Episode 08 The Magic Class of the Devil 

“You mean… this?” 

“Yes, give me a bite of that.” 

Muriel quickly stole the chicken leg from August’s hardened hand with embarrassment. 

When I was distributed, I could pass by pretending not to see it, but I couldn’t stand it when I was stimulated by my five senses.
The taste of chicken was drawn in my head before I could bite it. 

Crispy, the texture of it between the teeth was perfect.
But… But the taste… 

“That’s too much.” 

The chicken tasted heavenly in my head, but in my mouth, it was just a damp, oily, and fluffy lump.
I suddenly hated the world.
If you have to live with food torture like this and chew on a bunch of scented paper… The end of the world seemed not far off. 

“You need meat to cheer you up, right?’’ 


“Why? Does it taste bad?” 

August asked when Muriel put down the chicken that she now thought was just a pie in the sky. 

“Shall we get some food from the master chef at my house? It’ll be better than the food here.” 

“No, they’re all the same.” 

“Our chef is good at cooking lamb.
There’s no smell, and if you take a bite of the juicy meat, it’s full of flavor…!” 

“August, don’t torture me.” 


Muriel scooped up the bright green soup in front of her.
I don’t know what it is, but I thought it would be good for my body if it looked green, so I brought it to my lips.
It was better to eat food that went down smoothly than having to chew that which you can’t even taste. 



“No, it’s nothing.” 

Muriel scooped up the soup expressionlessly and made eye contact with Kaiton.
Since when did it start? I’ve been trying so hard to avoid it, but I can’t believe I’m meeting both of them here.
My luck was really bad today. 

“You’re staring at me again….” 

Kaiton stopped eating and stared at Muriel.
It was strange that Muriel did not notice the identity of Kaiton in the novel, even though he was aiming for her so obviously. 

“Who’s looking at Muriel? Because you’re the star of the Saint, they must be curious.” 

“I hope they don’t get curious again since those eyes of curiosity are burning me..” 

Kaiton was still looking at Muriel with a strange expression.
I don’t know why you’re staring at people uncomfortably when you’re here to eat.
Are you still doubting the magic that Muriel has? 

“You’ll have to get used to it.
Whether you are a saint or not, there will be no one in the kingdom who doesn’t know Muriel.” 

“Wasn’t a saint a person with not much presence?” 

Muriel leaned her elbow against the table and covered her face, pretending to concentrate on the conversation to escape Kaiton’s persistent gaze.
I used to curse the ostrich who would bury his head in the sand when it encountered a predator, but now doing the same, I understood the poor bird’s heart.
It was much more comforting to be able to see. 

I wondered if Kaiton was still sitting there and staring at me but I couldn’t lower the arms covering my head. 

Muriel only drank the soup.
It helped erase the awkwardness rather than staying still, and I wanted to hurry up and empty the bowl and leave my seat. 

“It’s been 12 years since I lost my life and came back to life.
It’s become more special.” 

“Well, he’s good when he’s around.
Now you’re late.” 

“Is that how it works?” 

August scratched his forehead embarrassingly.
Usually, such a move would have to make a person look a little naive and pure, but August’s decadent beauty had a tremendous effect. 

It was just scratching his forehead as if he was embarrassed, but it created a sweet atmosphere that seemed to attract people.
Perhaps Muriel was not the only one who felt that way, but women’s cries burst out at the same time throughout the restaurant. 

Yeah, it’s kind of a ridiculous look.
August always showed too much coordination, which was a perfect match.
His face would be buried unless he looked quite fancy, but the thing that always shines the most was his racy-looking face. 

“Why? Is there something on my face?” 

Muriel looked flatly at him, and August smiled nicely again and swept his forehead. That, that’s what you were aiming for.
Muriel could not help but hear the embarrassing praise.
And yet he just smiled as if he couldn’t hear anything. 

“Oh, my.
That smirk… Young lady..
You’re really lucky there… Oh, it’s food.” 

“Yes, it’s the best.
Even if I eat it all the time, it’s thrilling every time.
It’s a good restaurant.” 

“Hmm… It’s deliciously spicy.
You could’ve done a little more spicier….” 

The women suddenly complimented the food in a fuss, but it’s not an admiration for the food. 

“You know that’s not about food right now, right?” 

“Huh? What?” 

“Pretending not to know.
A man who knows what he’s good at is somehow annoying.
Is this remorse I am feeling?” 

“What? Was I mean?” 

Well, why ask that, August? You know how you feel the most.
I said strange things because I was distracted by Kaiton’s gaze. 

“No, it’s not.” 

“Oh? On Muriel’s lips…” 

Before Muriel could respond, August touched Muriel’s lips with his finger.
There was green soup on the tip of his finger.
He forced it in, it seemed that I ate it with my mouth. 

“Oh, my.
Did you just touch your lips? I think I’m going to have trouble breathing, Young Lady.” 

“Drool… This is deliciously spicy.” 

“Oh my! What virtue did Muriel Storm earn from August?”” 

Women who indirectly praised August by comparing it to food screamed.
They forgot to sneak a peek, pretending not to be anymore, and blushed at August. 

