break away from the Yan family’s suppression that way, but he would fall into his hands instead and, as far as Yan Qin was concerned, that wasn’t necessarily better than staying with the Yan family, maybe it was worse.

That sounded pretty good, in that case it shouldn’t matter if his actions were a little eager.

Lin Sui cheerfully changed his destination, saying: “Turn around first, I’ll have someone check where Yan Zong is, we’ll go meet him.”

The System was a little suspicious, how could Lin Sui be doing as he was told?

There must have been something strange about it.
The System decided to warn Lin Sui again to not do anything unnecessary.

Lin Sui: [Am I not doing what you told me to do? What are you afraid of?]

Lin Sui told the System with a smile: [Because I suddenly discovered that your instructions were incredibly wise.]

If the System had a body, it would have goosebumps all over, looking at Lin Sui made it feel more and more uneasy.

The System: [Flattery is useless, don’t think I will be lenient towards you.]

Lin Sui praised it: [I’m just telling the truth, that’s all.
I’ll do exactly as you said, that way I will be Yan Qin’s saviour, his benefactor, his light and redemption, he will certainly be deeply grateful towards me and fall hopelessly in love with me.
You’re really a pretty good matchmaker.]

What did it mean to have a guilty conscience? Exactly this.

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The light blue bead inside his mind seemed to go out of control, surging with rays of light.

The System’s angry voice shook uncontrollably: [Don’t even think about it! You don’t deserve to get involved with him at all! It’s because of you that he’s like this! He was supposed to be a hero revered by thousands, it was you who wrecked his cultivation and stole his dao bone!]

It was precisely in order to prevent this sort of situation from happening that, at the time of placing Lin Sui’s soul, the Will of Heaven specifically picked malicious characters, and in addition demanded Lin Sui not to go against the character’s design.

Lin Sui came to atone, not to be redeemed.
The Will of Heaven absolutely did not want what happened before to happen again, Lin Sui was too deceitful.

Faced with the System’s criticism, Lin Sui’s expression didn’t waver at all.

He asked: [If I was the protagonist, then wouldn’t my actions be called a reversal of fate?]

The System looked down on him: [You simply don’t deserve to be the protagonist if your type of reversal of fate requires hurting others.]

Lin Sui: [I don’t want to be the protagonist, I just want to live! Should I just surrender to the shackles placed on me at birth and wait for death? Just become others’ cultivation tool and plaything? There was only one Tianling dao bone, he would still have been able to cultivate again, I couldn’t.
When I cut out his dao bone, I made a Heart’s Demon Oath, in case I succeeded, no matter how he dealt with me, I only ever wanted to live like a normal person and not become a tool.
Even if it was like this, would it still be no good?]

Lin Sui never wanted to be the protagonist, he just wanted to be strong, but why couldn’t he?

Lin Sui thought, he didn’t hate Yan Qin, even if it was clear that he always had bad intentions.

A person like him should be the villain, because he was jealous.
If he had been given a normal body to cultivate with, he wouldn’t have done it, but there was never an ‘if’.
He exhausted every method and was unable to change his body, so he had no other choice but to steal.

He didn’t try to embellish his actions and recognised his own despicable-ness, and now his current end was also as a result of his greed.

But if he had to do it once again, he would still do it.
Even if there was only a very small chance of success, he would not let it slip by.

The System wasn’t sure how to respond to his interrogation, it paused for a moment, and spoke: [This is Karma1.]


Lin Sui laughed loudly.
The driver in the front shuddered all over when he heard that horrifying laughter, and kept driving as though he hadn’t heard anything.

Lin Sui had never believed in any bullshit Karma, when his life was first held in the wrong he tried to crawl out of the pit covered in mud but was beaten down, there was always someone using this excuse.

The System hesitated for a moment and spoke: [How about you don’t interfere with the matter of the Son of Fortune’s mother at first, and wait until the Son of Fortune is in a critical situation to give him your assistance again.]

Lin Sui knew what it was afraid of, it was afraid that Yan Qin would fall in love with him.
He also didn’t want to see this kind of outcome, so he had to do this even more.

Lin Sui: [Do all of you at the mighty Will of Heaven also change the morning’s orders by the evening2?]

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The System was silent, pretending it hadn’t said anything just now.

The head of the Yan family was a little surprised at Lin Sui’s visit, he knew Yan Zhou had sent the other out yesterday and didn’t really approve, so he was planning on letting a few days pass before bringing Yan Qin back home.
He hadn’t thought the Lin family’s brat would find out much, but now he had dropped in for a visit with the intention of packing up the mother and child duo and taking them away.

“Isn’t this a little inappropriate? Young Lin, if you wish for my son to accompany you, I’ll let him stay a few more days.
Is there really a need for this?”

“A two percent share of the profits for the tunnel project.”

Lin Sui didn’t feel like wrangling this old bastard, so he directly threw out his chips.

Yan Zong’s eyes flashed.
He really deserved to be called the Lin family’s little master, spending money so generously, a two percent share of the tunnel project was in the hundreds of millions.
He still wanted to say a few more words, but Lin Sui was a little impatient.

“If Yan Zong is unwilling, I’ll just leave.”

Lin Sui’s reputation on the outside was that of a person who liked to change his face and was not easy to get along with.
Yan Zong couldn’t let the gold mine in front of him fly away, so he immediately continued the discussion.

Lin Sui left as soon as he obtained the exact information.
When he returned to the residence, Yan Qin had already returned and was reading a book on the first floor.

“Come up, help me tidy up a few things.”

Lin Sui stood on the second floor, and waved towards him.

Yan Qin went into the room and saw several dog toys scattered all over the place, chew-toys, stuffed animals, frisbees…..
all of which must have belonged to that German shepherd, Wuyun.

“Pick them up, and put them in the box.”

Lin Sui leisurely and calmly sat on a chair, watching as Yan Qin silently tidied up the things.
He stooped to pick up a leash, and gestured towards Yan Qin.

“These were all of Wuyun’s favourite things, take them and bury them in the back garden…..” Lin Sui tossed the leash in his hands into the box, and laughed softly, “You’re a lot more costly compared to Wuyun, I bled out a large amount today for your sake, so you need to be more sensible than it was, understand?”

Lin Sui’s words carried an implicit meaning, and the expression in his eyes was profound.

His arrogant attitude made Yan Qin’s heart palpitate for no reason at all.



1 宿命 Karma, fate, predestination.
Destiny as decided by the universe.
The concept that the actions in your past life affect your next, that all actions have consequences, and the occurrences of fortune and misfortune are self-fulfilling cycles. Top.

2 朝令夕改 lit.
the order by night changed.
To make unpredictable changes, a metaphor for the capriciousness of a decree, position, or idea. Top.

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