Ch 25 – Second Generation Ancestor x Illegitimate Child: Second Watch

The weather was especially good on the day Song Yunqing’s cousin got married.

The four storey cruise ship was filled with flowers and balloons in a particularly dreamy arrangement.

Lin Sui and Lin Min went on the cruise together, greeting the host standing at the entrance welcoming the guests.

“An-An, you go for a walk first, I saw Manager Tan and I want to go tell her about an ongoing project.”

Lin Min held her handbag as she looked back and forth for a moment, then locked onto her target.

Lin Sui nodded and walked to the deck on the second floor, looking at the waves being blown by the wind over the ocean.

“A-Sui, why didn’t you come look for me when you arrived? I wouldn’t have known you were here if my sister hadn’t told me.”

Song Yunqing was dressed formally and there was pomade in his hair, which, alongside the cedar and gold rimmed glasses he wore, actually gave off a slight businessman feeling.

“You always see me, aren’t you busy greeting guests?”

Lin Sui grabbed the champagne he was handed and clinked glasses with him.

“You’re naturally the priority in my heart.”

Song Yunqing smiled, and stood with him in the sea breeze.

Some noise came from the port, and Lin Sui and Song Yunqing just so happened to see what was going on below from their position.

Song Yunqing looked at the man in a black suit walking into the cruise, and the smile on his face faded slightly.

He wasn’t surprised that Yan Qin had gotten an invitation, he was currently one of the hottest people in Jingzhou, so regardless of whether it was the Song family marrying the Zhang family, giving him an invitation was normal.

It was just that the other party didn’t send an assistant, but rather came in person, so his goal was probably not simple, Song Yunqing thought as he looked at the corner of Lin Sui’s clothes beside him.

After all, the business of the Song and the Zhang family didn’t have anything to do with the direction of Yan Qin’s business, but it was also possible that he was wrong.
After all, no one could be sure Lin Sui would come to the event, only he knew that Lin Sui had personally agreed to his invitation and would certainly come.

But Song Yunqing didn’t know that, on the night when he had issued his invitation, Yan Qin had been on Lin Sui’s bed just across the door.

Yan Qin handed his gift to the host of the party and congratulated the newlyweds.

He noticed the look that fell on his body, and lifted his eyes to meet Lin Sui’s gaze.

Lin Sui’s look was vague, as if no one could be reflected in his eyes.

Yan Qin exchanged a few pleasantries with the host and went into the cruise.

His goal was very clear, he stood on the second floor, in a place not too far but not too close to Lin Sui, and quietly watched the picturesque young man.

Yan Qin did not go to greet him, after all, he knew that after the events of last time Lin Sui would not be friendly towards him, especially not in front of so many people.

The Lin family had decades of roots in Jingzhou, and he didn’t want Lin Sui to leave his scope of control before he could get his hands on him, he had to be absolutely safe.

Countless others stepped forward to greet Yan Qin, and Yan Qin dealt with the interpersonal relationships skilfully and easily, but he only followed one person out of the corner of his eye.

Lin Sui naturally noticed that gaze that followed him relentlessly, he used the wine cup to block the slightly raised corner of his lips and watched the vast surface of the sea in a cheerful mood.

Song Yunqing noticed Yan Qin’s gaze on Lin Sui when he came up, and he was a little unsure.
He wanted to shield Lin Sui, but Lin Sui was standing sideways, so he would look silly and strange if he were to shield him, so he was forced to drop it.
Luckily, Yan Qin quickly withdrew his gaze.

“Minmin-jie is truly getting more and more dazzling, a few days ago my dad said your family produced such a successful woman.”

Song Yunqing caught sight of Lin Min, who was travelling back and forth amongst the crowd, and spoke in praise.

Lin Sui nodded: “My sister is really outstanding.”

“And you? Not planning on going into the family company?”

Even that silkpants Yan Zhou had started working in the company, and he was still able to get by even if he was a person who had no abilities aside from his name.

“No,” Lin Sui answered lazily, his sight sweeping around the surroundings, then he spoke with interest, “Why did he come too? I thought he would be too embarrassed to appear in front of anyone after getting slapped by the young lady of the Dong family.”

