Ch 35 – Second Generation Ancestor x Illegitimate Child: His Wish Came True

In the past few days, the threshold of the door to the Lin family home was worn down by people’s footsteps, it was much more lively than a few years ago when Lin Sui was the top scorer in the college entrance exam.

The Lin family was all numb on the inside, looking at Lin Sui like he was some kind of rare treasure.

The person being gawked at was actually at ease, sitting with one leg crossed over the other, leisurely eating sliced fruit, looking no different from that silkpants he was before.

Lin Min was proud of this success: “I just knew my brother was capable of great things.”

“As expected of my uncle, I can take part in Si Fang’s beta test for those holographic online games ah.
You’re too cool, uncle!”

His nephew Qingqing rushed over to butter him up, selectively forgetting about his past shadow.

If this were the first time, others may thing that it was impossible, but Lin Sui had already done this, doing great things without saying a word, so while it was unfamiliar at first, they became accustomed to it soon enough.
Plus, Lin Sui himself had that calm and collected appearance, he didn’t speak about his hardships or challenges, he just looked indifferent, so other people also wouldn’t make a fuss in front of him, but still got excited when they turned around.

The shock and transformation of the industry involved a number of fields, and everyone with experience saw that he and Tian Qi didn’t get along since, although he didn’t say so explicitly, stopping the collaboration made his stance clear, so many people saw the wind and set the helm1.

Lin Min didn’t know what happened between Yan Qin and Lin Sui to lead to this mess, but when she wanted to ask about it, Lin Sui brought up another topic, so it seemed like he didn’t want to talk and Lin Min didn’t say anything again.

But when she saw Yan Qin at a dinner party, she had a bit of a guilty conscience.
After all, they were the ones that stopped cooperating first, so Tian Qi’s current predicament could be said to have been 90% caused by them.
She originally thought that Yan Qin would glare at her, but she hadn’t thought that Yan Qin would smile at her courteously in the process of hurriedly greeting her, just as he had before.

She even felt that it was even more sincere, hss… even more terrifying.

Yan Qin had been busily rushing about these past few days, but his mood wasn’t terrible, he even had some energy flowing all throughout his body.

“Old Yan, you’ve been working around the clock for a week already, just rest for a bit,” Chu Feng saw Yan Qin’s bloodshot eyes and his tired but high-spirited appearance and, feeling nervous, let out a deep sigh, then grabbed him and pushed him to rest inside the office, “Hurry, go sleep.”

The predicament Tian Qi was currently facing was more than just the breaking of their funding chain and the stopping of multiple projects, there was still the problem of staff turnover, other companies were frantically poaching talents, and although Si Fang hadn’t interfered, Chu Feng still couldn’t avoid being upset.

“Young master Lin pulled the carpet out from under us and put us in this situation.”

“Okay, let’s not talk about this.”

Tao Ting pinched the space between her brows.
Although there was resentment in her heart, she knew this matter was from Yan Qin being crazy before and keeping people like caged birds.
The Lin family’s prince was proud and arrogant, so it was impossible for him to not come back and retaliate once he’d managed to escape, but what she didn’t expect was that Lin Sui was actually Si Fang’s backer.
All other things aside, she was a bit impressed by this.

“He was no good to Old Yan before, and now…”

Chu Feng was very annoyed, he didn’t know what Yan Qin had done, and Tao Ting only knew what she was able to discover from carefully looking into the Blue Butterfly security system.

Yan Qin interrupted Chu Feng’s words, correcting him: “He was very good to me before.”

Looking back now, he could tell something was wrong.
Lin Sui was particularly harsh and unreasonable, but underneath that overbearing front, there was actually absolute protection.

Chu Feng was unhappy: “You’ve just been seduced by him.”

“His reputation aside, it’s inevitable for other people not to notice.
Sometimes for many things, it’s not about seeing what a person says, but rather what they do.”

Yan Qin didn’t want to argue, he simply stated the facts.

Anyway, it was enough for him to know that the young master was good, he didn’t need to care about how others saw it, he cherished him.

Yan Qin rested for a few hours, then got back up and continued working in order to live up to the young master’s teachings and work.

Lin Sui observed all of Yan Qin’s great efforts.

He didn’t blindly suppress and obstruct him, although he was a whetstone, he couldn’t just directly let that knife break.

Plus, Tian Qi’s current circumstances weren’t optimistic, but he was still connected to the top and still in the very important beta testing stage for the system, so his superiors wouldn’t tell him to throw it all out in any case.
These days, Lin Sui had just received suggestions which made him stop before going too far.

