Ch 2 – Second Generation Ancestor x Illegitimate Child: Controllable

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Yan Zhou’s efficiency was faster than Lin Sui had thought, when he got home that evening, the person had already been sent over.

The young man had been tidied up, wearing an expensive white shirt, but the bruises on his face and his customary silence made him seem somewhat dejected and gloomy.

He probably had never worn these types of clothes before, the high-fashion on him gave off an out-of-place feeling.
He looked like a small rural dog that had been delicately wrapped up after being bullied and beaten up.

Lin Sui was amused by the scene in his mind and sat on the sofa, beckoning towards Yan Qin with a wave of his hand.

Yan Qin obediently walked to his side, casting a shadow above Lin Sui’s head.

“I like being looked up to.”

Lin Sui waved at Yan Qin, propping up his cheek as though he was instructing him.

Yan Qin crouched down without saying a word, his two deep black eyes quietly staring up at the young master.

“Good boy.”

Lin Sui’s face opened up into a smile, and he reached out his hand to stroke Yan Qin’s hair.

Yan Qin had a lot of stiff and stringy hair, which didn’t feel good to the touch, so Lin Sui quickly changed places and switched to scratching Yan Qin’s chin.

The fingers on the upper part of his neck were soft and delicate.
Yan Qin subconsciously tightened his jaw and clenched the fingers hanging down by the sides of his body.

In the Yan family, everybody also treated him like a wild dog, so being scorned and despised was a frequent thing, but that kind of humiliation was not quite the same as the kind provided by the young man in front of him.
People trying to tame him like a dog was more unbearable to him than being spurned like a wild dog.

The Lin family was a lot more powerful than the Yan family, he couldn’t afford to offend him for the time being and had to bear with it, Yan Qin warned himself.

“Wuyun is gone, so he is a substitute.
He can’t live worse off than Wuyun, understand?”

Lin Sui looked at the servants in the house and instructed with a smile.

The servants nodded repeatedly, each and every one trembled with fear, afraid that they would be directly fired by the young master if something in their performance wasn’t good.

Yan Qin stared at the floor with an indifferent expression, while the hands hidden at his sides clenched into fists until blue veins protruded from the back of his hands.

The System cursed him out in his mind again, and Lin Sui unhurriedly replied: [Before Wuyun died of old age, the food it ate every day was freshly airlifted meat and milk, and there were specialised doctors in charge of looking after it, so it’s status in the house was not inferior to that of the young master, it was a little master.]

[I’m giving Yan Qin better treatment than Wuyun, and you’re still not satisfied, is this called treating him badly?]

The System was speechless for a while, then spoke: [You’re humiliating him! Trampling on his dignity!]

[Do you want me to directly hold him in the palm of my hand? Wasn’t it you who told me I shouldn’t collapse my character’s image?]

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An unknown light flickered in Lin Sui’s eyes, as though he had just thought about something extremely interesting, and he said: [It’s impossible for me to hold him in my hands if I don’t want to collapse my image, but if you turn it into holding him in my bed, that would suit me much better, it just so happens that I appreciate his tool…..]

The System: [Shut up!!!]

The System puffed out like an angry cat1: [You’re not allowed to climb into his bed again!]

Lin Sui corrected: [I was the one who allowed him to climb into my bed.]

Lin Sui didn’t speak after that, because the System started electrocuting him again after he teased it.

Yan Qin sensed Lin Sui’s still atmosphere and subconsciously lifted his head to look at him, accidentally meeting the young master’s line of sight.

The young master seemed to be enduring some kind of pain, his face was bloodless and his red lips had also turned completely pale.

His eyes were clouded over, like there was a hidden monster struggling to break free, as he fixed his frantic yet stifled gaze on him.

It was a kind of indescribable feeling, Yan Qin lowered his eyes to avoid his gaze, his nerves trembling and his heart burning in a very strange way.

Yan Qin speculated that Lin Sui might have some sort of ailment involving migraines, which could be one of the reasons behind his unpredictable temper, and that he might become inexplicably angry in the next moment.

But, somewhat surprisingly, Lin Sui didn’t do anything.

