Ch 38 – Newest Top Celebrity x Washed Up Film Emperor: This Can Be Broadcast

The sound of urgent knocking came through the door, followed by the voice of someone calling for Xu Shuangxing.

Inside the room, the young man on the bed moved.

Leather shoes that let out a subtle sound as they stepped down on the floor, a head of dishevelled, inky hair, and skin that looked a pale pink colour under the lights.

Liu Buqun looked at the screenwriter, completely at a loss.
He didn’t know if he should call for them to stop, this segment was already completely different from the script, moreover, such large-scale straightforwardness would make it very hard to pass the review1!

He couldn’t make out what Lin Sui was thinking, but as he looked at the atmosphere of the two actors in the scene he felt that it would be such a pity to tell them to stop, so he could only continue watching.
If it really didn’t work, they could just film again.

Inside the shot, the good-looking young man walked towards the handsome tall man laying on the ground while undoing his buttons.

But he only did that, and didn’t take off his clothes.
Even the shirt that had slid down to his forearms was pulled up as he crouched in front of the man.

When he crouched, he also grabbed a small pair of scissors left on the table and brandished it a few times under the light.

“You want to live, don’t you?”

“Do you want to call for help?”

The young man’s finger slid down the man’s face, until it arrived at his Adam’s apple.

The detective who had landed in this predicament gulped unconsciously, causing his throat to feel a slight itch due to the touch on his neck.

There was hatred and defiance on his face, and his eyes were like two cold stars.

“I’ll give you two choices for being so clever, do you want your throat to be slit, or your heart to be stabbed?”

The young man’s voice was gentle, but it carried unconcealed malice.

He seemed to have taken a great interest in the man’s Adam’s apple, even fondling it admiringly, playing around with it as he gently rubbed and pressed it.

Outside the camera, Liu Buqun excitedly pulled in the shot, filming a close-up of the fingers and the neck.

The shot clearly did not include the two protagonists’ faces, but it gave people an extremely special visual stimulation.

Yan Qin was actually a man who was earnestly stimulated by his senses, if he hadn’t been a decent actor he would have broken down by now, for no other reason than the fact that Lin Sui’s actions were too ambiguous, and they made his throat itch terribly.
Fortunately, he couldn’t talk later in the scene, otherwise he definitely would have been exposed when he said his lines.

He and Lin Sui were very close, and he could clearly see Lin Sui’s bare chest which was not revealed in the shot, white and pink, and the vague lines of his abdominal muscles.

He couldn’t avert his gaze, the scene would be ruined if he changed his expression.
Yan Qin could only watch like this out of his sense of professionalism, and be forced to smell the faint, warm fragrance coming from Lin Sui’s body.
It wasn’t the smell coming from that prop sachet, it was particularly special, Yan Qin didn’t know how to describe it.

At this moment, the actor outside the door had finished saying his lines, and was getting ready to open the door to continue with the next part of the performance.

As the door moved slightly, the expression of the young man holding the scissors changed slightly, then his eyes turned and he pressed himself on top of the man laying on the floor, letting out some ambiguous sounds.

His lowered voice was barely audible, but the rising sounds at the end had a somewhat seductive feel.

The sound was not loud, but it really left everyone dumbfounded.

The cameraman looked at the director, blinking frantically.

Can this be broadcast? Can this be broadcast?

Liu Buqun looked at the scene in the camera thoughtfully.
The young man’s clothes were intact, and the expression on his face could even be described as annoyed.
This expression would normally be unacceptable for Liu Buqun, but given the current situation, it turned out to feel appropriate.

This kind of expression formed a contrast against his actions, and it was also a way to show the character’s nature.
Although Lin Sui’s acting skills were a bit bad, he still had talent and ideas.

The actor outside the door was also stunned, this wasn’t written in the script, but the plot was mostly similar.
He was also an experienced actor, so he quickly adjusted the expression on his face, revealing a shocked and hurried look, and continued to act.

Liu Buqun continued pulling the shot, filming a close-up of Xu Shuangxing’s shocked, bewildered, and astonished expression, and then moved the lens.

Not bad, Yan Qin had been in retirement for a few years, but his acting skills were still excellent.

But Liu Buqun didn’t know that Yan Qin’s expression in that moment was really not an act, but rather genuine bafflement.

That voice drilled straight into his ears, and the person pressing against him was soft and fragrant, but this person was Lin Sui, whom he didn’t like because he had malice towards him, so the beautiful person turned into a beautiful snake.

Yan Qin could totally push the young man on top of him away, but in the scene he was in a state of ‘complete powerlessness’, so the resistance he acted out was very weak, as if there was a vacuum around the young man’s body.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he seemed to have heard the young man’s low laugh.

