Ch 12 – Second Generation Ancestor x Illegitimate Child: Fastening the Bracelet

At 12 o’clock, a furious and quick rainstorm fell upon the city, but it stopped approximately 20 minutes later.

Lin Sui received a phone call invitation from Yan Zhou, turning a pen around in his hand.

“I’ll go.”

“Bring that bastard along with you, he must have been played miserable by you recently, right A-Sui? Bring him out for us to look at, he’s just a secretly-born illegitimate son, A-Sui, you don’t need to mind too much.”

Yan Zhou put special emphasis on Lin Sui taking Yan Qin out, stressing those words.

“Got it.”

Lin Sui put down the pen, looking at the gloomy day outside the window for a while.
Drops of water fell along the leaves, new opportunities for life sprouting out amidst the devastation.

It was also time to test the fruits of his recent teachings, he hoped Yan Qin wouldn’t disappoint him.

The phone call was ended, leaving behind the tone of a busy signal.

Yan Zhou looked at Song Yunqing by his side and smiled: “I told you, how could A-Sui be protecting that bastard? We’re his friends.”

As for the protection from before, it was just that A-Sui hated being made to lose face, that’s all.
It was very normal.

Song Yunqing didn’t answer, pushing up his glasses, his expression hard to recognise.

That evening, Yan Qin saw the Lin house’s car at the doorway.

It was the familiar Maybach which had recently been the young master’s favourite car.

Yan Qin had a faint premonition in his heart, he said goodbye to Chu Feng and Tao Ting, his steps carrying a slight sense of urgency even he was unaware of, and pulled open the car door.

Sure enough, a young man was seated on the back seat of the car.
He was wearing a black shirt today, which contrasted against his skin and made his neck seem even more white and slender.

Yan Qin closed the car door, setting down his bookbag by his side, and watched the young master who had his head down as he concentrated on something, so he didn’t speak to avoid disturbing him.

His line of sight fell on the blanket spread out on the car, unconsciously moving towards the young master’s feet.

The young master’s feet moved, and Yan Qin immediately looked away, somewhat indescribably flustered.

He subconsciously shifted his attention to the view outside the window, discovering that this was not the way to the Lin house.

When he caught sight of the more familiar landmarks, Yan Qin knew where they were going.

Was Lin Sui going to return him? Was he already fed up with him, or is this a repeat of the past?

Lin Sui didn’t care what kind of expression the person beside him was making or what he was thinking, he finished reading the information in his hands, pulled out his cellphone to send the news, and then closed the information and put it inside the car’s compartment.

The front of the water-facing villa was filled with balloons, it was a merry scene.

The dinner table was packed with drinks and food for the guests to enjoy, and brightly-dressed men and women chatted and laughed in the noisy scene.

But when Lin Sui stepped inside, everyone subconsciously lowered their voices.

When Lin Sui approached, he was surrounded by Yan Zhou and two others to escort him to the second floor.

“A-Sui, Yunqing specifically asked the chef at Yuhe House to make dishes that suit your taste, let’s go up and eat.”

Lin Sui agreed, and walked upstairs.

Seeing Lin Sui didn’t even turn his head back to look at Yan Qin, Yan Zhou grew more and more certain that Lin Sui was just experiencing some momentary novelty, he simply didn’t think he cared about Yan Qin in the way Song Yuning had said.

Actually, Song Yunqing had never said that kind of thing, but in Yan Zhou’s mind, Yan Qin having an easy time at Lin Sui’s house was equivalent to Lin Sui doting on him.

It was not until Lin Sui disappeared around the corner of the second floor that the cheerful atmosphere of the first floor returned, as though nothing had happened.

“The Lin family’s little ancestor is getting more and more frightening.”

Someone muttered, and the person beside them immediately agreed and hurried to change the topic.

The second floor was decorated with a small table with fine dishes spread out over it, Song Yunqing was already waiting there, and he pulled out a chair when he saw Lin Sui walking over.

