Ch 4 – Second Generation Ancestor x Illegitimate Child: Kiss

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It was three in the afternoon, and the sun came into the room through the window, casting its warm rays into the ground.

Yan Qin couldn’t feel the warmth, a cold feeling rushed into his body from the bottom up, freezing him down to the marrow.

Lin Sui had paid a large price for him, that could only mean one thing.

Yan Qin’s voice was hoarse: “He agreed?”

“Of course, to him, you’re just an illegitimate son, a bargaining chip to be exchanged.”

Lin Sui was a beautiful, brightly-coloured, poisonous butterfly.
All the words that came out of his mouth were corrosive.

Yan Qin’s pupils shrank, and blue veins popped out of the hands he was holding by his sides.

He always knew that man was his father in name only, and that he never held any familial love towards him, but he didn’t expect he would go so far as to sell him so easily.

“Go bury the box and come back, someone will tell you where Wuyun’s resting place is.”

“Also, your mother…..”

“What about my mother?”

Yan Qin sensed a threat, and began speaking while staring at Lin Sui.

This was the weak spot for which he endured everything.
Yan Qin knew his mother was nothing as far as that man was concerned, he worried his mother’s medical treatment would be ordered to stop, and that would practically kill him.

“Who gave you permission to interrupt me?”

The young master wasn’t wearing shoes, he stepped on his shoulder with a bare foot.

Lin Sui was smiling, but his mood was clearly not good, he exerted strength onto his foot and caused the crouching Yan Qin to sway.

But Yan Qin was not pretending to be obedient at all, staring fixedly at Lin Sui.

His outwardly calm and apathetic appearance was torn off, revealing his inner ruthlessness and ferocity.

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He was just like a feral dog that had been cornered in an alley, with his back bent and his eyes red, ready to strike back at any time and tear his enemy into shreds.

“Who do you think you are? Nothing more than a secretly-born bastard son, not even worthy of carrying my shoes.”

The sole of Lin Sui’s foot slid down from Yan Qin’s shoulders to the pit of his stomach, and he gave him a ruthless kick, then watched as Yan Qin fell down to the ground.

An ice-cold feeling of anger boiled in the pit of Yan Qin’s stomach, and that blazing ball charged around violently inside his thoracic cavity, almost burning him to death.

He crawled back up, the image of his mother’s ill and withered appearance emerging in his mind, and he pressed the tip of his tongue against the roof of his mouth, enduring the rusty flavour that appeared in his throat.

“Young master, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have interrupted you.”

The young man’s brows bore his stifling endurance, and he lowered his head.

“You change really fast, you didn’t have this attitude just now.”

Lin Sui laughed lightly and clapped his hands.

“Did it hurt when I kicked you just now?”

Jade-white toes pressed against the centre of the young man’s ribs again as he stepped on his chest through the thin clothes.

Blue-green veins could be clearly seen on the back of the foot, giving it an elegant colouration.

“Didn’t hurt.”

Yan Qin clenched his teeth as he answered.
It really hadn’t hurt, but he hated it.

The young master’s toes nudged the pit of his stomach again.
Yan Qin looked at him, his eyes seemed to say something, but they also didn’t seem to say anything at all, making people guess.

This day had been the most unbearable for Yan Qin, at least Yan Zhou couldn’t restrict where he could go, and he also didn’t have to curry favour with him.

Yan Qin’s movements were somewhat stiff as he held the young master’s foot, bringing his palms together and slightly awkwardly covering Lin Sui’s foot.

Lin Sui was a little surprised, and couldn’t help but let out a laugh.
His shoulders shook, and it was clear he couldn’t stop laughing.

He only wanted to make Yan Qin help him put on his shoes, who would have imagined that Yan Qin would want to help him warm his foot?

He was given an inch and directly took a mile, stuffing his other foot into Yan Qin’s arms, then he pulled out the book that had been placed beside him and began flipping through it with great pleasure.

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Yan Qin’s knees were stiff and cold as he silently watched the sun dip into the West.

The shadows the people cast were blurry, seeming to blot into an indistinct splotch.

They blended into a mess, like a heart brimming with darkness and jumbled lines.

Yan Qin looked at the young master’s slender ankle, a scene of snapping it flashed past in his mind, and finally became silent once again.

It wasn’t until the light of dusk made him unable to clearly see the writing that Lin Sui put that thick book down, still wanting to continue.

Under the cover of dusk, Lin Sui lifted the young man’s jaw.

Those two eyes were cold and opaque.

Lin Sui looked at those two eyes, and lightly curved his lips.

His finger stroked Yan Qin’s face gently, as though he were caressing his lover.

Remember everything that happened today, remember this lesson and this humiliation.

The day that you kill me, you must not hesitate.

Lin Sui bent down, his shadow enveloping Yan Qin’s face.

Yan Qin didn’t know what he was looking at, and he also didn’t care.
Even if Lin Sui were to turn hostile in the next second and slap him, he still wouldn’t speak.
He only cared about one thing, but he also wouldn’t ask if Lin Sui had made up his mind to string him along, after all, he was still too weak.

