Ch 56 – Newest Top Celebrity x Washed Up Film Emperor: The Glimmering Moon

Yan Qin’s disappearance didn’t cause much of a stir in the circle, no one was surprised it happened given Lin Sui’s blacklisting.

Everyone just couldn’t help but sigh and wonder what on earth Yan Qin had done to actually provoke Lin Sui enough to make him ruin his future prospects.

Under these conditions, some people thought that the CP fans would feel the most miserable.
People came out one after the other to make explosive allegations, and although everyone tried to be secretive and didn’t use full names bur rather all kinds of references, anyone with a brain would be able to get it.

Although most left the fandom, there was still a portion that still stubbornly persisted.

@It’s Suisui Ya: My CP had a BE, but I tell myself it doesn’t matter, in the end, I’m in the wife’s fandom, but why is it that after that the wife also didn’t appear in any film and tv works? This always gives me a strange fantasy.
From the first movie they did together, every movie they were both involved in had traces of each other, and although now they’ve basically had a BE, the wife won’t film a new movie.
This gives me the illusion that he won’t film a movie with anyone other than him, and I just twist the knife even deeper.

@Yan Returns To Lin Is Real: Even if everyone tells me it’s a BE and that the CP is already dead, I’ll still be moved by what they were.
I feel like its still too early to call it, the future isn’t set in stone, right? Maybe they’ll get back together some day?

@Super Happy Shipping: I’m really convinced.
To those random rumours from marketing accounts saying they might have cheated and it led to their falling out, if you’re fucking making stuff up can’t you make it a little more reasonable? Otherwise don’t say anything.
Ever since the two of them started working together they’ve never been rumoured to have been involved with anyone but each other, and now Lin Sui also keeps an unusual distance when participating in events.
You just say there’s cheating with no pictures of evidence.
In any case, when they were first rumoured to be involved there was even pictures to prove it!

@Chachazi: Control the sky, control the earth, and still want to control the ship, I know it’s BE, but that’s not going to stop me from believing, I’m looking for sugar, only the foolish try to make people upset.

Yu Linxi was really puzzled by this, but he didn’t get an explanation.
He was a little depressed, and his relationship with his brother gradually faded.

Every single person in the circle who had a good relationship with Yan Qin criticised Lin Sui, after all, they thought Yan Qin was genuinely moved but was left with nothing, so he just disappeared.

Lin Sui didn’t care about those voices at all.
He didn’t care about anyone’s opinions of him except for Yan Qin.

The reason why he was still calmly seating at home was naturally because he knew where Yan Qin was.

Perhaps sometimes fate and plot were magical.
The circumstances now were clearly completely different from the ones in the original book, but Yan Qin still met that magnum opus of his—— “To Know The Sun”.

It was a work based on a true story, and the protagonist, Dawa, was blind.

His parents were Tibetans who went out to work, and he lived in a small town environment since he was born.

He was born blind, but his parents didn’t abandon him, they cherished him even more instead.

His mom was not in good health and she could only do small odd jobs at home, so his family’s income relied on the construction work his dad did.

But the project he was working on was unfinished, and the chief labour contractor and person in charge ran off with the funds.
His dad received a huge blow because of this, and since the money he brought back was used for his wife’s medical treatments, he participated in organised protests to demand salary for this sum.

He wasted a lot of time and barely brought back a meagre wage, but he died of exhaustion from overwork.

The home became even more miserable, and Dawa became even more obedient and sensible.
His disability prevented him from exploring the world, so he only dared to walk around his neighbourhood, and he learnt how to cook for himself at a young age even though he’d been burnt many times from not being able to see, which lightened the burden on his family.

But fate didn’t show any regard for him, rather, it gave him even more cruel twists.

He obediently sat facing the main entrance of his house, looking forward to his mom coming back with candy, as his emaciated mother fainted and fell to the ground a distance away from the door.

He couldn’t see, he could only look out naively and feel his way outside when he couldn’t bear it anymore, tripping over a body.

At eleven years old, his mom passed, the neighbours helped to arrange things for the funeral.

The town was too shabby and impoverished, and no one in the neighbourhood cared about the path an orphan would take.

Dawa was sent away to learn skills by a kind neighbour, and began to learn blind touch massage therapy using the money his mom had saved to pay for the tuition.

At the age of about seventeen Dawa began going to a salon to apprentice, helping with business while studying, all the while waiting until the day he would be able to open up his own massage salon.

Dawa worked extremely hard and his skills were very good, he accumulated many repeat customers, so he was able to open up his own salon without issue.
By that time, he was already around twenty-six years old, not young anymore.

A few customers wanted to set him up on a date, but Dawa knew that he was blind and his economic status wasn’t good, so he’d long since prepared himself to be single.
Despite this, he still longed for a family.

An old customer introduced him to a young woman.
The young woman had been disfigured in a large fire, she was a very shy and introverted person, and very considerate and gentle, she didn’t care about the fact that he couldn’t see, she just hoped Dawa also wouldn’t mind the fact that she wasn’t pretty.

Of course Dawa didn’t mind, so he shily said he would get in touch with her and see how it went.

Dawa, being a Khampas man, actually had a pretty good appearance and figure, and his character was honest, so the two of them quickly hit it off.

Dawa and the young woman got married, and although they were relatively poor, the couple supported each other, and the wife became pregnant two years later.

