Ch 5 – Second Generation Ancestor x Illegitimate Child: Matching

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Lin Sui lay on the bed for a while, waiting until after the heat subsided to sit up.

Very good, if he had been in the body he had in the cultivation world, it would have been very hard to solve without a trip to the bathroom.

He walked to the edge of the windowsill, looking out at the back view of the young man digging up soil in the garden, and muttered to himself: “He’s so obedient, I should give him a reward.”

The System had PTSD after that devastating experience, and it’s subconscious mind was still thinking about those things, so it spoke in a weak voice: [Those kinds of things are not allowed.]

Lin Sui was surprised: [Your thoughts are so dirty.]

The System: …………

Who is the one that’s actually dirty!

With the reward Lin Sui wanted to give in mind, he took out a pen and paper from his desk and began to draw.

Ten or so minutes later, he went out with the paper in hand.

“I’m going to return home for a few days, you all keep working as usual.”

Before closing the car door, Lin Sui gave the order to a servant.
The servant nodded at once and watched as Lin Sui left.

First, Lin Sui made a trip to a shop specialising in making silver jewellery, giving out a generous sum of money as an expediting fee, and returned to the Lin family home after that.

The original owner was a young master who’d recently come of age and hadn’t yet taken over the family business.
Therefore, the benefits he promised to give to the Yan family’s boss had to be discussed with the people back home.

He called it a discussion, but as long as he informed them, it would be enough.

The Lin family spoiled the original owner to the extreme, if not, the original owner wouldn’t have been raised to have such an arrogant temper.

The Lin family’s previous generations didn’t only have one heir.
The original owner had two paternal aunts, his father was his family’s younger son, and his mother had an older brother, so she was her family’s youngest daughter.
They were both greatly doted on at home, so their union made it so any children they had were bound to be doted on many times over.

The original owner was not an only child, there was still an older sister above him, but he was a boy, and the Lin family was a relatively traditional family.
Although they wouldn’t go as far as to excessively value males and attach less importance to females, they still tacitly agreed that only boys had the right of inheritance.
In addition, the original owner’s older sister had been brainwashed to pamper her younger brother.

Looking at it from an outsider’s point of view, Lin Sui thought this concept was actually traditional and lopsided.
Leaving these things aside, this identity was too useful, and the reason Lin Sui promised those benefits without batting an eye was because he knew he definitely would be able to make it happen.

As soon as Lin Sui returned home, he was greeted with all kinds of attention and a large table packed with all of his favourite foods.

The original owner had a much more likeable and well-behaved image at home, he was a sweet-talker who pleased people.
Lin Sui played this role dutifully, greeting his parents and grandparents, and accompanying them on a walk after they finished eating, much to the delight of his grandparents.

As a result, after he brought up the benefits he had promised, father Lin did not even hesitate to give him the OK.

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“What kind of things did they give you that were good enough to deserve An-An’s approval?”

An-An was the original owner’s childhood nickname, since his family wished for him to be safe and sound1.

Lin Sui beamed: “A priceless treasure.”

The Lin family spoke inquisitively: “Can you bring it home some other day and show it to us?”

Lin Sui smiled as he nodded, indicating he would do so if he had the chance.

The room the Lin family prepared for Lin Sui was not smaller than his own.
After washing up, Lin Sui was somewhat bored as he looked at the cellphone on his bed, whose screen showed a scene from his home.

Yan Qin was sitting in the living room of the first floor, writing something bent over the table.
Lin Sui looked at the books beside him, and discovered he was doing homework.

That’s right, Yan Qin was already a senior, he’d be taking the college entrance exam soon.

The college entrance exam, ah…..
Lin Sui’s fingers stroked the edge of the cellphone, an unexplainable light flashing though his eyes.

After watching Yan Qin doing homework for a while, Lin Sui yawned.
He put on his slippers and left his room, then knocked on the door his older sister Lin Min’s room.

Lin Min had just finished her skincare routine, still holding the things in her hands, and her expression was a little perplexed as she looked at her younger brother.

“Jie2, do you want to have a drink?”

Her younger brother rarely took the initiative to invite her, so Lin Min agreed immediately.

They served the red wine out in the small balcony, and the natural wind that blew on them felt especially cool and refreshing.

“Why did you suddenly look for me to drink?”

Lin Sui poured her some wine, and spoke in a well-behaved manner: “You’re too busy after work, it’s been quite a while since I last talked like this with you.”

Last year, Lin Min had entered the family company after graduating.
She was assigned as the Vice President of a branch office, so she was so busy every day her feet barely touched the ground.

