Ch 21 – Second Generation Ancestor x Illegitimate Child: Pitiable and Attainable

That necktie which had been loosely bound was easily shrugged off by the man, his distinct knuckles and even his blue-green veins carrying a sense of strength.

Along with the necktie that had been discarded, so too were the shackles caging the ferocious beast in his heart.

The skin on the nape of Lin Sui’s neck was kneaded and pressed down, and before he could react, he was met with a suppressed eagerness.

Suddenly, the voice that still hadn’t come out remained between his throat and his mouth, like a pink light floating on the surface of the water, and like an intoxicating, bewildering ecstasy in Lin Sui’s eyes.

His nape was red from being kneaded, and the warmth on that patch of skin permeated from the surface to the inside, igniting a boiling fire.

The blood flowing in his heart carried combustible alcohol, making him break out into a slight sweat.

Yan Qin’s eyes darkened, like a deep underground river, every single drop of it’s flowing water brimming with an overwhelming love.

It was insubordination, it was pitiable and attainable.

Lin Sui was like a nyx that had just emerged onto the shore, as the tide rushed forth in all places.

It was exhilarating and unbridled, his whole body submerged in the familiar scent.

Yan Qin’s kiss was just like in the past.
Other saw him as obedient and honest, almost to the point of naiveté, but his actions were the complete opposite, like a fiercely submissive dog exposing it’s claws and fangs, going to bite someone’s throat for the kill.

It was an urgent, craving devouring, inside of which was like a vast sea of scorching love.

The moonlight made it’s way inside the car at a tricky angle, coolly spectating the ambiguous feelings that bubbled up.

This was clearly a despicably filthy invasion, but the gentle swaying seemed like a joyous lover’s reunion.

The subtle sounds were completely isolated by the soundproofing panels, and the young man who seemed to have the upper hand was held by the back of the neck, receiving his subject’s offerings.

The blue Bugatti was still travelling along the road, as if it were going on an endless journey, swept up in love, heading towards dusk or dawn.

The fingers placed at Yan Qin’s side couldn’t help but tremble lightly, he did his utmost to restrain his body’s natural response to pleasure and lightly held Lin Sui’s waist.

The young man seemed severely drunk, he had already been a little dizzy, and now he was even more powerless as he leaned languidly, his lips looking as if they had been smeared with rouge.

But even if he was drunk, the young man’s temper was still competitive.
For example, when he tried to compete for superiority just now, he almost left behind a bite mark, but fortunately stopped just in time.

If the young man found clues when he woke up, he was bound to be furious, and it would be hard to approach him again.

Lin Sui was too complicated, too fickle, too alluring.
His toxicity was clearly displayed, yet he still sucked people into oblivion.

Yan Qin would often have conflicting emotions interweaved inside his heart.
He wanted to hold this person dear to his heart, wanted to let him have treasures, let him extravagantly squander money, and watch him arrogantly intimidate others.
But he also wanted to confine him inside his own world, to become the only one who could see him, the only one who could bloom with love in his eyes.

But how could one imprison a poisonous butterfly? Sealing it up in a bottle would soon kill it, but even if the boundaries of it’s container were infinitely extended, the proud butterfly would still yearn for an even vaster world.

Supposing that it was set free and left to freely fly into the world, if it suddenly disappeared, how should the one left behind deal with that again?

But perhaps this was exactly what made it so tempting, because the danger was hard to tame.

Yan Qin’s fingers carefully touched the young man’s face, and the soft touch made his fingertips feel numb.

Unfortunately, regardless of how distant the road was, the journey still had to come to an end, and even the beautiful, indulgent dreams had to be woken from sometime.

Yan Qin put Lin Sui down on the seat, and the friction of the soft fabric against his movements made his eyes grow all the more dark and gloomy.

Lin Sui’s scent seemed to still linger on his body.
After being in a daze for a while, Yan Qin somewhat remorsefully thought that he should have secretly taken that tie, maybe he wouldn’t have found out.

