Ch 1 – Second Generation Ancestor x Illegitimate Child: Rebirth

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July days were long, and the sun shone down on the suburban horse track, making people feel like the heat was somewhat unbearable.

A young master wearing a black shirt sat in the shade at the innermost part, with a look so dark other people saw him but didn’t dare approach, creating a vacuum.

Someone saw him and thought about stepping forward to strike up a conversation, but they were immediately pulled back by their companion.

“Do you not want to live anymore? That’s the Lin family’s living ancestor, he’s clearly not in a good mood right now, are you going to go give him something to vent his anger out on?”

As soon as the person preparing to go up to him heard that he was Lin Sui, they immediately gave up on their idea.

Even if people in the circle had never seen Lin Sui’s appearance, they had heard about Lin Sui’s reputation.
Although he looked like an easy to talk to beauty, he was actually a genuinely domineering, arrogant and wild man who had endless ways of humiliating people.
He was a little tyrant who shouldn’t be trifled with, and the people he bore grudges against suffered a lot, to say the least.

What the people coming and going in the horse track didn’t know was that, at this time, the person sitting in the shade had already changed his core, and this Lin Sui wasn’t that Lin Sui anymore.

Lin Sui was in an extremely gloomy mood now, if everything had gone according to the usual trajectory, he should have been scattered into ashes and smoke a few minutes ago, and wouldn’t be sitting in this place completing some damn mission.

He could clearly see a floating, light blue bead, which made him want to cut his skull open and forcefully take it out.
Unfortunately, modern medicine couldn’t detect the existence of this thing.

The Will of Heaven sensed his malice, and the bead emitted a transparent, electric current, making Lin Sui’s head hurt like he had been pricked by needles.

[You must remember, your mission is to retrieve the remnants of the Son of Fortune’s scattered soul, serve him as master in every world, and spare no effort for him until your dying day!]

Lin Sui had just heard these words once a few minutes prior, he endured the lingering pain in his nerves and propped his cheek up, lazily answering.

[I know, my memory isn’t that bad yet, but if you shock me again a few times that may not necessarily be the case.]

The Will of Heaven, that is, the System, since Lin Sui wanted to give this thing a more modern name, stopped it’s so-called disciplining.

The System warned: [You better know your place.]

Lin Sui sneered, and didn’t answer.

As for the situation up until now, there was actually somewhat of a sense that he only had himself to blame for it, but Lin Sui was unwilling to describe it that way himself, it would actually be better to say that the loser was always in the wrong1.

This was Lin Sui’s third life.
In his first life, he was a wronged rich young master who was able to reverse all of his disadvantages and seize power, unfortunately, he wasn’t able to enjoy it for long before he died.

After he died, he had a second life.
He transmigrated into a book.

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He transmigrated into a xuanhuan2 cultivation novel, and turned into a cannon fodder with a human cauldron constitution3, doomed to become a servant.

Lin Sui never accepted the misfortunes decreed by fate, and he strived hard to cultivate with his human cauldron body, but unfortunately the body bestowed onto him by destiny was unfit for marrow cleansing, so no matter how much he struggled or how much effort he put in, he was unable to use the spiritual power stored in his body.

It seemed that he was a tool for storing spiritual power, who could only wait for someone to pluck him up and take away his spiritual energy in a constant stream.

After failing every kind of method, Lin Sui met the cultivation text’s protagonist.

The protagonist, what an alluring word.

He possessed the dao bone Lin Sui wanted but couldn’t have.
Lin Sui knew the protagonist would still be able to cultivate again after losing this dao bone, and that he only had this once chance.

Lin Sui had already paid a great price in business dealings with other people to exchange for their dao bones, but unfortunately he was unable to harmonise with them.
According to the story, only the spiritual dao bone in the protagonist’s body could perfectly adapt to any person.

This was a cultivation novel without a CP, and the protagonist was a virgin who was wholeheartedly devoted to the Dao, so Lin Sui seduced him in order to approach him.

When he cut open the other’s dao bone and merged it with his own body, Lin Sui was prepared to fail and die.
There was no harm in taking a gamble.
If he succeeded, he wouldn’t have to be a servant again, and he was willing to pay the price for his own actions.
If he failed, death was also a solution.
He cherished life, but he didn’t want to live like a waste.

But what he didn’t expect was that, in that split second when he merged, the Heavenly Law was furious and immediately struck him down.

He should have died and had his soul scattered, but the funny thing was that, because the protagonist was right next to him, that thunder struck the Son of Fortune and scattered his soul into the small worlds, so the Will of Heaven did not intend to let him die, making him atone for his crime instead.

Like in the cultivation novel, the Son of Fortune was also beautiful, strong, and miserable in the other small worlds, extremely tragic at first.
He had to protect the Son of Fortune, become his golden finger, and allow the Son of Fortune to climb to the top.

This was coercion.
Lin Sui didn’t have the right to say no, he was simply kidnapped and brought here.

This was the first world, his identity was that of a respected, arrogant and domineering rich young master doted on by many, and his old lover, the original protagonist he was linked to, was a pitiful and lowly illegitimate child.

[The Son of Fortune has appeared! Quickly go to him and provide assistance, protect him!]

The System’s voice suddenly rose, urging Lin Sui.

Lin Sui’s line of sight fell on the centre of the horse track, looking like he was watching a show.

The young man wearing stable hand’s clothes was shoved down to the ground, and silently faced a scolding.

“How rubbish, you can’t even lead a horse, are you just waiting for me to fall to my death so you can be the eldest young master?”

Yan Zhou held a horse whip in his hand, cursing extremely violently.

The people standing around were all watching the scene cross-armed, everyone knew the person lying on the ground was the Yan family’s illegitimate son.
His mother was an outsider who sneakily got pregnant and sent him back to the Yan family at sixteen years old.
After taking a paternity test, the Yan family’s head was forced to pinch his nose and recognise this child, bringing him into his home.

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But to say he was raised at home just meant that he was tormented at home, that’s all.
Yan Zhou was not a person with a good character and, faced with the sudden appearance of this illegitimate younger brother, he was in as bad a mood as he could be, switching the ways in which he bullied him, while the Yan family’s head turned a blind eye to it.
As long as he didn’t do anything too excessive, he wouldn’t care.

Yan Zhou never pretended to

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