Ch 13 – Second Generation Ancestor x Illegitimate Child: Running Wild

In the strong wind and sudden rain, pea-sized raindrops slapped against the window, leaving behind trails that were quickly replaced by new ones.

Lin Sui got up from the soft chair, led Yan Qin down the corridor, and opened the door to one of the guest rooms, speaking to a waiter in the corner: “Send a set of clothes.”

The door closed quietly, cutting them off from the outside world.

Lin Sui tilted his head up slightly to look at Yan Qin.
He looked wretchedly shabby, like a drenched dog.

Because he had been pushed under the water surface, water had soaked into his eyes, reddening the skin around the rims of his eyes and eyelids, which, alongside his elegant brows, made one unable to resist feeling pity for him.

At this moment, Yan Qin was bending down at the waist, making it easier for Lin Sui to look straight ahead at him, or even to look down at him.

Like the harshest sound of a plucked string, this caused the nerves that Lin Sui had been suppressing to be stirred up.
He mentally cursed ‘damn it’, and pushed Yan Qin down onto the ground, pressing down on top of his body.

What was the thing Lin Sui found most difficult to resist about Yan Qin?

It was not the imposing appearance with which he slaughtered thousands of demons with his sword, nor was it the honey-like tenderness with which he embraced him, nor was it his obedient submission.

Rather, it was a certain moment of weakness, as if he was saying ‘I’m hurt’, or ‘I need your love’, just like a dog quietly conveying it’s longing.

It was as if his soul was whispering, producing in him the urge to give.

This was too deadly, it was hard for Lin Sui to resist the thoughts swirling through him, so he approached Yan Qin, drawing in his weakness.

A thunderstorm erupted outside the window, the trees were swept up by the angry gale, and the murky sky was briefly illuminated by lightning, creating absolute silence within the ultimate clamour.

The clothes on Lin Sui’s body had already been gradually soaked by the water on Yan Qin, but he paid it no mind.

Yan Qin stiffened due to the heat on his body, his brain felt a spell of dizziness as though he was lacking oxygen, and hallucinatory images floated up in his mind, he couldn’t differentiate real from fake.
A blue butterfly flapping it’s wings was held in the palm of his hand, rippling a soft white as it fluttered.

It was an absurdly unrealistic scene of insubordination, it made his soul shudder with excited palpitations, it was his mud-like, filthy greed.

He found it difficult to tell real from false, to the point that he didn’t know whether he really was feeling those emotions from Lin Sui’s body.

Had the believer in the rainstorm finally found his way home? Was the lighthouse he found a god, or a figment of his imagination?

The sound of his drumming heart was so intense it seemed like it would burst open and die in the next moment.
Regardless of whether it was real or an illusion, Yan Qin stretched out his hand.

He held the slender waist, palms coming together, capturing the blue butterfly’s fragrant perfume.

The silver snake flicked it’s tongue, red lips, white teeth, and the tip of it’s tongue leaving behind moist traces on the wolfdog’s neck, like a beautiful ghost.

A brash grin spread across Lin Sui’s face, and his complexion went from pale to flushed.

[Why don’t you keep electrocuting me, great Will of Heaven?]

[Keep going, are you running out of energy?]

It was clearly enduring the demand, but Lin Sui still wasn’t ready to stop mocking it in his mind.

The blue bead shook with humanised anger: [Don’t get cocky!]

The System could use punishment to control Lin Sui, but how could it influence the Son of Fortune’s spontaneous actions?

Lin Sui still wanted to say something, but the pair of hands grabbing his waist suddenly increased their strength.

That butterfly was crumpled up, in a transgression of obedience, and frantic greed.

Yan Qin caught that swimming fish, he didn’t indulge it by letting it escape in a flash, but rather tightly drew in it’s warmth and swept away it’s rich sweetness.