But, contrary to expectations, what fell on his face wasn’t a slap, it was some sort of soft thing.

Yan Qin watched Lin Sui, stunned, but the young master closed his eyes and kissed his forehead, then the tip of his nose, continuously moving downward, until finally…..

The feeling on his lips made Yan Qin surprised and angry.
The softness passed in the twinkling of an eye, just like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water, as if it had been an illusion.

He caught sight of a colourful red tint on the young master’s face, his eyes like rippling water, sucking people’s souls away.

He stuck out the tip of his tongue and dyed his crimson lips with a watery layer, making people’s hearts palpitate for no reason at all.

That appearance was clearly hateful and vile, yet enticing and deceptive.

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“Go out, take the box and bury it.”

Lin Sui propped his cheek up and spoke lazily, shooting Yan Qin a glance and withdrawing his gaze.

Yan Qin’s hate-filled heart was interrupted by Lin Sui’s sudden movement, and his thoughts were captured by that last look in Lin Sui’s eyes, like an itching feeling coming from inside him, making him want to reach into himself and scratch at it, not caring even if he was drenched in blood.

He was ashamed, annoyed, shocked, and angry.
He didn’t understand what on earth Lin Sui was trying to do, was he teasing him, or was this another way to humiliate him?

Would the young master who grew up in luxury, who had clearly wiped his fingers as though he’d come across something dirty the first time he touched him, kiss him because he felt like teasing him?

After all, Yan Qin was still a nineteen-year-old young man.
He hurriedly grabbed the box and left, his messy state of mind written all across his back.

But Lin Sui didn’t care what kind of confusion Yan Qin’s mind was in.
He watched Yan Qin leave the room, softly putting the feet that had been warmed by him down on the floor, and fell towards the soft, large bed.

The System was already very dissatisfied that Yan Qin had been punished for several hours, and Lin Sui’s actions just now had provoked it, nearly driving it mad with anger, but it was somewhat baffled looking at Lin Sui’s appearance.

[What did you kiss him for!]

Lin Sui lowered the air conditioner’s temperature, undoing two buttons and exposing his slightly red collarbones, and gave a very shallow apology: “Sorry sir, couldn’t help myself.”

“He looked so obedient that way, and the things hidden in his eyes were also very interesting.”

“It reminded me of that time at the secret realm when he killed two monsters, the kind that were partners for life, whose blood had a very strong effect.
At that time, it was only me and him inside.”

“He knew I had a human cauldron constitution, but he didn’t touch me, enduring with a deep red face and doing his utmost to guarantee he would not cross the line with me.
In order to stop himself from offending me, he used a spell to tie his hands and feet together and withdrew into the corner, telling me not to be afraid.”

Although the things being suppressed were not the same, after all, they both caused Lin Sui’s heart to be overwhelmed, not to mention his stiff, misunderstood attempt at currying favour with him.

“At that time, the two of us could have been considered strangers.
I’ve actually thought about it many times, if he really wanted to take advantage of me, it would’ve actually been pretty good, that way I at least wouldn’t have to harbour feelings of guilt.”

Lin Sui discovered that he was very sick.
On one hand, he didn’t want for Yan Qin to love him, even if it was in this small world, he wanted him to hate him and loathe him and take his revenge against him.
If Yan Qin felt truly grateful towards him, not to mention the Will of Heaven’s disgust, even he himself would feel sick.

On the other hand, he also couldn’t help himself.
Just now, for example, if it hadn’t been for him rationally controlling himself, as well as the System’s threats, he would have pushed the person into the ground.

He might have been spoiled by Yan Qin, Lin sui thought as he kneaded his head, or perhaps he’d been ruined by that stupid human cauldron constitution.
After all, he was indeed very happy.

Who wouldn’t like these kinds of happy things? He was very open to all kinds of his own needs.

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[Put some clothes on.jpg]

[Chicken coop warning.jpg1]

[The whole nation can see.jpg]

Three images suddenly popped up in his mind, making Lin Sui react with a question mark.

[Will of Heaven, did you turn stupid?]

The System: [You’re the one who turned stupid.
Just now I looked into this world’s database, and these were the most fitting warnings for the state you were in just now!]

The System: [In short, you’re not allowed to have improper thoughts about the Son of Fortune again.
If you kiss him again, I’ll electrocute you!]

Lin Sui nodded half-heartedly, going off on a tangent of fondly recalling Yan Qin’s little brother and wondering whether the current nineteen-year-old Yan Qin’s size was as impressive as it had been in his previous life.

The System: [Collect your thoughts.]

Lin Sui apologised: [I’m truly sorry for tarnishing you.]

After that, he held fast to the principle that making the System suffer made him happy, and continued recalling the details, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that Yan Qin was really wonderful.

The System: ……

Aaaaaaaaaaaah this terribly shameless vixen, where was it’s knife?!

Lin Sui thought about the image of it stomping about in anger, and revealed a perfectly contented smile.



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1 Seems to be an internet meme used to warn people when they’re being too troublesome/flirty? I think the closest english meme equivalent would be sending someone to horny jail— horny jail warning.jpg —if you will. Top.

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