Ch 34 – Second Generation Ancestor x Illegitimate Child: Absolutely Domesticated

The chair turned, revealing the young man’s fine and beautiful face.

Black hair, red lips, unsmiling yet affectionate, gentle eyes with a subtle chill, who was this if not the man Yan Qin had been longing for?

“Young master.”

Yan Qin muttered a little absent-mindedly, greedily tracing over the face of the lover whom he’d not seen in a long time, as if he wanted to penetrate through his bones into his soul.

The facts in front of him caused him to be stunned, and the shock and astonishment remained on his face for a rare moment before slowly fading.

Yan Qin never thought that the behind-the-scenes boss of Si Fang Technology was actually Lin Sui, but when he thought about it again, it made sense.
After all, Yan Qin knew Lin Sui was particularly intelligent, which could be clearly seen from the way he’d easily handled the matter of the college entrance exam back then, but he kept everything hidden under an indifferent exterior, so that people wouldn’t be suspicious.

“You should be a man of the highest virtue, of meritorious accomplishment, of deference to the king’s orders, of peace in all aspects1… I realised it too late.”

Yan Qin suddenly realised that the hint had been so obvious, but he hadn’t thought about it in that direction.

Suddenly, Yan Qin realised something again with genuine hindsight, and his eyes shone slightly.
He approached Lin Sui, half knelt in front of him, and held his hand as he looked up at him.

“Young master, you said your surname was Qin…”

Yan Qin’s breathing became urgent, and his voice was hoarse with desperate excitement as he rubbed the pendant on Lin Sui’s wrist with his fingers.

Was it Qin as in Yan Qin2?

Si Fang was established six or seven years ago, and he and the young master had already met at that time.

“Didn’t President Yan come to talk about the cooperation? Why are you acting like this?”

Lin Sui did not respond to Yan Qin’s words, a shallow smile of indistinguishable emotions on his face, and he took his hand out from Yan Qin’s grasp.

The mist and clouds that shrouded Lin Sui’s emotions always made it hard for one to pin down what he truly felt beneath the surface, so Yan Qin panicked when he saw Lin Sui acting like he had nothing to do with him.

“Young master, just punish me.”

Yan Qin’s voice was hard to understand, he was still in that position of looking up at Lin Sui, his tall body casting a shadow that completely covered Lin Sui’s shadow.

That pair of star eyes revealed a bit of bewilderment and confusion, like a bereaved dog who couldn’t find anyone to rely on, looking out at people with anxiety and worry.

Lin Sui felt that the weakness he revealed in this moment was extremely charming, but now was not the time to console him.

The matter between them would not end with this.

“Let’s talk about the compensation for ending the cooperation.”

Lin Sui’s line of sight shifted to the documents on the table, and he made a call on the internal line telling Gao Jing to come in.

Yan Qin pursed his lips, looking down to cover up the pain in his eyes.

When Gao Jing came in, he saw President Yan sitting upright and still in front of his boss.
The atmosphere between the two of them was slightly stagnant, they looked at each other with equally strong auras in a vaguely tense, hostile mood.

Gao Jing was sweating on the inside, standing to the side as he listened to their discussion.

That President Yan was just as unapproachable as the rumours said, refusing to let up even an inch.

Little did Gao Jing know that this rich and powerful new upstart, who had just closed in on him at every step and left him feeling awe and fear, had been half kneeling in front of his boss just a few minutes ago, but had not received any mercy.

Yan Qin originally wanted to give in according to Lin Sui’s wishes, he wanted to make up for everything from the bottom of his heart and wouldn’t not compromise like on those normal business negotiations, but he had only just nodded when he saw Lin Sui slightly wrinkling his brows, and he knew Lin Sui wasn’t happy.
He then got rid of those thoughts and brought out a strict and business-like attitude, and sure enough he saw Lin Sui smoothing out his brows and eyes.

Yan Qin was increasingly helpless and at a loss.
He couldn’t grasp Lin Sui’s intentions, and didn’t know if this was Lin Sui’s revenge or not, but they both knew in their hearts that this was not revenge at all.
This wouldn’t be a serious loss for Tian Qi, at most it would be a loss of investment and of the chance to participate in the promising industry, but the had obtained compensation for this loss.

Did he want to make a clean break from him and not see him again?