Before he had time to think about it carefully, the young man’s voice suddenly got urgent, as if he was finding it hard to bear and letting out sobs.

It was as if a tiny snake had travelled from his ears into his heart, producing indescribable palpitations.

Yan Qin’s body burned all over, he wanted to cover Lin Sui’s lips so he wouldn’t let out another sound, but a confusing scene flashed through his mind.
A narrow waist, a swaying golden chain, distorted lights and shadows reflected by the water surface, and the young man’s face like a spring flower.

The appearance of Lin Sui’s performance just now flit across his mind again, with its vile provocations and haughty calling-out turning the unexpected idea of becoming his dog and plaything into something absurd.
The sudden accent of his voice seemed like a hammer, beating against Yan Qin’s nerves.

His mood was turbulent and strange, and Yan Qin inwardly adjusted his breathing.
The scene that had suddenly appeared in his mind vanished like flickering light and passing shadows, and it was hard to find traces of it again.

He had never met Lin Sui before, so that lingering feeling was probably a momentary illusion.

He had already broken character, but he quickly got back into the scene.

Seeing the fierce battle inside, the person outside the room smiled and left.
Inside the room, the young man reverted to his previous appearance, restraining his voice and pressing the scissors against the man’s neck, preparing to slice down.

But within a few moments, the sound of hurried footsteps came from outside again.

Although the assistant wanted to mock Xu Shuangxing at first for letting go of all restraint like that, he quickly realised something was wrong.
He became suspicious since Xu Shuangxing was probably not that kind of person, plus, the sounds he heard just now were coming from one person only, Xu Shuangxing was silent, so he immediately turned back.

Upon realising he was about to be exposed, Ruan Qingqu quickly and ruthlessly stabbed at Xu Shuangxing, but fortunately the man that had become powerless from having smelled that drug regained a bit of strength, and was barely able to turn his body.

Lin Sui stabbed the spot where Yan Qin’s blood bag was tied, then hastily jumped out the window.

Liu Buqun was at a loss again.
The last part of the performance was flawed again, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong, however, since it went the way that he had planned it, nothing should have seemed wrong.

“Cut, let’s film the last part again!”

As a result, Lin Sui started over.

Liu Buqun still felt like something was wrong, so he re-did it again.

Still wrong.
Liu Buqun simply moved the plot forward and reversed it a little, having Lin Sui do it again after stabbing Yan Qin.

After repeating it five times, Liu Buqun became more and more irritated, and Lin Sui’s expression also looked more and more irritated.

“This just feels wrong, ah, where is it wrong…”

Liu Buqun muttered to himself, tightly knitting his brows.

“The people and the scene are a bit in disharmony, let’s try it a different way.”

Yan Qin made a suggestion from the side.
It wasn’t that Lin Sui’s performance was bad, but his expression and actions just conflicted with the whole story.

His appearance didn’t look like that of someone escaping after attempting murder, he actually looked like someone running out in a hurry after being caught having an affair.
The scene of the beauty amidst the flowers and under the moonlight2 had a hidden, alluring feeling even if it was adjusted to a dark tone, which was out of tune.

Liu Buqun nodded and decided to do it that way.

Seeing as how he was only required to show his back to the camera, Lin Sui stood in place for the wide shot with a sullen face, and buttoned up his shirt during the break.

Yan Qin’s gaze unwittingly landed on Lin Sui.
Lin Sui had just jumped from the window a few times, so his face was slightly red, and his lowered eyes as he closed up his clothes had a bit of a sense of retrospective elegance.

Yan Qin frowned, what was he thinking? He was probably led astray by Lin Sui’s appearance just now.

Just as he was about to look away, he happened to meet Lin Sui’s eyes.

They carried a bit of an indifferent, disdainful look, like he was filled with impatience and apathy towards everything around him, and it had a subtle resemblance to the feeling the young man sitting on the bed and ordering him around gave him, though it was a bit different.

Yan Qin’s opinion of him changed a bit, his acting skills might not have been top-notch, but he still had some understanding.

This scene was filmed over and over again for three or four hours, after it finally came to an end, Lin Sui spoke towards Liu Buqun: “Director, remember to ask the dubbing master to change the tone of voice where I changed the scene.”

Liu Buqun nodded, he knew this, of course, he understood Ruan Qingqu better than Lin Sui.

“This scene change was still a success, but don’t go blindly changing the next ones.”

Liu Buqun felt that it was normal for Ruan Qingqu, who lived under the control of others, to react that way when he had the chance to control another’s life, which made this character even more distinct.

“Do you think my performance was pretty good just now?”

