Ch 27 – Second Generation Ancestor x Illegitimate Child: Dangerously Charming

If it weren’t for taking Yan Zhou’s identity into consideration, Miss Song really wanted to throw him out of the boat at the next port and forget about him.

Yan Zhou’s disturbance had not been small, almost everyone standing around him were some of the most prestigious people in Jinzhou.
Yan Zhou’s slanderous words would soon become a laughing stock for everyone, it would be fine if he had just made a fool of himself, but he had to pull other people into it.

“It seems like you’re not too clear-headed yet, and the time you were grounded for was still short.”

Yan Qin looked towards the centre of this farce, casting a cold glance at his older half-brother who had neither grown up nor grown a brain after so many years.

This opponent was really too stupid, so much so that he wasn’t even willing to call him an ‘opponent’, he was simply an insignificant spec of dust that could be brushed away at any time.

Yan Zhou was stung by Yan Qin’s look and enraged by his words again, and his skin flushed so red it was almost purple.

He was 29 and still grounded by his old man at home, and would lose who knows how much face by admitting it, so these past few days he’d used illness as an excuse to avoid all kinds of parties.
Although he knew everyone was well aware of it, being stabbed so openly was still particularly embarrassing.

Moreover, this matter was brought up by the illegitimate child he despised most, so blood rushed to his head.

“You guys know what you did.
Lin Sui, clean-living and honest? He knew how to play around with men when he was 18 years old and put Yan Qin on his bed, who doesn’t know there was something between those two? It’s really ridiculous that he’s still pretending to be pure.”

Yan Zhou wasn’t stupid enough to reveal the matter of him drugging Yan Qin, but he had personally seen Yan Qin drink that cup of wine, so there must have been something wrong with him, maybe he’d already had a good time with Lin Sui.
These people were still cupping Lin Sui’s smelly feet in their hands, how funny.
They were all silkpants, so why did nobody doubt that Lin Sui did those things?

These words were like a bombshell, the impact was even higher compared to his words just earlier, making it so that no one in the crowd dared to speak.

Those who didn’t understand didn’t dare to talk nonsense, while those who knew the inside story from that time found it even harder to speak.
After all, Yan Qin really did spend some time by Lin Sui’s side back then, and everyone knew Yan Qin was Lin Sui’s dog.
So much so that, at that time, Yan Zhou had a falling out with Lin Sui because he had protected Yan Qin.

But the current Yan Qin was different from the past, and no one dared bring that up again.
Some people didn’t even dare think about it too much, for fear that one day they would blurt out their thoughts and cause an incident.

Miss Song glared at Yan Zhou, extremely angry and aggrieved.
This was her big day, why did he have to annoy both the Yan and Qin families?

“The way you say it, it’s like you were laying under my bed and heard what was going on.”

Lin Sui stood up from the chair, looking at Yan Zhou’s face with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile.

Lin Sui’s eyes swept over the floor extremely quickly, and finally relaxed when he didn’t see anything unusual.
His movements were vague enough that nobody paid attention, though everyone was watching the expression on his face.

Although he was smiling, that smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes.
It wasn’t the look of a smiling tiger1, and it made people’s hearts began to freeze.

Lin Sui walked towards Yan Zhou, and the people in front of him all moved out of the way.
Lin Sui was taller than Yan Zhou, so he looked down at him.

“Illegitimate children are really things that are better kept under the table, meant to be despised since birth, but it’s not like they can decide whose womb to be born inside of, and there are limits to what they can do.”

“I said it before, if you have resentment, you can go chop off the two taels of meat under your old man.
What kind of nonsense are you speaking here, you’re trash yourself, and you still can’t see that others are outstanding?”

The first half of Lin Sui’s sentence really offended people, although everyone more or less had the same thoughts, in the struggle for power, morality is not what determines how much one gains.
In addition, many of the guests present had children born out of wedlock.
However, they felt much better again when they heard the last part of Lin Sui’s words.

Lin Sui didn’t care if those listening were happy or not, and he wasn’t finished speaking.

“I’ll be a good guy today and help you wash your mouth for free,” Lin Sui cast a glance into the vast sea, smiling calmly and saying, “We’d better use this natural, vast place.”

“Tie him up for me, and hang him on the side of the boat.”

