Ch 43 – Newest Top Celebrity x Washed Up Film Emperor: Surpassing the World1

Yan Qin was a little distracted, and his hand unconsciously took the thing Lin Sui was offering him.

He grabbed a sugar-coated anti-alcohol pill from the small box and took it, thanking Lin Sui.

The producer sitting next to Lin Sui couldn’t help but look around when he saw this, and after finding out it was anti-alcohol medicine, he jokingly said that the two of them were being sneaky, then took one as well.

The System: [soduvoiwflkelkjwe2skhlksj9.]

A mess of garbled text suddenly rolled through his mind, and Lin Sui lowered his head, the smile in his eyes clear.

Lin Sui: [What is that nonsense? Speak properly.]

The System was extremely indignant: [You have no shame!]

Lin Sui: [I didn’t lie to you.]

The System gave a sarcastic laugh, yeah, Lin Sui hadn’t given that thing to Yan Qin, he had swallowed it himself, what he ate was different from what the others ate.

The System once again concluded that this person was simply abnormal.

The bead of light in Lin Sui’s spiritual stage suddenly went out, and he could see that the System’s mood was extremely unstable, and the brightness dimmed after that, which evidently meant it had enabled the blocking shield.

Lin Sui leisurely looked at the people sitting around and clinked glasses with the producer next to him in a toast.

He toasted and drank with people absent-mindedly, calculating the capsule’s dissolution rate and when the medicine would take effect, he left the private room at the right time, then came back and continued drinking.

Liu Buqun was a little drunk, he delivered a sermon about all he’d learnt while shooting the film and praised everyone over and over again, even Lin Sui had performed very well in his words.
After all, this was the wrap-up party and it was almost the end of the year, so everyone was happily saying a few nice things.

Yan Qin didn’t speak much, but he’d drink when someone invited him to and would occasionally exchange a few words with people.
He seemed like a shadow inside the private room, quietly gazing towards the light.

Lin Sui’s spot was undoubtedly the liveliest.
He was the lead actor, and he was the one financing it, so everyone rushed to flatter him, and he refused nobody.
However, when people drank a whole cup, he drank a mouthful, which was not in accordance to the drinking rules at the table, but nobody cared.
After all, Lin Sui was doing them the honour of drinking a sip.

His skin was white, so the red blush on his face from the alcohol was especially distinct.

Yan Qin couldn’t help but frown, Lin Sui’s face was too flushed, even the back of his neck and ears were red.

Moreover, he seemed to be getting uncomfortable, rubbing between his brows like he was somewhat troubled.
He waved the people who came to toast with him away and staggered up, planning to leave.

He was clearly heavily intoxicated, and no one dared to stop him.

Yan Qin looked around and found that Lin Sui’s assistant wasn’t there, so he stepped forward to support him.
Lin Sui didn’t refuse him either, walking outside with his lips pressed into a thin straight line.

Liu Buqun laughed: “Ah, young people these days, they really can’t drink.
Come come come, we’ll continue, we can’t go home until we’re drunk today.”

His words pulled everyone’s attention back, and the party in the private room continued in full swing.

Outside the room, the slight change in temperature felt like a cold breeze brushing past their face.
Yan Qin looked at Lin Sui, who was standing somewhat unsteadily, and scanned their surroundings with his eyes: “Where are your assistants?”

“I gave them a vacation.
I booked a room upstairs…” Lin Sui leaned against the wall, his beautiful was face filled with a muddled flush, but his eyes were especially deep, “Go and book another one for me.”

The young man cursed under his breath, and Yan Qin understood what was going on.

Perhaps someone leaked Lin Sui’s whereabouts or set him up, Lin Sui was offered a cup of wine on his way out of the private room and perhaps there was something wrong with that wine, so Lin Sui was worried that the room he’d booked was also not safe.

“Do you want to go to the hospital first?”