Lin Sui mentioned to his most recent collaboration partners that it was almost the lunar New Year’s Eve, so it would be good to see everyone celebrating.

As a result, the pressure on Tian Qi lightened a bit.
Lin Sui heard that Yan Qin had to break off his tail and sell off a portion of his technology for funds.
Some people said it was a pity, knowledge is wealth after all, and even if he’d gotten a high price for it, Yan Qin had sold it cheap and maybe even found himself a competitor.

But Lin Sui just smiled and didn’t make any comments.

If that had been his life’s hard work which could not be surpassed, then naturally it would be a sacrifice, but if it was just the beginning, and Yan Qin was using it as a way to gain a foothold, how could it be cheap? Although breaking off one’s tail to survive was a last resort, sometimes it was also a trick.

It snowed in Jingzhou during the Little New Year2, and it continued snowing until New Year’s Eve.

The Lin family had many people, and this year they also had many happy occasions.
Not only did Lin Sui’s company rise to fame, Lin Min had also gotten engaged, so the night of New Year’s Eve was particularly lively.

Lin Sui drank a lot of wine during the banquet, and only took out his cellphone when he was half-drunk, finding a call and message from an hour ago.

The phone numbers Lin Sui gave people were not all the same, and only a few people could get through to him on this one.

The puppy saw that he wasn’t picking up the phone, so he left him a message.

Lin Sui dealt with the relatives that came to greet him, went downstairs, crossed the courtyard, and arrived at the rear gate of the garden.

A tall figure stood there with snow on his shoulders, looking like a statue.

He moved only when he saw Lin Sui approaching.

“A-Sui, happy New Year’s Eve.”

As Yan Qin’s lips moved, the chilly weather made his breath come out in wisps of white air.

“Happy New Year’s Eve,” Lin Sui saw his nose was red from the cold and paused, saying, “Did you want to give me something?”

Yan Qin took out a food box from his coat, presenting it to Lin Sui like an offering and opening in front of him.

“It’s a tradition in my family to eat dumplings to celebrate the New Year, these should still be hot, I made the fresh shrimp stuffing you like.”

There were plump dumplings squeezed together inside the insulated box, but they had been out for a long time and were inevitably a little wilted and not as fresh as when they came out of the pot.
There was also chillies on the side, and since Lin Sui couldn’t stand sour things and never ate vinegar, Yan Qin did not prepare any vinegar sauce either.

Yan Qin held the box up with both hands, waiting for Lin Sui to grab the chopsticks and taste them.

Though the snowy wind blew his hair into a mess, he still had that reserved and noble appearance, but he looked at Lin Sui with a slightly foolish look.

Lin Sui stared at him and was a bit stunned for a while.

In the last world, there had been a period of time where Yan Qin kept avoiding him, and he thought that his thoughts had been exposed and that the other had been disgusted.
When he was planning to leave, Yan Qin stuck a magical black jade hairpin into his hair a little embarrassedly, saying that he was invited to a Daoist binding ceremony a few days ago, and just then learnt that Dao companions are supposed to give each other tokens of affection.
He then made this magical hairpin, but unfortunately his hands were clumsy and it took him several days to make.

Before that Yan Qin used his hands to hold his sword, so how could he ever hold a carving knife to make those elaborate runes?

Yan Qin’s eyes had been the same back when he’d offered him that gift as they were now, only this time he was even more cautious.

“You don’t want to eat? That’s okay, I’ll put it away first.”

Yan Qin saw that Lin Sui didn’t move, but still smiled.

When he was going to put the box away, Lin Sui grabbed the chopsticks and brought a dumpling to his mouth.

The young man had red lips and white teeth, and the redness of his cheeks, which were flushed from the alcohol, became more and more bewitching as he was frozen by the snow.

He should have looked like a demon in a snowy night, but at this moment he was eating leisurely.

Yan Qin also didn’t move, and watched him eat quietly.

Lin Min and her fiancé were just taking in some fresh air by the window and inadvertently glimpsed this scene, covering their mouths.

Amidst the sky filled with swirling snow, outside the back gate of the garden, two shadows faced each other silently, undisturbed by the bustling clamour behind them.

Lin Sui stopped after eating five dumplings, there were still seven or eight left inside the box.

Yan Qin put the box away and used a napkin to wipe his lips, then gestured at him with his hands.