He just stared at him with that look for a long moment, and slowly drank a sip of water.

A crisp sound rang out as the cup was placed back on the table, and a servant standing not far away lowered his head and trembled lightly as though he’d been frightened.

Lin Sui waited for the pain to pass, then stood up.

“Come on, baby, let’s go look at where you’ll be staying.”

Lin Sui’s fingers lightly scratched at Yan Qin’s cheek, calling for him with the same kind of affection as though he were talking to a dog, and he took him towards the second floor.

The second floor was all Lin Sui’s territory.
The master bedroom was extremely spacious, and the guest bedroom had been turned into a walk-in closet, in addition, there was a single bed next to the large master bed.

“This was the place where Wuyun slept, now it’s yours.”

Lin Sui pointed at the single bed.
The bed was originally going to be moved out today, but after Lin Sui took over this body he changed the orders and had people switch out the bedsheets instead.

“Wuyun was a very clever dog, the things it was able to do, you should be able to do as well, right?”

The words Lin Sui spoke were a question, but he didn’t seem to be asking.

Yan Qin nodded, but this also lead to the young master’s displeasure.

“Are you mute? You don’t really think you’re a dog that can’t speak human words, right?”

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“I can.”

Yan Qin squeezed the words out of his throat, his voice had already changed, so it was deep, and perhaps it had been too long since he’d last opened his mouth to speak, because it sounded somewhat hoarse.

“Well done.”

Lin Sui wanted to reward him by stroking his head, but since Yan Qin was currently standing, he could only rub his cheek.

Yan Qin obediently lowered his head, and Lin Sui smiled in satisfaction.

“Come over and sit down, I’ll help you apply medicine.”

Lin Sui was in a good mood, he grabbed a box of medicine from the cabinet and waved towards Yan Qin.

In a few hours, the purple bruises on Yan Qin’s face had become even more hideous, turning his originally handsome appearance into a tragic sight.

Yan Qin sat down on the ground, tilting his head up and allowing Lin Sui to apply medicine on him as though he were a dress-up doll, remaining motionless like a piece of wood.

Lin Sui thought he was in pain, otherwise his facial nerves wouldn’t be twitching involuntarily, but he still didn’t ease up his force, applying the medicine on Yan Qin according to his own whims.

In his last life, when he first began to seduce Yan Qin, he would often apply medicine for him.
At that time he would hide away all of his extremely despicable thoughts, pretending to be a harmless and tenacious little white flower2, and would apply medicine on Yan Qin while blowing air on it for him, filled with worry as he asked him if it hurt on not.

Just thinking about that pretentious version of himself, Lin Sui couldn’t help but laugh.

It really was too disgusting.

His cotton swab pressed against Yan Qin’s wound, and Yan Qin couldn’t stop his expression from slightly changing.

Lin Sui asked: “Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t.”

Yan Qin guessed Lin Sui’s intentions, so he answered thusly.

“If it hurts, it hurts, and if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t.
I don’t like it when others lie to me.
Does it hurt?”

Lin Sui increased the strength with which he pressed the cotton swab, and Yan Qin’s handsome face twisted slightly.

He answered with slightly gritted teeth: “It hurts.”

“I like an honest baby.”

As a reward for his conduct, Lin Sui eased up his strength and lightly blew on Yan Qin’s wound, alleviating his pain.

The cool air scattered the fragrance of the ointment in all directions, and Yan Qin felt as though some kind of tentacles crawled all over his body.
His whole body stiffened, and his fingertips felt numb.

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Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Lin Sui’s slightly puffed up red lips, and a wide expanse of porcelain-white delicate skin.

Lin Sui became impatient after applying medicine for a while, and was planning on ending today’s amusing dog game, letting Yan Qin take the ointment and go out.

Yan Qin sensed the young master’s impatience, took the medicine, and left the room.

Instead of peacefully standing still, he began to familiarise himself with the terrain and looked for the most convenient exit.

Lin Sui leaned against the soft chair, looking at the images in his computer screen, letting Yan Qin move about.

Yan Qin was too weak now, his real change would come two months later.