At this moment, Lin Sui didn’t seem like a blue-blooded, noble young master, but rather like an executioner who was skilfully raising the butcher’s knife.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, trying to persuade him one after another: “This…..
forget it, young master Lin, calm down, it wouldn’t be good to get someone killed on this happy day.”

“You dare treat me like this? My father won’t let you get away with it! So what if you’re a member of the Lin family? Not even the Lin family can commit crimes!”

Yan Zhou thought Lin Sui was just trying to scare him.
Although his family couldn’t compare with the Lin family, he was still a prominent character in Jingzhou, and if Lin Sui dared to do this, it would be the same as murder.

“An-An, don’t be impulsive.”

Lin Min was also angry but she knew they couldn’t be reckless.
If he really killed someone, it wouldn’t end well.

“When have I ever been impulsive?”

If Lin Sui said something, then it must be done.

But he didn’t need to do anything, someone had already done the work.

Yan Qin very simply just knocked Yan Zhou out in full view of the crowd, then turned to look at a waiter off to the side and leisurely said: “Bring some rope.”

Being stared at by everyone, the waiter left trembling in fear and came back holding a thick rope.

Everyone wanted to say something, but they were stopped by Lin Sui’s gaze.

“If anyone wants to persuade me, have you made up your mind to go against my family?”

His lips were dark red, and he looked like a viper flicking its tongue under the dim white light, beautifully sinister.

No one dared meet his gaze, and even those old foxes who’d experienced the ups and downs of the business world couldn’t help but be afraid.

That was straightforward, pure evil.
Like a large net, imprisoning everyone inside, so tightly bound that it made it difficult to breathe.

The crowd looked towards Lin Min, but Lin Min didn’t say anything at all, seeming to be in tacit agreement.

The unconscious Yan Zhou was tied up and suspended, Yan Qin did the work while Lin Sui watched off to the side.

These two people, one daring to issue the order and the other daring to carry it out, were simply unreasonable lunatics.

Rash and unscrupulous, lawless and out of control.

Some of the more timid people didn’t want to watch any more.
The balloons floating on the cruise seemed to have turned into strange things, it was clearly supposed to be a very festive venue, but it seemed bizarre.

“Why is everyone making that face, isn’t this supposed to be a happy day? Continue having fun.”

Lin Sui, very understandingly, put forward the suggestion of letting everyone continue to have fun.
In the particularly stiff atmosphere, some people started playing instruments, and some people started dancing, and the previous lively atmosphere seemed to have been restored.

This boat was the only light on the sea, and as a result, that dark figure falling down from the fourth floor was especially obvious, and there was a bit of strangeness in the distance.

Lin Sui ordered a few people to grab hold of the rope, watching the black shadow sinking down little by little, the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

This appearance made the onlookers even more afraid, and they cursed Lin Sui in their hearts for really being abnormal.
He was simply not a normal person, Yan Zhou had just slandered him a bit, and he was just going to hang him and drop him into the sea.

Even Song Yunqing felt that Lin Sui was going a little too far, he’d wanted to step forward and persuade him against it, but he didn’t know what to say.

He went to look at Yan Qin, but he saw Yan Qin looking at Lin Sui with a particularly scorching gaze, seeming like a fanatical believer, and like someone looking at their own possession.

Song Yunqing remembered that Yan Qin had come out of Lin Sui’s bathroom, and his heart darkened.

Yan Zhou woke up when the salty seawater reached the back of his nose and mouth, and he couldn’t help but let out a rain of curses as he looked at the situation in front of him in terror.

“You’re all insane! Let me up! Help!”

His voice gradually weakened with the gurgling sound of choking, and just when he thought he was going to drown, he was pulled back up again to the height of the first floor deck by the rope firmly binding him, letting him escape from the shadow of death.
But before he had time to breathe a sigh of relief, the rope started to drop again.

Yan Zhou very soon lost his initial arrogance, collapsing into cries for help and begging for forgiveness.

The sound of miserable wailing echoed on the surface of the sea, to the point that the music couldn’t help but come to a halt.

Everyone on the cruise held their identities in esteem, even if they had many shameful secret methods in hand, but who would dare to grab someone and torture them so openly?

Lin Sui simply had no qualms about it, and everyone felt cold when they saw that beautiful face.


