at her sleeping face, thinking to himself in cold blood that she was Yan Qin’s soft-hearted yoke, and the burden stopping Yan Qin from becoming strong.

“Take care of her, use the best medicine when the situation calls for it, and put it on my account.”

The resident physician nodded her head, and Lin Sui left the hospital.

Inside the Mingfeng Private School.
The Senior class was in the middle of physics class.

The teacher in charge of the class hurriedly came in, and spoke a few words into the ear of the physics teacher.
The physics teacher nodded and took a few things before leaving the podium.

The students sitting down whispered amongst each other, not understanding the situation, as the head teacher stood on the podium and used a handkerchief to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

Two security guards came in holding a desk and a chair, moving directly towards the back row.

Yan Qin was the only person sitting there, and seeing the additional table and chair appearing next to him, his brows furrowed as a bad premonition emerged.

“Students, our class has a new student who skipped a grade, remember to get along well, and let’s welcome classmate Lin Sui.”

The head teacher wiped more and more sweat from his head, endlessly complaining in his heart.

Once this name got out, the class exploded, and many people turned their heads to heckle and laugh strangely at Yan Qin.

The numerous, confused voices in the class abruptly stopped the moment the young man stepped foot inside, his reputation was so notorious that even if he had the best looking face, other people wouldn’t dare look at him.

Lin Sui didn’t feel like introducing himself, and walked directly to the back row.

Tao Ting and Chu Feng were both sweating for Yan Qin, fearing Yan Qin’s circumstances were about to get even more terrible.

“Who did this?”

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After a few hours of absence, Lin Sui saw bruises on the corners of Yan Qin’s mouth, and it was hard to tell if his expression was happy or angry.

A young man smiled mischievously as he raised his hand, laughing: “Young master Lin, your dog is really obedient, he won’t even resist.”

The circle of silkpants rich kids laughed, and a strange atmosphere permeated the classroom.

Lin Sui’s beautiful, unsmiling face turned cold, and he seemed like a blooming poisonous flower.


Lin Sui looked at Yan Qin coldly and reprimanded, and those silkpants laughed even louder.

Yan Qin’s slightly downcast eyes were filled with haze, and he tasted blood in the tip of his tongue, but he still didn’t say a word.
He had long since imagined this scene in his mind, it was nothing he couldn’t bear.

But in the middle of this extreme repression, Yan Qin heard something that made him feel like he was hallucinating.

“You’re going to fight, right? If a few of them don’t end up in the hospital today, you won’t eat.”

Yan Qin suddenly raised his head, the redness of his bloodshot eyes had still not faded, and his surprise was plainly visible on his face.

Those laughing people seemed to have suddenly been strangled, and they stared at Lin Sui, not knowing what to do.

“Stand guard and close the doors.”

Lin Sui lifted his chin, and two students sitting at the front and back of the class immediately closed the doors.
These people often bullied their classmates in all kinds of ways, and other people didn’t dare speak out in anger.

The head teacher shrunk back into a corner, he was about to say something, but was stopped by Lin Sui’s glance, so he weakly and helplessly pretended to be blind.

Yan Qin’s silent endurance had been for the sake of not causing any unnecessary trouble, but now it was different.

The wails and sounds of fists hitting flesh made people’s teeth ache, those people looked into Yan Qin’s cold eyes and immediately begged for mercy without caring about the others.

Yan Qin only stopped when he had reached the standard set by Lin Sui.

“My dog is still superior to others.”

The young man leaned back in his chair, looking down at the people on the ground as if he were looking at tiny bugs.

His delicate skin was marked with an innate arrogance, and the words pouring out of his opening and closing lips made people feel chilled from the inside out.

Yan Qin was swept away by his gaze, and his still-excited body was flooded with a large amount of an unknown emotion, rampaging wildly inside his chest, recklessly churning about.



1 Minor correction.
Last chapter, the necklace & bracelet were “interwoven in the centre by their long silver chains” when it should’ve been “a long silver chain” (Also I know this chap calls it a golden chain but that’s just how it is in the raws). Top.

2 From 天將降大任於是/斯人也,必先苦其心志, When Heaven wants to place great responsibility on a person, it first makes their will endure suffering.
The longer quote includes testing the person’s strength, starving them, and a few more trials until those who survive ultimately become stronger. Top.

3 Historical people famous for enduring humiliation and going on to achieve great things.
In summary: Gou Jian was captured by the Wu during the war between the Wu and Yue, and was forced to be a servant to King Fuchai of Wu.
After becoming King himself, it is said that Gou Jian ate bile to remind himself of the humiliation of being a servant under the State of Wu.
Han Xin lived in poverty during his youth.
On one occasion, a group of ruffians challenged him to either fight and kill them or crawl between their legs.
Han Xin decided to crawl between their legs to save his life, and went on to become a famous military general dubbed as one of the Three Heroes of the early Han dynasty.
Sima Qian was sentenced to death after offending the Emperor Wu.
To avoid the death penalty, Sima Qian was castrated and thrown into prison.
After being released from prison, he went on to live as an eunuch in the palace to complete his “Records of the Grand Historian”, which covered over 2,000 years of the history of China. Top.

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