“The new dishes from Yuhe House should be to your liking.”

Lin Sui used chopsticks to try some, and nodded in a rather pleased way: “Really good.”

Seeing Lin Sui’s face had opened up, the atmosphere at the table also improved.

Song Yunqing picked an interesting story to tell, and Lin Sui nodded and agreed with a few words from time to time.
In the friendly atmosphere, Yan Zhou shot a meaningful glance towards Song Yunqing.

Song Yunqing used the serving chopsticks to give Lin Sui a piece of Furong meat, smiling: “A-Sui, try this.”

As Lin Sui was chewing the food, he smiled again and asked: “How are your studies going?”


It wasn’t that Lin Sui didn’t see the exchange of glances between Yan Zhou and Song Yunqing, but he had long since expected it and he wasn’t going to stop it, so he followed along with Song Yunqing’s conversation.

“Oh, right, I just remembered I got a good bottle of wine two days ago, I’ll go fetch it for you to try.”

Yan Zhou got up from his seat and went to the first floor.

Lin Sui didn’t see in which direction Yan Zhou left.
He looked out to see the swimming pool outside the window, and looked away.

The evening mist was heavy, and the faint sound of thunder could be heard from outside.

The System: [Someone is bullying the Son of Fortune, quickly go defend him.]

The noisy sound of the System in his mind, accompanied with the increasingly louder sound of thunder, easily made him feel irritable.

But Lin Sui ate calmly, occasionally chatting and laughing with Song Yunqing, with no indication of it on his face.

As the raindrops began to fall, Lin Sui wiped his mouth and stood up from his seat.

“It’s such a pity that the weather isn’t good, otherwise we would have been able to go out on a walk.”

Song Yunqing spoke a little regretfully.
Lin Sui didn’t answer, he walked towards the windowsill and looked out to ripples on the surface of the pool caused by the rain.

That place was bustling with activity, Yan Qin had been thrown in, and when his head broke the surface, it was pushed down by Yan Zhou.

“A bastard is just a bastard, born in the shadows as an illegitimate child, a rat forever at the bottom of society.”

Yan Zhou’s condescending and humiliating words echoed in his ears, but Yan Zhou remained unmoved.

Yan Zhou had his reasons for hating him, he had never disputed them, and he was also used to these words, but Yan Zhou’s next words made his heart turbulent.

“Don’t think a pheasant can become a phoenix, and don’t think about dipping even a single finger into the Yan family’s assets.
Did you think you would be able to change everything by acting like a lapdog and currying favour with A-Sui? What kind of person is A-Sui that could be touched by a dirty thing like you?

“You’re only a borrowed dog and a passing fancy for him, as long as he beckons, there are plenty of people more obedient than you willing to step forward.
What do you think you are? Anyone could replace you, A-Sui doesn’t care about you, it would be better for you to stop your wishful thinking.”

Of course, Yan Qin knew he wasn’t irreplaceable, and he knew that he was dispensable as far as Lin Sui was concerned.

He shouldn’t have paid attention to it, if it wasn’t for the situation forcing him to, he wouldn’t have given in.

But inexplicable emotions rushed forth, making him almost unable to breathe.

Would there be someone else to replace him? Would someone replace him?

Would Lin Sui let another person sleep in his room? Let another person wipe his body dry?

Would he fasten a necklace on them? Would he cup their face in his hands and kiss them?

Would he become their support, and call them a priceless treasure?

The silver chain circling his neck seemed to be a lock binding his life at the moment, and it seemed to be some kind of energy he could depend on to survive.

How could there be such a rightfully domineering person in the world, who made people feel the blood rushing under their skin feel like a numbing itch and drumming nerves, and who stabbed Yan Qin’s heart more and more until it was dripping with blood.

Yan Qin didn’t want to care, he knew that it was a gorgeous flower riddled with thorns.