Lin Min was somewhat surprised: “You rarely want to speak much with me.”

Lin Sui knew this wasn’t Lin Min trying to mock him, after all, the original owner acted like the whole company was going to belong to him in the future, so he really didn’t care too much about his older sister who was going to be married off sooner or later.

Lin Min suddenly suspected her words just now would kill the conversation, so she hurriedly asked: “What’s wrong, is something worrying you?”

“Jiejie, are you happy at work?”

Lin Sui clinked their cups together, and asked.

“I can’t say if I’m happy or unhappy, every day is busy and fulfilling, and also, the project I’m in charge of right now…..”

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When Lin Min brought up her plans, her expression lit up and became lively.

“I still have new ideas, but the boss at the branch office thinks it would be better for me to go about things steadily.
As far as they’re concerned, I’m just a newcomer who hasn’t been working for long.
I spoke with father, and he also thinks it’s better for me to take it steady, so my new ideas might have to be postponed further.”

When she reached this point, Lin Min felt it was a little unfortunate, and shook her head with a smile.
Her younger brother had clearly looked for her to talk about something that was on his mind, but here she was piling her complaints on him, and in addition Lin Sui didn’t understand these kinds of work matters.

“I actually really support your ideas, but there are still some areas that are a little idealised and immature.
For example, if you’re developing real estate here, have you considered the surrounding factories and water sources…..”

When Lin Sui heard the rough plans, he was able to extract one of the factors and discuss it with Lin Min.

“You’re right, I still haven’t considered the water sources…..”

Lin Min didn’t expect that Lin Sui would be able to understand her.
She animatedly opened up the project ideas in her phone and talked them over with Lin Sui.

The sister and brother pair talked for almost an hour.
Lin Min spoke until her mouth was dry, so after drinking a few careless mouthfuls of wine, she spoke with happiness from the bottom of her hear: “A-Sui, you’re really great.
You’re so young but you have this much talent, it seems that father won’t have to worry in the future.”

Lin Sui agreed: “With you here, father won’t have to worry.”

Lin Min was stunned, not really understanding what Lin Sui meant.

Lin Sui spoke with an unchanging face: “I only want to be a second generation ancestor that takes advantage of his position and does nothing but eat and wait for death3.
Jiejie, I’m counting on you to take care of the family business.”

Lin Min was a little panicked.
Her usual brainwashing clashed with her own ambitions, leaving her not knowing what to do.

She rebuked him: “A-Sui, what are you talking about? Be careful, if father hears, he’ll beat you up, you’re the only boy in the family…..”

Lin Sui interrupted her: “You’re also our father’s child, your surname is also Lin, your children can also be surnamed Lin.
Jiejie, people make choices, don’t let choices be made for you.
If you have the ability, why shouldn’t you do it?”

Lin Min’s mind became excited, but she still joked: “Obviously your talent and ability is better than mine.”

“Everyone has ambitions.” Lin Sui spoke carelessly, not modest at all when it came to others’ compliments, his eyes stirred up emotion as he looked at the person standing next to him, slowly saying: “Jiejie, you have this kind of ambition, why not go for it?”

The young man held the cup of wine, his fair fingers a stark contrast to the scarlet liquid, his voice like ethereal music in the night sky, brimming with enticing desire.

The System was puzzled, asking: [Why are you doing this?]

The System knew Lin Sui lacked familial love and thirsted for power, so it gave him these two things, and then gave him the character design of someone who loved courting death as something he must abide by in order to entangle Lin Sui.
But why was Lin Sui so delighted to just hand over his power to someone else?

Lin Sui didn’t answer it, letting this divine existence that didn’t understand human nature remain confused.

Lin Sui liked power.
In his original world, capital was the power he used to climb upwards and which allowed him to stand undefeated at the summit.
In the cultivation world, this kind of power became the ability to cultivate, so he urgently looked for a way to cast off his constitution and become strong.

He was unwilling to accept fate, and he wouldn’t feel at ease unless he was strong enough.

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As for now, if his mission had been to hinder the Son of Fortune, he could have just gone out into the business world on the day he transmigrated.
Would Yan Qin still have room to develop then?

But his mission was not that, so there was no need for him to work himself to death while he just waited to send Yan Qin to the top in the future.

The System just wanted him to seize power, and then kowtow three times towards the future Yan Qin as he called out ‘long live!’ and handed his power over.

There would be no such convenient thing.

Lin Sui had his own plans, but he wouldn’t clearly announce these plans to the world, especially since he didn’t want to let the System understand.