This was the god’s favour, a mixture of superficial restraint and the violent boiling of flesh and blood, darkness overflowed from the bottom of his heart, forming a deceptive unruliness.

The silver chain hanging on Yan Qin’s neck was drawn out by slender fingers, it’s engraved pendant swaying in the air.

“Yan Qin, well done.”

The red tip of his tongue was faintly discernible between his teeth as his mouth opened and closed with his words, Lin Sui stuck his fingers into Yan Qin’s soaked hair, his affectionate eyes slightly raised.

Fingertips lightly rubbed against his scalp, an invisible electric current ran down his spine, and dispersed into his flowing blood.

Yan Qin stared at Lin Sui with unblinking eyes, and his eyes slightly shone due to the praise.

A knock on the door disturbed the moment, it was the waiter leaving the clothes by the door.

Lin Sui wasn’t too happy with the damp feeling on his body, he sat down on a chair and let Yan Qin go fetch the clothes himself.

He originally thought Yan Qin would go to the bathroom to change clothes, so as a result he didn’t have time to turn his eyes before Yan Qin began undoing his buttons in a very natural way, so quickly that Lin Sui was stunned.

Lin Sui: [I didn’t say anything.]

Lin Sui immediately expressed his innocence, angering the System.

The System was probably already half-dead with anger, it’s flickering light was faint.

Lin Sui propped up his head as he looked at Yan Qin, slightly raising his eyebrows.

It didn’t seem to have shrunk much, it should be almost the same as in the last world, tsk, that really was a bit exhausting.

The System: …………

How painful, why did it have to go through all this, just kill it now!

The Son of Fortune was really disappointing ah, disappointing! This person is so bad, so evil, why did he have to like him?

Yan Qin straightened out his clothes in a bit of a fluster, using his wooden expression to conceal his bashfulness.

Originally, he had wanted to see what the young master’s reaction would be, but the young master’s intrigued eyes made his reaction sprout again, making him wish he could burrow into the ground.

Teasing innocent young men was really fun, Lin Sui thought with a smile.

The sound of knocking once again came from the door of the room, or perhaps using the word ‘smashing’ would be more appropriate.

The person outside seemed very irritable, kicking at the door with a loud bang as though he wanted to kick it open.

Yan Qin opened the door, looking at Yan Zhou’s warped expression outside of the door.

Yan Zhou wasn’t tall, he was 23 this year and was less than 1.7 metres, while Yan Qin was tall, even if he was only 19 years old he was 1.84 metres, completely looking down at him.

It was just that, in the past, Yan Qin had been living under his roof and had his mother as a weak spot on top of that, which was why he didn’t resist, but now it was different.

Even if his status was still low, the ancestor standing behind him did not like bowing down to others by nature.

Yan Zhou had just been rescued and woken up, he didn’t even have time to change his clothes before he came to their door with a cold face, the bastard Yan Qin had dared do this to him, and he absolutely had to make him pay.

But when he opened the door and came in contact with Yan Qin’s eyes, he unconsciously recalled the terrifying scene just now, and subconsciously cowered.
Yan Zhou sensed his own mood and felt even more resentful that he could not save face.

“A-Sui, if you still consider us friends, don’t interfere in this matter.
He almost drowned me, I’ll make him pay!”

Yan Zhou’s expression was exceptionally sinister, he wasn’t joking, unlike his previous petty words, he really wanted to do Yan Qin in now, to break his arms and legs and torture him to death.

Lin Sui was still sitting on the chair propping up his head, he lazily answered: “I have no shortage of friends.”

How could the Lin family’s little ancestor ever lack friends and footmen? It was just as Yan Zhou himself had said, Lin Sui could have any kind of person he wanted, and naturally there were also many people interested in coming up and befriending Lin Sui.

Although the Yan family was a well-developed rich family, it still hardly made a dent compared with the colossus that was the Lin family.

If Yan Zhou had what it took to be an elite, he might be a little more confident, but he was a complete good-for-nothing who only knew how to play around.