Lin Sui buttoned up his shirt and smiled at Liu Buqun, even his impatience for the repeated NGs just now had disappeared.

Liu Buqun’s face was stiff, he was unwilling to praise him, but still had to admit it: “It was fine, really.”

“Did you hear that?” Lin Sui turned to his manager, Fu Nai, and raised his chin, proudly saying, “Write an article saying director Liu praised my outstanding acting skills.”

Fu Nai: ………

Why was his self-filter getting stronger and stronger?

Liu Buqun spoke with a dark face: “I didn’t say you were outstanding!”

“Really? Anyway, you complimented me.”

Lin Sui spoke, not in the least concerned.

This was clearly an especially domineering scene of inverting black and white, but inexplicably, the people at the scene felt like this flower vase didn’t seem to be so horrid, he was even a little cute.

Fu Nai moved quickly.
They had just finished filming the first scene, and by noon, the article bragging about his acting skills had just come out.

@Honey Peach Black Dragon: Excuse me? I didn’t read wrong, right? Liu Buqun said Lin Sui’s acting was good, and he was perfect for his movie?

@Baili Shouyue Can’t Aim: So scary, the three most outrageous things in the world are: the sun rising from the West and setting in the East, dry land existing at the bottom of the seafloor, and Lin Sui having acting skills.

@Chili Fried Meat: I really beg Lin Sui’s company to use their brains a little and stop marketing these things, a flower vase must have a flower vase’s self-awareness, okay? Isn’t marketing him as having acting skills hilarious? Originally, actors needed acting skills, but now truly anyone can be called an actor.

@Peace Year After Year: Director Liu commented on Lin Sui’s outstanding acting skills on the spot, ah this, is to the point even Suisui’s wife-fans want to face palm when they hear it, you just need to market your flourishing beauty, you don’t need to market your acting!

The internet was basically full of ridicule, there were still good things being said, but there were plenty of bad things.

What a resource guy3, marketing monster, hurry up and get out of the industry if you can’t act.

The reason Lin Sui became a top celebrity wasn’t only because he had a large quantity of fans, but because he also had a large quantity of unrelenting anti-fans.

The main comments praising Lin Sui were actually not that bad, but they were all washed out by anti-fans.

@Swallows Return to the Forest4: Actually, he still has a bit of understanding, it’s not that bad.

@Lin Sui Get Out of the Industry: Lmfao, from where can you get the impression that he has understanding, his new position of washing the floor5?

Yan Qin was eating lunch when he saw his phone being lit by dozens of messages chasing to curse him, and he was at a loss.
He’d only left a message in passing, it wasn’t like he’d wanted to help Lin Sui argue.

He was about to log out when he saw a new private message.

@It’s Suisui Ya6: Sister, don’t fear, you’re so brave.
Those who help Suisui are family, do you want to join the group?

Before Yan Qin could even send out his rejection message, he was directly pulled into the group chat.

@It’s Suisui Ya: In case you answer when I’m not there, I just pulled you in first.
You can leave whenever you want.

Yan Qin read the note with the group name, ‘Lin Sui’s Husbands Group’, and fell silent.

Yan Qin was about to leave the group when he saw Lin Sui walking over out of the corner of his eye, so he put his phone away with an inexplicably guilty conscience.

Yan, I’m treating you to some fruit.”

Lin Sui sat facing Yan Qin, and put down a box of grapes in front of him.



The author has something to say: The Lin Sui’s Husbands Group chats every day, thinking about how to stir-fry7 their wife.

Yan-ge: ???

It’s just that perhaps the real one got mixed up with the fakes [points finger]


1 Just in case anyone is unfamiliar, in China, films and dramas have to get the go-ahead to air from the National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) who are basically the ones in charge of censoring everything.
The NRTA sets the standards for what can and can’t be filmed, and calls for changes to be made to a work when anything is deemed unfit for broadcasting. Top.

2 A figure of speech describing romantic surroundings. Top.

3 資源咖 Meaning an actor who keeps getting offers for roles despite having bad acting skills. Top.

4 燕歸於林 The ‘yan’ character in Yan Qin’s name can also mean a swallow bird. Top.

5 While it can be ‘washing the floor’ in a literal sense, it’s also often used to mean covering up evidence for things you’ve done. Top.

6 是歲歲呀 Lol not entirely sure how to tl this username but the ‘sui sui’ it uses usually means something like ‘year after year’ and it’s commonly said in stuff like new year’s well-wishes, but I kept it in pinyin since it’s clearly a Lin Sui fangirl account. Top.

7 Creating a media/marketing blitz, which is advertising and promotion on a very large, very fast scale. Top.

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