The reason why Yan Qin stayed in the Yan family, and didn’t leave even after suffering all kinds of humiliation, wasn’t because he wanted a share of the Yan family’s property, but rather because his mother was seriously ill.

Even though the head of the Yan family looked down on Yan Qin’s mother, Yan Qin was still his son, and he didn’t intend on letting his own blood continue wandering destitute outside, so in order to have Yan Qin stay obediently, he took the responsibility of paying for Yan Qin’s mother’s hospital bills.

According to the plot given to him by the System, Yan Qin’s mother’s illness would worsen in a few months and, when that moment came, she would be unable to recover.

With that yoke ceasing to exist, Yan Qin disappeared from the Yan family.
He studied as he started from scratch, and when he appeared in front of the Yan family once again, he was already an outstanding young entrepreneur.

Yan Zhou was a helpless silkpants3, compared to him, the head of the Yan family naturally wanted to pick Yan Qin as his heir, and that time was filled with foul wind and bloody rain4.

In the original story, Lin Sui’s original host was a stepping stone cannon fodder to be slapped in the face, responsible for causing trouble for Yan Qin after Yan Zhou was out of the picture.

But now that wasn’t going to happen, Lin Sui thought as he stretched, he didn’t want to be a cannon fodder, he wanted to be the villain.

Looking at the Yan Qin on the screen who calmly observed his surroundings, Lin Sui showed a cheerful smile.

He would make him mature faster.

That evening, Lin Sui didn’t let Yan Qin come into the room, thinking that he go would find another room to sleep in.
However, he didn’t expect that, when he opened the door, he would catch sight of the tall young man sleeping curled up at the doorway.

He had a rather surprised look in his eyes, and used his foot to kick Yan Qin’s leg.

“Why are you sleeping here?”

“You said my bed was inside.”

He was just like an obedient dog who, without his master’s orders, didn’t dare enter the room without permission, waiting for him at the doorway.

Lin Sui crouched down, cupping Yan Qin’s face in his hands and smiling sweetly: “You really know how to make me happy.”

If he didn’t know Yan Qin, he would generally think he really was a miserable wretch who liked to meekly submit to bullying and let people treat him like a dog.
But, as it so happened, he knew Yan Qin.

He thought his ability to pretend was truly not inferior to his own, and that perhaps they were the same kind of people in essence, willing to endure many things for the sake of their own goals.

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Inside his mind, the System looked down on him: [You and the Son of Fortune are definitely not the same kind of people!]

Lin Sui half-heartedly said: [ Yes yes yes, I’m a lowly selfish person, and he is hard-working and determined.]

However, he felt that his circumstances were a quite a lot better than those of Yan Qin now, after all, at that time his sweet words were fake, but the pleasure was real.

He also hadn’t been with anyone before he was with Yan Qin, so he felt very happy after seducing Yan Qin, it was only that Yan Qin who was not completely satisfied for some reason, and it would have been be better if he could have controlled the number of times.

Yan Qin came in contact with Lin Sui’s gaze, and an indescribable shiver ran through his heart.

The System finally sensed Lin Sui’s thoughts, and felt itself becoming dirty, so it spoke in a stern voice: [Don’t even think about it!]

Having had his train of thought interrupted, Lin Sui was in a rather bad mood: [I’m not even allowed to think, are you his wife?]

Lin Sui rolled his eyes, and spoke with bad intentions: [No, you’re almost like his mother.]

[Good morning, mother-in-law.]

The System: [……]

Could someone come save it?



The author has something to say:

The System is genderless, but is referred to as male for this scene.

Lin Sui: If I have a male mother-in-law, then I have a male mother-in-law

System: Quit while you’re ahead you little vixen!


1 炸毛 lit.
exploding hair.
Means hair rising in anger, evokes images of an angry cat doing the thing where the hair puffs up and their back goes like an upside down ‘U’. Top.

2 A little white flower is a beautiful person (usually a woman) who looks weak and pitiful on the outside and cries easily, but on the inside is actually vicious and scheming, so they use their appearance to gain sympathy from others. Top.

3 Basically a derogatory way to call the child of a wealthy family. Top.

4 Describes the menacing atmosphere of a scene of carnage.
A reign of terror. Top.


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