Yan Qin became anxious on the inside, but his face was extraordinarily calm and cold as he signed his name on the contract Gao Jing handed him.

Only then did Lin Sui reveal a genuine smile, watching the big dog being teased and running around in circles, extremely anxious, and extended an invitation.

“I’m having a minor surgical operation, want to go with me?”

He didn’t call him President Yan or Mr.
Yan, and his attitude was very carefree, which caused Yan Qin to be overjoyed, but he soon became concerned about the details of Lin Sui’s words.

“Are you sick? Are you feeling unwell? Why are you getting an operation?”

For a moment Yan Qin thought Lin Sui might have fallen ill during the time he didn’t see him, but the next moment he wondered if that time when he had imprisoned Lin Sui had caused his body to be unwell, his mood was complicated and his thoughts in a whirl.

Gao Jing knew about Lin Sui’s operation, after all, he and Fang Yuwei were the ones that had watched the operation originally, it was just that Yan Qin’s attitude gave the impression that he was an old acquaintance of his boss, but his behaviour just now wasn’t quite like that.

But Gao Jing wouldn’t ask much about his boss’ affairs, he simply spoke from the side: “It’s already been arranged, boss, you can go now.”

“It’s just a small operation, you’ll know in a moment.”

Lin Sui beckoned towards Yan Qin and headed for the door, tilting his head to look at Yan Qin as he said this, a deeper implication hidden in his eyes.

In the operating room, Lin Sui received local anaesthesia and sat in a chair, watching as the doctor cut his left arm open.

When the thing placed inside it was taken out, Yan Qin felt a chill in his heart from the other side of the glass.

Without shifting his gaze away, he asked Gao Jing standing next to him: “What is that?”

Yan Qin could already guess what it was, but he still found in unbelievable.

“A satellite positioning chip, the boss had it implanted about half a year ago.
We tried to tell him it was unnecessary at the time, even if the outer biotechnology protective membrane had already been repeatedly successfully tested in the lab.
But no one could change the boss’ mind no matter what we said.”

Prompted by Lin Sui’s gaze, Gao Jing told Yan Qin the inside story.
He still didn’t know why Lin Sui had played this trick, that kid Wu Qiu seemed to know, but mysteriously would not tell him.

Yan Qin’s throat dried up, and he looked straight at the young man sitting on the other side, his facial nerves stiffening.

So, from the very beginning, there was no imprisonment?

Why… do this?

The young man on the other side of the glass looked calm, indifferent to the muscle tissue that had been sliced open and sutured together beside him, and smiled slowly after meeting his gaze.

It wasn’t a large smile, barely raising the corners of his mouth, but it felt dangerous, frightening, and strangely charming.

Yan Qin’s heart palpitated, so much so that he became somewhat dazed and stunned.

Did he want to drive him crazy and see him in a sorry state again?

Yan Qin thought he understood, but he found that it seemed like he did not.

At this moment, he was prey with a snake tightly coiled around his neck, a defeated dog bewitched by a poisonous butterfly, and suddenly, in the midst of the rise and fall of his emotions, there was actually a subtle, strange, even somewhat twisted, feeling of joy.

Lin Sui had predicted him, watched him, schemed against him, waited for him to take the bait, and waited for him to sink.

Lin Sui cared about him.

Yan Qin watched Lin Sui quietly, his infatuation deeply hidden.

The surgery was short, and Lin Sui came out with gauze wrapped around his forearm in about half an hour.

His complexion was a bit pale, but his mood was actually pretty good.
He looked at them with a bit of a smile, his natural elegance and beauty making his face all the more charming, and his scorching beauty made people not dare to look too much.

Lin Sui didn’t call on Gao Jing to accompany him, and he set off side by side with Yan Qin towards a deserted corridor.

Because of the operation, that thin gold chain had been taken off by Lin Sui, and was being fiddled with in his hands.

Yan Qin wanted to ask a lot of things, about the chip, about the surname Lin Sui gave the outside world… too many questions, but they were all forgotten into the back of his mind due to Lin Sui’s actions.

He watched the movements of Lin Sui’s hands with trepidation, carefully watching the furniture in the corridor, there were no rubbish bins in the hallway, but that wasn’t necessarily true for downstairs, and even if there weren’t any down there, as long as Lin Sui wanted to throw it away, he could drop it anywhere.

