Ch 17 – Second Generation Ancestor x Illegitimate Child: Exclusive Place

Yan Qin disappeared.

The next day after he came back from the Lin house, he took away the few things he had and left the villa, never to return.

On the third day, the servants in the villa made a phone call, trembling in fear, to make the situation known.
Lin Sui responded as if he didn’t really care, and the matter seemed to be settled just like that.

Everything was as Lin Sui had anticipated, not to mention that the System especially notified him on the day that Yan Qin left.

Yan Qin actually didn’t have to take the college entrance exam, he had already gotten a recommendation from a professor at an excellent school, and could go to better places.

He didn’t know his mother would die from her illness during the summer vacation, so he originally didn’t want to accept.
He didn’t hide his strength during the college entrance exam because he wanted to go to university, and look after his mother and himself.

If his fetter was removed, he naturally would make the choice that was most advantageous for himself.
Moreover, just as Lin Sui had said, Yan Qin would not stay behind for his sake, but rather would be more eager to go into a new world for him.

It seemed like nobody cared about Yan Qin’s departure, except for Yan Zhou.

He brooded over his illegitimate younger brother, he was a threat to his inheritance, and he was even more afraid of this once he learnt that Yan Qin had pretty good grades, so after he didn’t see Yan Qin by Lin Sui’s side for a long time, he couldn’t help but ask about it.

If Lin Sui had already gotten tired of Yan Qin, then that was just as well, his protective umbrella would be gone.

Lin Sui’s attitude made him feel at ease.
He didn’t care about that bastard’s whereabouts at all, almost as if there was no difference between Yan Qin disappearing and a dog getting lost, or rather, it was like a dog getting lost would be a more important matter for him.

But the strange thing was, Yan Zhou couldn’t find out where Yan Qin went even after mobilising his connections.
Universities in the country had no records of him enrolling, and his teacher friends did not know where he went, almost as if he’d disappeared from the face of the earth.

He could be missing, and he could have already met with misfortune, Yan Zhou hatefully thought, that bastard better have died in an unknown place and gone to hell with his mother.

With that irksome presence gone, Yan Zhou’s mood became prouder and more pleased by the day.
He wanted to get back on good terms with Lin Sui, but young master Lin gradually became more and more surly as he got older, making him lose face many times, so Yan Zhou was forced to abandon that idea.

Time went by, and three years passed.

Warm spring light scattered inside the garden, and soft petals bathed in golden sunlight, emitting a charming, mellow fragrance.

And the most eye-catching thing inside the lovely garden was the young man sitting on the rattan chair, reading a book.

Sunlight illuminated his delicate profile, a mixture of heroic spirit and aggressive beauty, coupled with an innate pride and an untouchable attitude, seeming like a poisonous flower carved out of jade.

Yu Xiang smiled when he saw the book in the young man’s hands, who could have expected that the living ancestor of the Lin family would ultimately go on to study a Biology major.
Everyone had gotten a big shock when he chose this major.

But the young master of the Lin family said that he found the human brain to be very interesting, and he really wanted to study it, as if everything was a game to him and he was just doing as he wished.

The image of a person who should be wearing a large white coat doing research stuffed inside a laboratory felt too inconsistent with that of young master Lin, and young master Lin didn’t disappoint people’s perception.
Although he had passed the exam for a top university, he still played around every day.
There didn’t seem to be much of a difference between him and his previous extravagant silkpants friends, he was still as high-profile and brash as before, still as oppressive.

Quite a lot of people in the circle were angered by his style but didn’t dare say anything, however, Yu Xiang felt nothing.

Anyway, things like wanting to look at the scenery on the top floor of the restaurant to eat a meal and therefore contracting out the whole restaurant for a month and banning others from coming in, and not just racing cars but making bets with people in which the loser would not be allowed into the race course again…..
and so on and so forth, were inherently Lin Sui’s style.

He did not have the word ‘good’ written anywhere on his body, he was like a python entrenching itself in the rainforest.

Yu Xiang hated to disturb this beautiful scene, so he watched quietly for a while before stepping forward.

“Lin-ge, it’s the time we agreed on.
My brother and Minmin-jie have already set off, I happened to be on my way, so I’ll go with you.”

The young man’s lively voice broke through the quiet inside the room, Lin Sui closed the book in his hands and looked up.

Lin Min had gotten a boyfriend this year, the other party was eldest young master Yu Hui from the Yu family who grew their enterprise in energy.
He and Lin Min got to know each other at a wine reception, the two were interested in each other and after some time of being in contact, they confirmed their romantic relationship.

Yu Xiang was Yu Hui’s younger brother, he was younger than him by two years and had a sunny and cordial behaviour.
The first time they met, he had affectionately called him Lin-ge, and he would look for him to hang out from time to time.