Song Yunqing caught sight of Yan Zhou, who was standing in the corner watching Yan Qin gloomily, and he frowned slightly: “Who knows?”

Today was the day to celebrate his cousin, and Yan Zhou’s expression, which seemed as if someone owed him, was really unpleasant.

Lin Sui withdrew his sight from Yan Zhou, thinking about the plot provided to him by the System.

In the original book, Yan Zhou did all manner of unscrupulous things in order to cause trouble for Yan Qin, but unfortunately his brain wasn’t smart enough to come up with any kind of business trap, so he only dared to use dirty tricks to embarrass Yan Qin.

Unfortunately, his methods were too obvious and Yan Qin was always paying attention, so not only was he not fooled, but Yan Zhou was actually the one who reaped what he had sown.

Seeing Yan Zhou’s appearance, he must have been harbouring malicious intentions, but Lin Sui was not planning on doing anything except watching the show.
Yan Qin was not that stupid.

After the crowd of guests arrived, the cruise ship called Pearl officially set sail.

According to the sailing itinerary, the cruise would travel for one day and one night, returning to the harbour tomorrow morning.

Among the cheers and laughter, Yan Zhou stood alone in a corner that was of no interest to anyone, a dark cloud across his whole face as he watched Yan Qin’s back.

Nothing had gone smoothly for him ever since Yan Qin had returned.
His dad had actually recognised the bastard’s identity, and those uncles also went as far as to allow him into the family tree.
What a bunch of money-grubbing, social climbing things.

His mom had a huge fight with his dad because of this, and he hadn’t expected that his dad would actually ground his mom, even freezing her credit card.
Clearly he didn’t care about him or his mom one bit.

His mom was so angry she ruthlessly tore him a new one for being trash, saying that there wouldn’t be a thing with Yan Qin if he had been more capable.
Yan Zhou himself was also sullen, he should have just killed Yan Qin at that time, if it wasn’t for Lin Sui taking him away.

Thinking about Lin Sui, Yan Zhou felt another burst of hatred in his heart, but very quickly thought of an exceptionally good plan.

If it weren’t for Yan Qin being as shameless as his mother at that time, how could Lin Sui have protected him? Since it was like this, then he would just let him lose his reputation.

Yan Zhou had originally not received an invitation for the wedding this time, but Yan Zhou couldn’t not come, so he called on his contacts and got an invitation to come in.

The cruise would be travelling at sea overnight, so Yan Qin simply wouldn’t be able to do anything about it even if he wanted to leave at that time.
How would Yan Qin survive in Jingzhou if he had a gay scandal at someone else’s wedding? His dad would definitely be furious, Yan Zhou was already getting excited just by thinking about that scene.

Money moved people’s hearts, and Yan Zhou watched as the waiter took something away, revealing a sinister smile.

During the evening meal at the guest hall, Yan Qin watched as a waiter trembled a little as he placed a wine cup beside him, raising his eyebrows almost imperceptibly.

Yan Qin was able to sense something wrong when he drank some of the wine, so he only took a tentative sip before putting the glass back down.

He didn’t need to look much before he was able to sense Yan Zhou’s unconcealed gloating expression, so the culprit was obvious at a glance, but that big brother of his shouldn’t have the ability to poison him in such an occasion.
Yan Qin had many guesses in his mind, but remained collected on the surface, eating his meal and chatting with the people beside him from time to time.

Yan Zhou was a little anxious as he watched Yan Qin’s untouched wine, but unfortunately he couldn’t do anything in such a public place with so many people, so he could only scowl.

Lin Sui, who had a panoramic view of his moodiness, inwardly sighed at his idiocy.

As the villain, he really looked down on such a low IQ cannon fodder.

However, a faint bit of interest ignited in his eyes when he saw Yan Qin holding the wine glass again.

“Is the dish to your liking?”

Next to him, Song Yunqing looked at Lin Sui’s faint smile as he looked at the food on his plate.

“It’s really good.”

Lin Sui nodded, then put the delicious boiled shellfish into his mouth, chewed, and drank a sip of wine.

Yan Qin felt a slight heat spreading through his body, and his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed the golden wine.
He lowered his head as he cut his steak, hiding the darkness in his eyes.