“Yan Qin, do you still remember that book I used as bedtime reading back then?”

“Did you find the mistake in the data for the case on the suburban properties?”

Lin Sui stood against the light, his face half in brightness, half in shadows.

Yan Qin suddenly stopped in his steps, the emotions in his heart so complicated that his face appeared extremely calm.

“In the angel financing segment, there were a few numbers that didn’t add up later.”

Even if he’d quickly read that book seven years ago, Yan Qin still remembered it perfectly, he’d even made a copy of a few of the case studies.
That black-leather book remained fresh in Yan Qin’s memory.

At that time, he thought it was a book of the Lin family’s experiences, even if there were no traces in the world of some of the cases, but now it seemed like this was not so.

“I was still an illegitimate son then, why?”

Those chaotic, disorderly lines in Yan Qin’s mind became clearly connected in that moment.

It turns out everything could be traced back to the first time they met.

“Don’t you think this is very interesting?”

Lin Sui turned around and continued walking forwards, and the tapping sound of his leather shoes against the marble seemed to be pounding against one’s heart.

“Pick up a dog, let it keep growing its wild ambitions, and turn it into a wolf.
What a rewarding domestication process.”

The young man’s voice was splendidly pleasant to listen to, filled with indifference, a calm gentleness, and a hidden, wicked wilfulness.

Of course, this was not entirely the case, but there were some reasons that Lin Sui couldn’t talk about.

Because you are the protagonist.

Because you are Yan Qin.

“At that time I said I don’t like rubbish, so by all means, don’t disappoint me.”

Lin Sui walked towards the light.
The long hallway was gloomy, he stood in the light and turned around so that the person behind him couldn’t see his face or expression, but could only hear him sigh softly with a faint smile.

Lin Sui left, leaving Yan Qin standing there.

Yan Qin quickly understood what Lin Sui meant, because Si Fang had already begun to build momentum.

When news about holographic online games came out, they were hotly debated all around the world.

The Lin family stopped the project with Tian Qi and turned to join Si Fang.
This was actually not very profitable, but the Lin family didn’t care.

Bit by bit, Si Fang stopped all of its collaborations with Tian Qi, and everyone could see that the Lin family and Yan Qin were at odds.

Business conflicts were not a child’s game, the slightest change would affect everything else.
Meanwhile, the chain of funds for Tian Qi broke and they were trapped in a prison.

[Why did you do that? Do you want to take his fortune and make him fail?]

The System was baffled by these twists and turns of events, and it was very worried.

Lin Sui spoke casually: [The original owner existed to make trouble for Yan Qin, is it wrong for me to comply with that character design?]

[I said I was going to be the villain.]

The System warned him: [You can play tricks, but don’t do anything unnecessary!]

Lin Sui didn’t answer, but raised some vigilance in his heart.

He suddenly felt that this System didn’t seem very partial towards Yan Qin.

There were records of soul refinement techniques on jade scrolls left behind on ancient lands, and the more twists and turns and tempering that a soul experienced, the stronger and more durable the soul became.
As a result, when the great and mighty split their souls for practice, they strove to experience difficulties and hardships, since only then would they be able to forge them into steel.

Yan Qin’s remnant soul reached this point, and if everything went smoothly, its power would actually be weakened instead.

Lin Sui collected his thoughts, to the protagonist, the villain was like a whetstone.

He would become the best whetstone for Yan Qin, carefully guiding his growth.


◆◇◆The author has something to say:

The System is just like a villain, and it’s not very smart, so it’s going to eat jujube pills3.


1 A quote from “Records of the Three Kingdoms” by Chen Shou, Book of Wu, Chapter 13, Biography of Lu Xun.
The important part of the quote is the last one: 綏靖四方 suíjìng sìfāng, ‘peace’ uses the character Sui from Lin Sui’s name, and ‘all aspects’, Si Fang, is where the company gets its name from (it literally means ‘four sides’ but metaphorically it’s used as ‘everywhere’). Top.

2 It is indeed the same character, though I’m sure you already knew that 😉 Top.

3 ‘Eat jujube pills’ 吃棗藥丸 chī zǎo yào wán, is a homonym for 遲早要完 which means ‘to be done for sooner or later/to be doomed’. Top.

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