He looked at the Lin Min in front of him, whose line of thinking was somewhat in disarray, and turned his wrist to place the cup back on the table after finishing the last sip.

“Jie, consider what I just said, the opportunity is yours to grasp.
I can always help you, if there is anything you’re unsure of, you can come talk it over with me.
Get some rest soon, okay?”

Lin Min absent-mindedly watched the young man’s back as he left, feeling a little strange.

Was this person really her younger brother?

Lin Min couldn’t help but shake her head, she might be out of her mind, if that wasn’t her brother, who was he?

Lin Sui stayed in the Lin house for four days before returning to his own villa under the looks of the family that seemed reluctant to part with him.

Now the bruises on Yan Qin’s body had almost completely healed, and the ones on his face were so light they could barely be seen.
Catching sight of his old lover’s delicate younger face, Lin Sui’s mood improved a lot.

The moment Yan Qin saw Lin Sui, his heart subconsciously tightened, and he silently lowered his head towards him.

These past few days, he’d gone to the hospital to see his mother.
His mother was still saying in the same place as before, and her treatment also continued as it had before.
He couldn’t understand what Lin Sui was thinking, so he could only wait and see.

The first day Lin Sui left, he was very uneasy.

He originally thought he would be put on display and paraded around all kinds of gatherings, being unrestrainedly humiliated in the same way Yan Zhou used to do.
But four days passed, and it seemed like Lin Sui had forgotten about him.

The servants here didn’t criticise or even look down on him in the same way they did at the Yan family, each and every one was responsible and diligent, never showing and unnecessary expressions, addressing him as ‘young master’ when inviting him to eat as if under the illusion that he was the owner of the house.

He couldn’t help but look for someone and ask whether he needed to do anything, and that person replied in fear and trepidation that he should just rest.
He still asked if he needed to serve, causing him to be silent for a good while.

He thought that this might be Lin Sui’s trap, to show him how much better it was to be his dog than to be a human being.

How ironic.


Lin Sui went upstairs, and waved at Yan Qin.

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“The gift I’ve been waiting for these few days has finally been delivered, let’s see if it fits.”

Lin Sui passed the gift box in his hands in front of Yan Qin, indicating that he should open it.

Yan Qin untied the silk ribbon tied around the box, finding thin chains lying quietly inside.

This was undoubtedly a matching pair of jewellery.
There was a necklace and a chain bracelet at each end, interwoven in the centre by their long silver chains.

A small pendant hung from the bottom of the necklace, with a character engraved onto one face.

‘綏’, Sui.

“I drew this myself, it seems that you really like it.”

Yan Qin’s clearly didn’t have any kind of expression on his face, but Lin Sui said he liked it, so he did.

“I’ll help you put it on.”

Lin Sui’s eyes carried a beautiful glint.
Yan Qin obediently lowered his head, but the hands hanging by his sides quietly tightened.

The silver pendant was tucked into his neck, producing a cold sensation against his skin, but what caused Yan Qin’s teeth to become even colder4 was Lin Sui’s fingers, which were lightly stroking against his neck like thin, snow white blades.
It seemed like he would slice open his throat in the next moment, then recklessly trample him into the mud.

A strange feeling emerged under the skin on the side of his neck, both freezing cold and burning hot, as if the thoughts of the perverse, fickle young master in front of him were materialised, meddling with his fate.

Lin Sui admired it for a bit, very satisfied: “Not bad.”

“Help me put it on too.”

Lin Sui smiled, and extended his wrist towards Yan Qin.

The links of the bracelet were interlocked together, and it was adorned with an elaborate silver plate with the character ‘藺’, Lin, engraved on it.

A fickle beauty with an excellent appearance, even his contempt was exactly like kindness, making even unwilling people pretend to perfectly willing to become objects in the palm of his hand.



1 平平安安 píng píng ān ān.
Means to be safe and sound, to live well/at peace. Top.

2 姐 jiě/jiějie older sister.
I feel like translating these literally into the dialogue would sound a little clunky? Lemme know if I should just keep these as ‘sister’ or ‘sis’. Top.

3 A few things that are pretty self-explanatory: 二世祖 second generation ancestor i.e.
the child of a wealthy family, 仗勢欺人 takes advantage of his position (to take advantage of others), 混吃等死 eat and wait for death i.e.
someone with no aspirations who just drifts along in life. Top.

4 齒冷 lit.
teeth cold.
Another way to say sneer/scorn/laugh at sb.
The idea is that if you open your mouth for a long time, your teeth become cold. Top.

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