But it was simply a maybe, simply a thought.

He hoped Lin Sui would really dream about him.

Inside the moving car, the young man licked his lips in satisfaction, sitting up a little shakily with his hands, hooking a finger around that tie and tossing it to the ground with a smile.

Lin Sui was a little tipsy, but he hadn’t completely lost awareness.

As he thought about the slightly uncomfortable seat he’d just sat on, the smile in Lin Sui’s eyes deepened.

His body had a languid energy, and the redness of his face was just like an ostentatious peach blossom, which was particularly scintillating.

Inside this haze, Lin Sui suddenly felt something strange.
This strangeness was not from the atmosphere he was in, but rather the System.

The System was too quiet, this was not it’s style.

It should have actually been very angry at seeing this scene, moreover, it would not feel it could easily let go and just gladly accept the fact Yan Qin and him were together, even though this fact would be hard for it to change.

[I thought you were still going to electrocute me just then, mother-in-law, but you actually didn’t spoil our good time.]

Lin Sui smiled as he provoked it, but alarms were raised in his mind.

The System spoke indifferently: [You don’t have to worry about being electrocuted again, but I know what you hate most.]

What he hated most?

Countless thoughts streaked across Lin Sui’s mind, but his still-excited nerves made him a bit unable to concentrate his attention on his thoughts, and the alcohol he’d consumed was also distracting him a little.
His eyes gradually grew cold as he contemplated the unknown punishment.

The change took effect in the next instant.
Lin Sui limply collapsed onto the seat, and the scalding softness of his body contrasted against the ice-cold, consuming storm condensing in his eyes.

[You’ve truly worked hard to know me so well.]

Lin Sui’s tone was cold, and his face reflected on the glass window was strangely distorted.

What did Lin Sui hate most? Of course, it was the useless body he had in the cultivation world.

He hated that rubbish body that couldn’t cultivate, and hated the negative effects it brought about, the human cauldron’s own irresistible reactions.

The higher the quality of the human cauldron, the stronger the reaction.

In order to suppress it, Lin Sui had suffered a lot of backlash, and it was only after meeting Yan Qin that he didn’t have to suffer that much.
Now, the System had actually used this to punish him specifically after Yan Qin had left.

Very well, the System had succeeded in enraging Lin Sui.

Since it had grasped it’s opponent’s most painful weak spot, was the System’s weak spot something he didn’t know about?

Since it insisted on playing like this, it wouldn’t be impossible, it just depended on who couldn’t afford to play.

Lin Sui sneered, pinching his palm to control his body’s reaction, and kept pretending he was drunk.
Without needing Xiao Cheng’s support, he returned to his room inside the villa by himself.

No one in the villa became aware of anything, because there was no difference between the way he acted due to his body’s torment and the way he would have acted if he was drunk.

Lin Sui soaked in cold water, the ice-cold surface of his skin contrasted against the inside, and the heat rushing through him seemed like potent, corrosive lava, torturing his insides.

After he seemed to have sobered up a bit, Lin Sui left the room wearing a bathrobe and rang the bell on Xiao Chen’s door on the first floor.

“Help me tear a few things down.”

Lin Sui’s tone was bad.
Xiao Chen never asked much, he just followed behind Lin Sui and complied with his orders, tearing down a few surveillance cameras from the living room and the corridor.

“These seemed to have been hacked into, remind me tomorrow to look for someone to reinstall them.”

“Yes, young master.”

Xiao Chen looked at Lin Sui’s unsightly complexion and nodded.

After watching Lin Sui close the door to his room, Xiao Chen also returned to his place in the first floor, and reported the incident.

Lin Sui casually tossed those cameras on the table directly facing his bed, these were not the visible security type of camera, but rather the hidden embedded type, so they could still function even if they were taken down.

After making this move, the torment in his body strangely subsided for the moment, as if the lava had reached it’s freezing point in a flash.

Lin Sui scoffed, saying: “Why don’t you keep going?”

“I’ve always been the only one in control of others, isn’t it your turn to be in control of me?”