Lin Sui looked at the performers, and the performers immediately continued playing, trembling with fear.
But someone was too nervous and played the wrong note, letting out a shrill noise and falling limply on the floor in the next second, for fear that they would also be hung out of the boat by Lin Sui.

Yan Qin was not frightened by Lin Sui’s look, on the contrary, he thought Lin Sui looked extremely charming like this.

Lin Sui must have known that the moron who drugged him in an attempt to make him lose his reputation was Yan Zhou, Yan Zhou’s scheme had been simply stupid, malicious, and shallow.

This was his master’s protection, just like that time six years ago, Lin Sui always defended him.

He called him a wild dog, but he was still willing to tie him up and keep him in the palm of his hand.

How could this not make him crazy, not make him love and be infatuated with him?

He wanted to embrace him, wanted to possess him, to be his dog, to watch him, weary and powerless, choked with sobs and begging for mercy.

Those emotions charged around violently in his chest, seemingly contradictory, yet fusing together.

After a few rounds, there were no more sounds from Yan Zhou.
Lin Sui sent someone to the first floor deck to take a look, and saw that he’d already passed out from fear.

Lin Sui waved his hand, feeling quite dull, and had the people pull Yan Zhou up and untie his rope.

He picked up the high grade red wine used to host the banquet and bent down slightly.

Someone thought he was going to use the wine bottle to hit Yan Zhou and let out a shriek, but Lin Sui simply swirled the wine and poured it on Yan Zhou’s face.

Yan Zhou was woken up, and shouted madly when he saw red filling his vision, thinking it was his own blood.
His voice was already hoarse, the tears and snot caused by fear on his naturally unremarkable face made him look even more dreadful, and he looked at Lin Sui like he was looking at an evil spirit.

“Still want to rinse your mouth?”

Lin Sui spoke calmly amidst the chaos while Yan Zhou kept retreating, shaking his head almost to the point of snapping it off.

“I don’t have any other hobbies, I just like hearing the truth.
So, when you tell lies about me, I’m not happy, and when I’m not happy, no one else can be happy either.”

“It’s really a pity for this beautiful occasion, and this fine bottle of wine.”

Lin Sui sighed lightly, looking at the empty bottle in his hand, feeling a little sorry.

“If young master Lin likes it, I’ll have someone send a box to your home tomorrow.”

Miss Song spoke with a stiff expression, she was really afraid of this living ancestor.

She hadn’t bothered with the previous rumours that said he was domineering and arrogant, after all, all rich kids were like that, and Lin Sui was raised by the Lin family, so it was normal for him to have a bad temper.
But it was only after experiencing it for herself today that she realised why those people called him the Prince; not only did the Lin family tree have deep roots, he himself was not a paper tiger either, which was extra terrifying.
Being stared at by his eyes was like being constricted by a python.

“I disturbed everyone’s good time, I should be the one apologising.”

Lin Sui stood up straight, smiling warmly.

“Speaking of which, I made everyone nervous by bringing up the past first, so this apology should also be the Yan family’s apology.
I will send everyone compensation tomorrow, I hope everyone will accept.”

Yan Qin spoke flatly, his tall body casting an elongated shadow under the light.

Everyone, being businessmen, immediately agreed with a smile as if nothing had happened just now, continuing to chat and laugh with those around them, not caring about that sorry Yan Zhou in the corner.

Now everyone had also come to the realisation that Yan Zhou must have done something, otherwise why go so far as to have the entire boat come looking for Yan Qin?

The boat restored it liveliness once again, and those floating balloons also carried a bit of a cheerful and light-hearted atmosphere.
The cruise sailed on the sea bathed in a comfortably warm glow, like a moving lighthouse.

Lin Sui’s hand was lifted by Yan Qin as he bowed his head and used a handkerchief to wipe the red wine off of Lin Sui’s fingers.

He paid no attention to the strange looks of the people around them, he didn’t even care about Yan Zhou’s words, even wanting everyone to know about his relationship with Lin Sui, so that no one else would be able to covet him.

He wiped those jade-white fingers clean, picturing how to bind those two hands and tangle them with him, and he didn’t hide these ambitions at all when he looked at Lin Sui.

The sea breeze was strong at night, blowing the hanging lights into disorder.

The shadows swayed, blended together by the wind.

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