“Young master, go inside, the wind and snow are heavy out here.”

Lin Sui looked down, turned around, and walked towards the bustling mansion.

He touched his throat, an unknown loneliness on his face, and went into the house, he then collected himself and went to grab something to eat.

He had just been so absorbed in drinking that he hadn’t eaten much, he’d just had a little something to fill him up.
Plus, he could have finished eating those dumplings just now if he’d wanted to, but he still had to leave some for a certain kind dog, otherwise he would have been left staring at an empty box, and the satisfaction of his heart could not have made up for the one of his stomach.

Lin Sui’s guess was right.
Yan Qin ate the leftover dumplings when he got in the car, and the smile on his face did not fade away.

Even if Lin Sui had just eaten and left without even a word, Yan Qin could feel that perhaps Lin Sui didn’t say anything because he was touched.

That blank face he had on as he chewed the food made Yan Qin’s heart ache a bit.
He didn’t know why, clearly Lin Sui had been raised with all kinds of love and affection, but he always felt like that really wasn’t the case.

Yan Qin watched the Lin family’s lights for a while, then drove away.

Yan Zhou and his mother had been sent abroad by Yan Wenhao, and he had sent Yan Wenhao to retire in the countryside, so there was no one left to make trouble.

New Year’s Eve passed and it was the first lunar month, and after the holiday, everything was as lively as before.

As for the limelight, it was still on Si Fang Technology, but not everyone could get a holographic cabin and currently they had only produced a hundred, everyone coveted it very much, but they couldn’t rush it.

There was probably still a long way to go for the age of universal holographics, but at least there was hope.

But what amazed everyone was still Tian Qi.
That rich new upstart who returned and created a storm got back on the road after cutting his tail off to survive and actually brought Tian Qi to whole new heights in just three short months.
The difficulties involved were more than could be described in just a couple of words, and this case was widely analysed by everyone and became the model example of turning crisis into success.

Everyone waited to see what the Lin family’s prince—oh, he shouldn’t be called the prince now, since he’d already ascended the family’s throne—waited to see what Lin Sui and Yan Qin did to continue their fight, but both sides actually cooperated, causing the jaws of the people keeping their eye on the show to drop with shock.

Those with inside information laughed and said, those two are old lovers.

Once Tian Qi stood firmly once again, Yan Qin couldn’t hold himself back from going to look for Lin Sui.

In these past three or four months, he had only occasionally looked at Lin Sui to relieve his yearning.
He was afraid of failing to live up to Lin Sui’s expectations, so he naturally didn’t dare to go see him much until he could be satisfied with his achievements.

When Yan Qin went to the Lin house to pay him a visit, Lin Min said: “I also don’t know where A-Sui has gone off to, but he told me that if you came to ask, I should tell you that you know where he is.”

There was curiosity all over Lin Min’s face as she wondered what kind of puzzles they were playing.

A place subconsciously emerged in Yan Qin’s mind, so he thanked Lin Min and left in a hurry.

It had already been a long time since Lin Sui lived in the small lakeside villa, but there were still servants who cleaned it daily.

The fingerprint code on the main door was still working, and when Yan Qin went inside, the living room was deserted.

The faint sound of water came from upstairs, and Yan Qin held his breath as he climbed up the stairs.

He had been 18 or 19 years old back then, and now that he came here again, the doorframe was a bit low.

A young man reclined against the spacious bathtub, like a nyx.

A thin gold chain was tied around his supple, slender waist, a strange light reflected on it by the ripples of the water.

That pendant with ‘Sui’ carved on it hung below the young man’s navel.

“Come,” Lin Sui curved his lips, “I’ll help you tie it on.”

Yan Qin tried his utmost to control his urge to disrespect him, but he also offered Lin Sui all of his greedy, dense as ink longing which he could not reveal in front of people, as if he was a believer worshipping the gods.

This time, Yan Qin that the feeling that he’d really managed to capture that butterfly.

Or perhaps, it was that arrogant butterfly who had come to rest in his palm.

That chain went through a few different places before being tied on his neck.

But there were no obstructions, Yan Qin bent his head down as he kissed Lin Sui’s raised neck.

He had been personally bound by Lin Sui again, and his wish came true.



1 Idiom that means to act pragmatically and take advantage of the situation. Top.

2 The Little New Year takes place a week before the Lunar New Year, its also known as a festival of the Kitchen God. Top.

TN: Showbiz arc up next I’m excited y’all.

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