As the disdainful voice scattered inside the room, Lin Sui turned on his computer and looked at the running program, his eyes filled with frost.

When the red signal of an unauthorised access was lit up, the corner of Lin Sui’s mouth rose, it didn’t give off the feeling of warmth, but rather that of an approaching storm cloud.

Yan Qin had just come out of the bathroom when he saw the news Xiao Chen sent, and he immediately went into the study without caring about the wetness on his body.

Someone hacked into Lin Sui’s monitoring system, this was indeed top priority.
He could simply not allow someone to spy on Lin Sui like he did, furthermore, he had only put eyes in the corner of the flower garden where he could barely see Lin Sui, but someone had actually dared to do such a thing.

Yan Qin’s fingers tapped against the keyboard, and before long he finished gaining access.
He looked for traces left behind by the previous intruder, trying to follow the trail back, but strangely he didn’t find any.

Either the other party’s tricks were too excellent, or the equipment had simply not been hacked.

Yan Qin didn’t dare be careless, inspecting the scene of the still-working equipment.

Several grids had the same camera angle, completely filling up the computer screen.

Yan Qin’s breath hitched slightly, and his hand trembled lightly as he drank water out of the cup.

His heart seemed to be about to burst open, and Yan Qin had to take several deep breaths to keep himself from going too out of control.

Lin Sui was actually…..
even if it was so, his unruliness and laziness was inconceivable.

Lin Sui’s bedsheets were light colours for the most part, but there would occasionally be exceptions, such as solid black and dark blue.

His hair blended into the almost black, inky blue.
The young man lay down languidly, one leg bent and the other freely stretched out, his dangling toes swaying slightly, his ankles a light pink.

The young man’s body was outlined by beautiful, flowing lines of muscle, he had grown much taller compared to his more delicate teenage appearance, and the danger in his every movement became more and more apparent.

Lin Sui lowered his eyes and idly played back and forth with the thing, giving the impression that his enthusiasm was coming to an end, but yet a little absorbed in it.

Under the light, the tips of his fingers had a warm colour, the thin, watery tones were like a layer of dim light, and his flexed, round knuckles were beautiful in every way.

Lin Sui began to speak inside his mind: [Not going to do anything, System?]

[He’s looking at you.]

[So you’re just going to give up?]

He pressed on at every turn, like a viper flicking it’s tongue.

The System: [It won’t end well for you like this.]

If it weren’t for the Son of Fortune, they wouldn’t be in this situation right now.
The System was troubled, if it had been another person, the System would have long since used inhuman punishment to force them to yield, but it had gradually understood Lin Sui’s temper during these days, the more it would futilely try to control him, the more he would dig his feet in, so that in the end it would simply not achieve the desired effect.

Lin Sui: [Millions of people have said this, it’s not just you.
Do you have something a little more novel?]

He just didn’t like letting the things he hated do as they wished, he had his own way to live.

The System fell silent again, either because it had no other alternative or because it was holding back it’s evil intentions.

Lin Sui was actually in a cheerful mood, he was happy when the System was not happy, and he even got a bit more invested into what he was doing.

He actually didn’t think too much about it, after all, that back and forth with the System was awfully torturous, but he managed to enjoy himself for the moment.
Just thinking about Yan Qin looking at him made him feel a little better.

Thinking about Yan Qin’s smell, Lin Sui pulled out a few tissues, and decided to generously improve Yan Qin’s treatment.

The next day, when Xiao Cheng came to remind him about the matter with the surveillance, Lin Sui casually waved his hand and said: “I drank a lot yesterday and had a dream, don’t worry about it, just leave it like that.”

Those few things were casually gathered at Lin Sui’s desk, like quiet ornaments.

The computer program’s red light lit up, and the guest arrived every night.

The youth, like the red moon, was like a ripe, fragrant fruit hanging off the branch of a tree, making one eager to start moving towards it’s destination, for fear that if they are one step too late, that fruit would fall from the branch and into the hands of others.

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