There was a ball that night, and many ladies came up to hit on Lin Sui because of his good looks, but Lin Sui turned them all down politely.

This kind of thing was really not very gentlemanly, but when others heard he was Lin Sui, they thought it was pretty normal.

After all, the Lin family’s prince had that kind of character, and in addition he was known in the circle for his love of everything except beautiful women.

There once was someone who tried to seduce him by giving him a striptease on the spot, and as a result the prince watched everything calmly while drinking wine, and said it was okay once it was over.

Others laughed and said he’d not given her any face, but the prince was puzzled as he replied that he had watched the whole performance very respectfully, so he’d already given her a lot of face.

Everyone was rendered speechless.
He was clearly not giving the person a hard time on purpose, but being flatly watched by those beautiful eyes really made one ashamed to show their face, so no woman had ever tried to court him again since.

Many people thought that he might be gay, but beautiful and handsome boys didn’t get much out of him either.

As a result, everyone arrived at the conclusion that Lin Sui probably didn’t like humans.

Such an abnormal thing seemed very reasonable for Lin Sui.

Lin Sui looked at Song Yunqing, who couldn’t escape and was pulled in for a dance, with a look that seemed to say that his hands were tied, and listened to the violin song in the background as he looked at the sea that was as black as the night.

If one gazed at the middle of the sea for long enough, they would fall into the illusion of being swallowed up by the abyss.

But Lin Sui really liked that kind of feeling, he was obsessed with the safety of danger.
Such words may be contradictory, but they could also be likened to the kind of feeling Yan Qin gave him.

As the Son of Heaven, Yan Qin could afford to have that position.

Even if he didn’t grow up with love, he never became a twisted person, but rather resolutely advanced towards his own destination.

Yan Qin also had his crazy moments, there was one time when Lin Sui was in such deep trouble that he was already on his last breaths when he managed to escape.

Lin Sui didn’t think anything of it, in any case it was normal for him to get injured, but this caused Yan Qin to have an internal demon1.

He was imprisoned in a cave dwelling by Yan Qin for almost a month until his internal demon faded, but when he came back to his senses, Yan Qin could not accept the way he’d treated him.

——A-Sui, I hurt you, you should punish me.

——A-Sui, I want to be the only one in your eyes, but I know you don’t want to live under protection, I only ask that you take me along before you venture into danger.

——A-Sui, you can also lock me up.

Lin Sui didn’t imprison him, for Yan Qin that punishment would clearly be a reward, since he wished he could stay close to him every day.

Lin Sui knew Yan Qin liked him, he liked him so much that, even in the midst of an internal demon, he would soften his movements when he cried out in pain, liked him so much he would still protect him even after losing his mind, but it was exactly this that made it so hard for Lin Sui to let go.

He hurt the only person that was good to him, but he knew that what Yan Qin liked was only that harmless and tenacious display he put on, but he wasn’t that sort of good person.

His heart was callous and filthy, and he had an insatiable greed.

Lin Sui withdrew his gaze and walked towards the top floor of the cruise at a moderate pace, then opened the door to his own room.

If he hadn’t guessed wrong, someone should be waiting for him.

Lin Sui had just gone into the room when he was pushed up against the door, the temperature behind him was scorching hot, and the embrace carried the fragrance of pine wood.

“Young master, why did it take you so long to come back? Did you go dancing with others?”

The puffs of breath next to his ear were scorching hot, and the hoarse, low voice carried a hint of a questioning grievance.

Lin Sui really found it hard to resist when the big dog acted spoiled, especially when the other party was still on top of him like that.

Even though there was a smile on his face, the words Lin Sui spat out were cold: “Are you so brain-dead that you even got the wrong room?”

“I sleep wherever the young master sleeps, don’t tell me you want to make me sleep outside the door again?”

While he was clearly using honorifics2, Yan Qin’s actions were not respectful in the slightest.

Lin Sui scoffed slightly: “Does the feral dog also want to pretend to be a domestic dog?”

“A-Sui’s kindness naturally has to be repaid for a lifetime.”

Yan Qin changed the way he addressed him, dropping a kiss on the side of Lin Sui’s ear.