“What is this?” 

Despite her glare, August smiled and remained calm.
His smile full of mischief. 

“Fan service.” 

August replied with a wink, saying each letter with strength. 

“Don’t tell me you think I don’t know? I’m just giving back the love I received from the Young Ladies” 

“You must have used me for your fan service” 

“If Muriel uses me next time, I won’t say anything.” 

“So you admit you’re using me now?’’ 

“Well, it depends on what you think! Kahk-’’ 

August, who was enjoying people’s eyes and taking soup from his hands leisurely, coughed loudly.
Like a poisoned person, his blood vessels stood on his neck and he coughed so roughly that his face turned black. 

“What… What is it? is this also fan service…?” 


“…Shall I call the priest?” 

As Muriel got up from her, August grabbed Muriel by the wrist and coughed to almost death again. 

“Khaf-khaf=khaf-khaf-khaf-khaf It’s so hard…!” 

“What? Say it properly.” 


Tears were gathering in August’s eyes, he drank water and raised his head, his eyes full of disgust.
And yet Muriel didn’t seem very agitated.
She was indifferent even though a person was almost dying in front of him. 

August reflected on Muriel, who did not even give him a worried look, thinking that Muriel must have a lot of hatred for him. 

Still, He was out of breath, but I couldn’t give him my water, but she didn’t miss hiding the cup because she was afraid August would drink her water. 

“I thought you were poisoned.” 

“You’ve been eating this all this time?”” 

August roared.
He looked at Muriel with wreary eyes. 

“With such a casual face….” 

He looked as if he were looking at a traitorous wife.
Even if Jiabi, who devoted her life to her life, set up a new house with a young and beautiful woman, she would not have looked so sad. 

“…why? Is there a problem…?” 

Muriel, who couldn’t taste it, was nervous.
Is the food bad? It was rotten, but I was still eating it calmly, it must’ve looked ridiculous. 

“This is jalapeno soup! Ugh… I still feel like my esophagus is burning.
My lips hurt.
Is this food? Isn’t that a weapon for poisioning?” 

“You’re bluffing a bit, August.” 

I thought I was nervous for no reason, but my vision suddenly became blurred.
What… What is it? I’m short of breath and I’m feeling hot. 

My hands and feet trembled, and my sweat dripped down. 

What the hell is this? Did Kaiton curse Muriel or something? Is that why you stared at me like that? 

looking back at Kaiton in surprise, he was still looking at Muriel.
With a face full of twisted ridicule, just looking at Muriel seems unpleasant. 

“He’s really…!” 

If you can’t escape, you have to make the first move.
I’ve had enough now.
As I was about to go to question Kaiton, August’s startled voice caught Muriel. 

“Muriel’s lips….” 

“Do fan service by yourself.” 

“It’s not that… Muriel’s lips are very….” 

I wondered what my lips were like, so I put my hand them but it felt like I touched two plump salted pollack roe with my hand. 

“Are these my lips?” 

The pronunciation was broken, and when I pressed them with my hand, my lips were puffed up.
I can’t believe I didn’t notice until it got to this extent.
The soup was spicy, but I didn’t think it was this spicy. 

I thought I would be comfortable in the future because I didn’t have any pain, but it wasn’t necessarily a good thing.
I almost poisoned myself without knowing anything? 

Kaiton stood in front of Muriel with a simple plate of food on it. 

“Dinner time is so noisy” 

August pretended to know, asking if he ate well despite Kaiton’s sarcasm.
He would not have had a good feeling for Kaiton since the last disturbance, but he never revealed it.
It was an attitude that it was natural to cooperate only for joint goals, excluding one’s emotions thoroughly. 

Kaiton, on the other hand, stiffened his expression by twisting his lips whenever he saw August like a elementary school student.
In a way, August was always sloppy and expressive, but he was cool, and Kaiton was always expressionless, but he often moved according to his emotions. 

“You ate it all?” 

On top of Kaiton’s plate was a green soup left over.
Did you check it throughout the meal? Do you eat all the spicy soup or not? 

“Because I can.
What  about you?” 

I wanted to answer in a cool way.
So, what do you want me to do? I wanted to answer in a chic way.
But I answered like a duck because of my swollen lips. 

Keaton left with a frown like a man who saw something he shouldn’t see.
What’s this sense of defeat? 

“I didn’t know Muriel liked spicy food this much.
Next time, I’ll invite you to my mansion and treat you to spicy food from the north.” 

“Duyong, Hwi Haehyo.” * 

“What… what?” 

The tactless August was only vented on while clinging to the angry Muriel.
Realizing that nothing could be said but would only look ridiculous with those duck lips, Muriel stepped past August with weight. 

When August was embarrassed, she stared at him with a brazen face, saying, “What, what!” The good thing is that August has the last sense, so he caught Muriel leaving the restaurant. Why? Are you embarrassed? you look like a duck, but it’s okay.
It’s cute. He didn’t say such nonsense this time. 

It was fortunate since Muriel would have been tempted by the end of the world if he had. 

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