His beautifully alluring appearance was brimming with a showy, poisonous fragrance, and the soul hidden within it was a spiralling snake flicking it’s tongue, taking a bite out of his pulsing heart, making him unable to forget, becoming unable to stop himself from indulging.

It was not a treasure he could pick, it was a delusional desire that had nothing to do with his future plans, but he could not control the spread of his frenzied emotions.

A dense and distorted ink colour began to smudge in his eyes, it was inexorable jealousy, a baseless jealousy towards an existence that had not yet appeared.

That blue butterfly roamed about all over his soul, and the memory of that leaping fish with the interweaving white and silver scales made his heart ache.

As Yan Qin was pushed into the water again, in the midst of his struggle to survive, it seemed as though he could see that nix.

As he struggled as hard as he could to break free from the water, the mockery and taunts in his ears became muddled noise, water drops beaded on his eyelashes, and the rain water blurred his vision, but Yan Qin continued to look in a certain direction, like a believer trying to catch sight of a lighthouse in the middle of a storm.

The lighthouse which seemed to exist in his imagination unexpectedly really appeared.
He stood on the second floor window, looking down on everything, like a god indifferent to the joy and suffering of all living things.

How could a mortal step into the realm of the gods? Naturally, by listening to the oracles.

——My dog is still superior to others.

——I don’t like rubbish.

——There won’t be a next time.

Inside the ice-cold water, the silver chain on his neck seemed to be faintly burning.
Yan Qin hurriedly reached for the bracelet he’d put in his pocket, and when he touched it, his heart settled down.

As the rain grew stronger and stronger, Yan Zhou was a little annoyed, cursing ‘bad luck’.

He saw Yan Qin on the verge of dying and let go in disgust, planning on going inside to avoid the rain.

The instant he turned around, thunder struck down with a loud rumble, and in the midst of this muffled sound, he ignored a few sounds.

Yan Zhou suddenly had his mouth covered as he was dragged inside the pool, the ice-cold water penetrated his nose and got into his windpipe, causing him to struggle frantically.

In the midst of the purple lightning, Yan Qin’s pale face and indifferent eyes seemed like those of a malicious spirit that demanded his life, making his heart panic.

Some people shrieked, some people yelled, and some people jumped into the water to separate the two people and assist them, in the midst of the rolling thunder, it seemed like a farce.

As the most stirring movement of the music played, Lin Sui turned around and sat down on the chaise lounge.

“Yan Zhou took his game a little too far this time, his father won’t recognise other children, he didn’t need to do that…..”

Song Yunqing, who witnessed everything, sighed softly, guessing Lin Sui’s attitude, but then saw the young man laying on the soft chair lift his hand and make a movement.

Lin Sui pressed his index finger against his lips, closing his eyes in satisfaction, enjoying the sound of the howling wind and the torrential rain, like it was a majestic offering.

Footsteps sounded, leaving behind wet footprints from the cold water.

A tall young man, looking like a silent ghost, stepped inside the villa.

Everyone knew he had just almost killed Yan Zhou, and they moved away one by one, making way for him.

Yan Qin walked slowly up the flight of steps, catching sight of the young man resting with his eyes closed.

The young man’s wrist hung down from the side, looking white as frost against the black fabric, it’s blue green veins clearly defined.

Yan Qin took out that silver bracelet with the word ‘Lin’ engraved on it, fastening it to the young man’s wrist.

The silver bracelet had been soaked in water, and the water drops slid down along the wrist, flowing into Lin Sui’s palm.

Lin Sui opened his eyes, stroking Yan Qin’s hair as a reward.

Song Yunqing looked at this strange, heart-pounding scene from the side, frowning.

But he saw that lowly bastard son, still unsatisfied, holding onto the wrist of that aloof and remote young master, and pressing his cheek against the young master’s palm.

That pair of pitch-black eyes looked towards him, as if in declaration.

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