Yan Zhou didn’t expect he would hear this kind of answer, and stared at Lin Sui incredulously.

But Yan Qin laughed slightly, and seeing that made Yan Zhou even more angry and anxious.

“Lin Sui, are you really that inconsiderate? How long have we known each other, and how long have you known this bastard? Will you not even recognise your friend just because he serves you well in bed? You know perfectly well he’s just my family’s bastard son, a bedbug that will never see the light of day!”

Yan Zhou rambled on angrily, his voice getting louder and louder, until he was almost bellowing.

“What kind of airs are you putting on in front of me? I said before that it’s up to the master to beat his dog.”

Lin Sui stood up from the chair, slightly raising his chin, watching Yan Zhou with indifferent eyes.

“If you insist on following through, then you should just go cut off you old man’s two taels of meat1, who told him to not control himself at that time? You should cut them early, once and for all, to save yourself from getting any more little brothers or sisters from him, sine it would bother you so much.”

Lin Sui seemed to be concerned fro Yan Zhou, but his bright sarcasm was so excessive it was very inhumane.

Yan Qin’s mother didn’t deliberately go and conceive this child, it was Yan Zong who insisted on having fun without a condom at the time.
She took oral contraceptives but still fell pregnant, only finding out when she was over two months along.
She wanted to go to the hospital to have an abortion, but was told that if the child was aborted, it would be almost impossible to pregnant again in the future.

Yan Qin’s mother did not want to give up the child in her womb, so she found a small place to settle in and raised Yan Qin alone.
However, because of her cancer, her family was burdened by debt, and she was afraid the 16 year-old Yan Qin would be unable to provide for himself, so she brought him to the Yan family.

Whether she had any plans for her son to get a share of the Yan family’s assets, Lin Sui was unable to find out, but Lin Sui knew Yan Qin did not have any such plans.
He stayed in the Yan family partly because of his mother’s medical bills, and partly because Yan Zong felt that his kin should not be excluded, and that it would be better for him to and stay and be spurned.

It was normal for Yan Zhou to hate Yan Qin, but after venting for so many years and still tormenting him in every possible way, he was really just stepping all over him.

Yan Zhou trembled with anger at Lin Sui’s words, his complexion sometimes blue and sometimes white, as if he would faint from anger in the next second.

Yan Zhou spoke, flustered and exasperated: “You had to be so relentless, didn’t you?”


Song Yunqing also didn’t expect Lin Sui would say that, and lightly shook his head at Lin Sui.

“What, do you think I was wrong?”

But Lin Sui was not going to give Song Yunqing any face, and he blew the non-existent dust off his fingertips.

“It’s not impossible for you to move him, go back and ask your old man, see if he can bear to spit out the meat in his mouth2.”

“Even if he wanted to spit it out, I would force him to swallow it.”

Lin Sui wasn’t going to waste time arguing with Yan Zhou, so the words he spoke were meaningful.

Yan Zhou could also not be considered entirely stupid, and he realised at once what Lin Sui must have done.

Song Yunqing gazed at Lin Sui profoundly, feeling the young master’s change even more clearly.

The previous young master was also bossy and unreasonable, but he didn’t have such an oppressive aura.

“If you weren’t surnamed Lin, what reason would you…..”

Yan Zhou’s teeth made a creaking noise as he bit down, and his eyes were filled with visible veins, he still hadn’t finished speaking when he stopped, stiffly forcing himself to not speak anymore.

“Unfortunately, I am Lin Sui and, as it happens, I can run wild3.”

Lin Sui lightly exclaimed without any regret in his words, his beautiful appearance was arrogant and proud, but it made one feel like that was the way it should be.

Set up on high, dangerously charming.



The author has something to say:

Yan-ge: Regarding what you said, I’ll borrow your auspicious words4

Yan Zhou: ?

Hahahahaha what a roast.

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