This time, a painter Lin Min liked had set up an exhibition, and she had invited him to go see it together.
She had also invited her boyfriend to come along, and Yu Xiang had volunteered to go as well.

Lin Sui answered, and stood up from the rattan chair.

Someone immediately walked out from a hidden place in the garden, grabbed the book on the rattan chair, and followed behind Lin Sui.

“Lin-ge, who is that? How come I’ve never seen him before?”

Yu Xiao looked at the submissive and elegant young man behind Lin Sui, his expression a little inquisitive.

“A new servant.”

Lin Sui didn’t say much.
Yu Xiao looked at that person’s attitude and inexplicably felt a little displeased, frowning, then grabbed Lin Sui happily and went out.

Lin Sui didn’t return until very late at night.
When he went into the villa, Ye Zhi stooped over to help him change his shoes.

His care was very appropriate, he’d only been here for a few days and could already understand a few of Lin Sui’s habits, and he looked after Lin Sui in every possible way.

Lin Sui looked into him, Ye Zhi graduated with an administrative major, worked for a year with an average salary, and by chance had been given a referral by a relative of a servant of the villa that resigned for some reason.

There seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary, but when Lin Sui saw him, he felt strange.

“Young master, the water is ready for you.”

Ye Zhi was reverent and respectful, that pretty face of his filled with satisfying meekness.

Lin Sui nodded, he went upstairs alone, took a bath, and wiped himself dry afterwards, then sat on his bed wearing a bathrobe.

He pulled open his bedside drawer, a silver chain lay quietly inside, and the connected, long, slender chain lay in a circle next to it, a layer of dust had formed due to not being taken care of by their owner for a long time.

This was the bracelet Lin Sui had taken off three years ago, since the dog wasn’t here, what was the point of holding on to the leash?

Time had passed faster than he had thought, it had already been three years.

But in the book Yan Qin had only returned after seven years, so he still had to wait.

He hoped that Yan Qin’s performance when he returned would not disappoint him, and he would not fail to live up to his long-awaited expectations.

Lin Sui laughed in a low voice and closed the drawer.

He opened his computer, and his fingertips clicked on the keyboard under the lights and shadows.

The servants in the villa found that the time the young master was spending in the villa had recently increased.
Before, the young master would only come back once or twice a week, but now he returned almost every day.

The servants didn’t dare be careless, leaving the newest attendant and most considerate young man in charge of taking care of the young master’s daily needs.
They didn’t envy this job in the slightest, after all, if they couldn’t satisfy the young master when attending him, then it would only result in their dismissal.

Holding a tray in his hand, Ye Zhi knocked on Lin Sui’s door.

Following the reply from inside, Ye Zhi very carefully went in with the things he was holding, and seeing the slightly wet ends of the young master’s hair, he quietly inquired: “Young master, do you want me to help you dry it?”

His eyes were clear and harmless, looking like some kind of obedient little dog.

Lin Sui lazily agreed, his eyes falling on the book in his hands, but he didn’t lift his head.

Ye Zhi’s hands were gentle, helping Lin Sui wipe the moisture out of his hair to the greatest extent possible with a towel, then he bowed and carried the towel out of the room.

After he left, Lin Sui closed the book and dialled a number.

“How is it?”

Gao Qing answered: “The waveband was captured using the device and traced to somewhere outside of the country, the range and address has already been sent to your inbox, boss.”

“Got it.”

Lin Sui hung up the phone, and exposed a thought-provoking smile when he caught sight of that address.

In his vigilance, he was able to detect a clue after being in contact with Ye Zhi for a week.
Unexpectedly, Ye Zhi was actually carrying a micro-camera device on him.
Ye Zhi was very prudent and didn’t wear it most of the time, but sometimes he certainly wasn’t, like just now.

Lin Sui slightly raised his lips, it seemed like some puppy had developed the skills to dare do this sort of thing.

Since this was the case, he would have to properly return the favour.

Lin Sui pressed the device with an inner cable installed in the wall, and Ye Zhi came into his room.

“My feet feel a little uncomfortable today, massage them for me.”

Lin Sui sat on his previous place, and moved his feet.

Ye Zhi obediently crouched down, and at that moment he was precisely located in the same place where Yan Qin crouched to help Lin Sui wipe his feet three years ago, only the carpet had been replaced, so it didn’t have the same look as before.

Lin Sui’s gaze fell on Ye Zhi’s third button, his eyes filled with abundant interest.

At this moment, in a certain place on the other side of the ocean, someone spilled coffee on a table.

He stared at the fingers touching those fair and clear feet, his eyes gloomy, and made a call with a cold face.

That should have been his place.

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