Lin Sui turned his head to avoid it, and that kiss fell on the back of Lin Sui’s neck.
Yan Qin didn’t actually care where his mouth landed, biting down without letting go.

“Someone gave me something, A-Sui, help me out again, like that lesson you gave me last time.”

Even if he was strangled once again, Yan Qin also felt it was worth it.

“You are brain-dead, but your thinking is quite good.”

Lin Sui elbowed Yan Qin on the abdomen, and left his control when Yan Qin’s body swayed with pain.
But instead of opening the door at that point, he turned around and went into the room, poured himself a glass of milk, and went back to look at Yan Qin’s situation.

Yan Qin was currently not very well indeed, his face was already reddened and his body was damp, and it seemed like he had used cold water to calm himself before coming.

He wanted to approach Lin Sui again, but was pinned in place by Lin Sui’s gaze.

“Just do it there.”

Lin Sui pointed at the place where Yan Qin was, holding the glass of milk as he watched calmly, like a spectator waiting for the start of the show.

Yan Qin was at a loss for a few seconds before he realised what Lin Sui meant, and his breath hitched.

Lin Sui was really an evil person, but even as his brain thought this, Yan Qin couldn’t help but be excited.

He was unconsciously obsessed with the air he exuded, addicted to the extraordinary seduction that leaked from his pride.

Yan Qin had always pad attention to exercise, since he hoped there would be some enjoyment in Lin Sui’s eyes when he looked at him, which was exactly what was happening at the moment.

He stared fixedly at Lin Sui’s face, guiding the scattered elements in his body as they looked for the proper floodgate3.

This time, he wasn’t looking at Lin Sui through a screen in one direction.
Lin Sui was in front of him, Lin Sui was watching him.

Lin Sui was looking at him.

Looking at him unblinkingly.

Yan Qin’s fingertips tingled with shivers, the pleasure transmitted from his nerves rushed through his bloodstream, and the emotions that were hidden in the shadows poured out in torrents, tainting the monstrous, vicious beauty he was obsessed with through the air and the scent in it.

The invasive nature of Yan Qin’s stare was too aggressive, they were clearly separated by a distance, but it seemed as though they were completely stuck together.

Lin Sui took a sip of milk from the glass.
The milk was cold from being stored in the fridge, and the mellow and rich, unique taste of milk spread through his tongue.
Lin Sui’s Adam’s apple bobbed, and he felt as the milk slid down from his mouth to his stomach.

It was really wonderful, ah, a sight to behold.

Lin Sui never hid the smile on his face, seeming like a god whose believers were trying to please.

This time seemed to be taking longer than last time, and Lin Sui began to get annoyed again.

He hooked his finger at Yan Qin and watched the man who walked over with difficulty, looking at his silently enduring appearance, and his smile became brighter and more beautiful.

As far as obedience-loving humanity was concerned, an obedient animal was easier to take home, and all souls looking for a place to inhabit understood this.

Lin Sui stepped on Yan Qin, smiling lightly: “What an unsightly thing.”

An ice-cold, hard sole touched something soft, becoming stained with filth.

Lin Sui took another sip of milk, and licked the residual milk stain on his lip as he locked eyes with Yan Qin.

Just as he was about to get up, he was grabbed by the wrist.

The tall, elegant man kissed his fingertips with a pitiful attitude, offering his loyalty as thanks for his favour.


He called his name quietly, light glittering in his eyes.

Lin Sui’s heart trembled slightly, and he shook the glass in his hands at Yan Qin.

“Do you want some milk?”

He drank up all the milk in the glass and pointed his lips at Yan Qin.

If there really were gods on earth, they may not be so generous.



1 心魔 lit.
heart devil.
Not a literal demon, it comes from a cultivator’s negative emotions or mental hang-ups, and can attack the cultivator from the inside and cause a qi deviation if not properly dealt with. Top.

2 Apart from calling him young master (少爺), Yan Qin is using a formal ‘you’ (您). Top.

3 閘口 lit.
sluice gate.
A gate in a man-made channel designed to redirect excess water, but figuratively it’s used to refer to something that restrains or releases a substantial volume (a ‘flood’) of something.
This is all used euphemistically, but I figured ‘floodgate’ would be more recognisable. Top.

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