Yan Qin looked at Lin Sui, who’d pulled open his clothes due to the heat and exposed his flushed collarbones, and frowned.

“I can’t go.”

Lin Sui looked at Yan Qin like he was an idiot, unable to conceal his surging impatience.

The upright gentleman was being really annoying at this time.
Even under these circumstances, he wanted him to see a doctor first, and even if he had thoughts, he just wouldn’t express them.

The temper of this world’s Yan Qin was exactly the same as the original’s, even if he had a few moving thoughts he’d still be able to suppress them with his self-cultivation.

According to Yan Qin’s way of thinking, even if he had intentions towards him he would probably pursue him step-by-step, all the while steadily advancing his career.

But Lin Sui didn’t come here to do those things, he’d already laid everything out, and was now just waiting for the pieces to fall in their set time.

Yan Qin also discovered he hadn’t thought things through.
He and Lin Sui were both public figures, his reputation was not that exaggerated, but Lin Sui was not the same.
If he went to the hospital in these circumstances and was photographed or if the news were leaked, it would definitely make the front page, and there would be unspeakable trouble.

Seeing Lin Sui’s terrible state with his own eyes, he quickly made a decision and spoke: “Then come to my room first.”

It was already too late to book another room now.
Yan Qin was planning on leaving tomorrow, so he’d also gotten a room in this hotel.

It took less than two minutes from the lift to the door of the room, but Lin Sui could already not stand steady, going from stumbling as he walked to half-leaning weakly against Yan Qin’s body.

Yan Qin was anxious about Lin Sui’s state, so he closed the door and supported him towards the bathroom, but he never saw the darkness hidden in the colourful spring eyes of the originator of this evil plot.

“Get out.”

Lin Sui supported himself on the marble sink, his fingers gripping the rounded edges so tightly that his fingertips turned white.

His posture was alluring and dishevelled, sweat had caused a few strands of hair to stick to his forehead, and an abnormal blush covered his entire face, even the outside of his ears had turned pink.

His eyes were red from the heat, and a layer of water glimmered on them under the light, his expression impatient and as arrogant as before.

He just gave the hasty order and returned to the sink, not caring about whether or not that person was still in the bathroom as he turned on the shower on the wall, and water fell from the shower head down over his whole body.

His goose down clothes were very light, but they became soaked with water, and the cumbersome winter clothes that absorbed water like a sponge were impatiently peeled off by their owner.

It had really proven itself to be a top-grade drug, Lin Sui thought a little absent-mindedly under the cold water.
He pressed his forehead against the black tiles of the wall, lowering his eyes to look at himself and covering himself with his hand.

He had to go all out for his performance, in fact, this was the pinnacle of performing, wasn’t it? He didn’t even have to interact with the audience outside of the scene, and the person watching would naturally be empathetic.

Yan Qin stood there as if bewitched.
His rationality told him that he should leave at this moment, just like how Lin Sui had berated him to do originally, but that voice was too faint, and it was washed away by a torrent of jumbled thoughts.

The patter of water rang out incessantly, and streams of water raced towards the sunken drain in the ground, damp and cold.

The door of the shower hadn’t had time to close, quietly waiting to separate the two worlds.

Yan Qin gave up on the idea of asking a private doctor to look at Lin Sui, he wasn’t familiar with anyone in the city, and the only people he knew where drinking downstairs in the wrap-up party.

He didn’t dare be hasty, and he also didn’t want anyone else to see this scene.

Drops of water fell from Lin Sui’s lowered eyelashes, drop by drop in a hasty rush like a light drizzle of rain, falling into Yan Qin’s heart.

Yan Qin didn’t dare to rush forward, he was worried Lin Sui would realise that he hadn’t left, then he would be banished and even be disqualified from watching silently, but he also couldn’t watch with folded arms like this, he’d been soaking under the cold water for too long, and his body would be unable to endure it in this cold winter weather.

His originally flushed face had already paled a bit, but his lips were still particularly red, making him look like a nyx who was dripping with water.