At this point, Dawa was thirty years old.
At thirty, he had his own massage salon, a wife and a child, so it seemed like his life was progressing perfectly.

But fate was so fickle, no one could know what would happen at the very last moment until they stepped into their coffin.

Dawa’s wife died from birth complications, and although he kowtowed and pleaded again and again in front of the delivery room, the doctors weren’t gods, there was nothing they could do.

The thirty year old man cried like a child in the hospital, he aged greatly in the blink of an eye, but he couldn’t just collapse from depression like this, he still had a wailing baby waiting to be fed.

Since he couldn’t see, he clumsily took care of his child, asking for help everywhere.
Luckily, the child’s eyes were normal, she hadn’t inherited his disability, which made him very glad.

Hard times always pass.
He lived in the massage salon, taking care of a young girl while working, and, although he couldn’t see, he was willing to give everything he could to his child.

In a flash, his child had to go to elementary school.
Dawa fumbled about, leaning on a walking stick, as he took his child to school, the child was his eyes, and the father-daughter pair was in beautiful, perfect harmony.

But one day, the girl who was happily playing by the door of the house suddenly stopped making noise.

Dawa didn’t care that he was still working, he shouted his daughter’s name in a loud voice and rushed out the door after getting no answer.

A nearby passer-by said they saw a person leading a young girl away.

Dawa broke down in an instant, he incessantly shouted his daughter’s name all over the place, no one could help him, he was like a pitiful lunatic.

An abled person would be powerless when faced with a child’s abduction, let alone a blind man.

Dawa was lost, hugging his wife’s memorial tablet as he wept, blaming and reprimanding himself, but even so, his daughter wasn’t found.

Dawa didn’t give up.
He closed his massage salon and took all his savings and, after his police reports resulted in nothing, he embarked on the journey to find his daughter.

The journey was very difficult and distressing, there were no words to describe it.

Realistic stories were never satisfactory, Dawa failed to find his daughter in the vast sea of people.

He died of an illness on a beautiful sunny day, a red couplet paper with the words “Blessings and Happiness” pressed under his body.

There was a proverb like this, called 'a blind person knows the sun1'.

People can’t imagine the things they’ve never seem, and you can never make a blind person who has never seen sunshine know what the sun is.

“Happiness” is just like the sun that Dawa has never seen.
He always believed life would get better, and life would always shake its head at him.

In Tibetan, Dawa means moon.
The moon itself doesn’t shine, its radiance is just a reflection of the sun’s light, which is why its light is so faint.

In the book’s original story, the director and scriptwriter of the movie had no hopes when they contacted Yan Qin, because Yan Qin was already on the up and up at that time, and he’d already become a brilliant star in the entertainment circle once again.

But Yan Qin was a person who was very picky about scripts, and he didn’t care that the director and screenwriter of the movie were unknown no-names.
He knew they wouldn’t be able to pay him, so he was willing to star in it for free, and he never expected that this decision would make both him and the movie.

Now, the director and screenwriter of “To Know The Sun” were still inexperienced newcomers.
They always had their choice for the lead actor in their hearts, but they didn’t have the strength, so they had been pushing this work down until they saw a dazed Yan Qin on the street.

He’d been thinking about finding a new place to start again, but after seeing this work, he decided to give it a try.

How would he play the role of a blind person?

Would he train his expression, bearing, and the feeling of weak vision?

Yan Qin didn’t pick this option.
He covered his eyes and went into a ruined and destitute alley.

Empathising with a character was not just about talking the talk, how would he be able to understand the experience if he didn’t also walk the walk?

Everyone lived their own lives numbly and hastily inside the shantytown.

In the corner of the street, a man with his eyes covered used a bamboo pole as a walking stick as he slowly walked down the street.
He wore a shabby jacket and jeans, his beard was unkempt, his skin wrinkled, there were traces of frostbite and burns on his hands, and he was hunched over, he was a blind man no one on the street would give a second glance to.

As he crossed the street, a motorbike was just racing past, and the danger was narrowly avoided.

“Why the fuck is a stinking blind man appearing out of nowhere? You almost scared the shit out of me, you better believe I’ll run you over next time!”

The man spat and cursed before swaggering off.

The blind man was silent, he moved after he heard the vehicle leave and slowly went around the corner, following the wall.

After walking for a while, he seemed to be tired.
He sat at a small stall, asking for a bowl of wontons.

Someone put a bowl next to him, and a woman’s voice came from nearby: “I’ll give you some hot soup first.”

Yan Qin turned to the person who handed him the bowl and thanked them, using a spoon to slowly drink the soup.

Curious people nearby glanced at the young man next to the blind man, he was wearing sunglasses, but they didn’t conceal the dignified air on his body.
He was incompatible with this shantytown.

A burst of col air blew past, and Yan Qin suddenly seemed to smell a familiar warm scent.
He moved his nose, subconsciously looking around, and hastily asked: “Was there someone next to me just now? A good-looking man?”

His voice was hoarse, as if he hadn’t spoken for a long time.

“What are you daydreaming for, old Blindeye2? Where does this good-looking man come from huh?”

The person next to him took the money and laughed adeptly, the boss brought over the wontons, and everyone stopped laughing.

Yan Qin ate the wontons without uttering a word, then took out a wrinkled five yuan bill from his pocket and placed it on the table.

Yeah, why would he show up here?

But he clearly smelled his scent.

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