The young man’s movements seemed a bit strained, as if he couldn’t even hold himself up.

His fingers were slender, looking all the more fair when contrasted against his blue veins and the pink flush, like jade.

So decadent, so pitiful.

Yan Qin turned the water off, and we was coldly glared at by the still struggling person.

Arrogant and weak, the thimbleberry flower seemed about to wither again.

“Don’t touch me.”

His voice was low and hoarse, but the arms wrapped around his neck tightened as if throwing a flame down into the vast plain of dry grass, instantly erupting out in the grass and dust.

Humanity could not deny its deepest desires, that was its eternal instinct.

On the night of the 28th day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar, the snow that had stopped for respite for the last few days began to gently fall down again.

Lin Sui was both terribly cold and unbearably hot.

Yan Qin’s body temperature was very high, astonishingly scalding.

On the 29th day, it snowed.

Layer upon white layer fell outside the room, white and soft, among which a few red plums crossed the slanting branches, beautiful and unreasonably touching.

Yan Qin noted down that unknown evildoer in his mind, he didn’t know what kind of drug it was, but it was actually so torturous.

Lin Sui lost consciousness for a moment and barely managed to eat a few things after waking, then his lips pressed against Yan Qin’s cheek again.

He was a snake warmed by a high heat, coiled around his owner’s body, absorbing his strength.

The reception desk would call the internal line every day at 12 o’clock noon to ask the guests if they’d like to extend their stay.
Yan Qin only had time to give a one word answer before the phone was ripped away from him and smashed to the ground.

The malicious temper of the young man who had lost his reason became more and more unconcealed and filled with hostility.

But Yan Qin felt that he was cute and charming like this, not realising how beyond saving this way of thinking was.

After the 29th came New Year’s Eve, the night of the lunar New Year.

Both sides of the street were lonely and deserted.
This was the commercial district, but it was almost New Year’s, so the vast majority of the shops had closed for the night, and the usual scene of people coming and going was nowhere to be seen.
There were only a few people walking through the deep snow every once in a while, leaving footprints behind.

A cellphone rang out in the spacious room, vibrating incessantly.

The young man leaning back against the floor-set bed pulled his attention back from the person in front of him, his beautiful face filled with annoyance.

“Lin Sui, it’s your phone.”

Yan Qin’s voice was low and husky as he spoke somewhat helplessly.

The young man’s eyes were momentarily blank, then became a lot clearer.
He frowned and pushed him away, walking over.

The cellphone had been thrown inside the bathroom, and Lin Sui rummaged through his clothes to find it, looking at the caller ID.

“Hello, mom.”

His voice was strangely hoarse, making the person on the other side worry.

“What’s wrong, baby? Are you sick? Today is the 30th, why haven’t you come back? We’re all waiting for you at home.
Your agent said you finished filming two days ago, why aren’t you home yet?”

“Something happened, I won’t go back.
I’ll go back on the first.”

Lin Sui spoke ambiguously, licking the bloody scabs from the bites on his lips.

The person on the other side still asked him a few things, but Lin Sui couldn’t hear them very well any more.

“Yeah, I have a fever… I took some medicine.”

“You don’t need to come for me.”

“I’m going to sleep.”

The phone was hung up, and Lin Sui leaned on the sink, lazily saying: “Yan Qin, get the hell in here.”

The cellphone lay alone inside the hollow sink, and the automatically-defogging mirror honestly reflected the world.

It was New Year’s Eve on the night of the 30th.

After midnight, it was the New Year.

This was the first time Yan Qin had stayed up to see the New Year with someone else after his family passed away.

However, in another way, he was indeed ‘staying up for the New Year’ alone.

As far as Yan Qin was concerned, this was a special New Year.

He discarded any thoughts, drowsing, as peace and happiness overflowed from the depths of his soul.

The warmth and softness in his arms surpassed the entire world.

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