Episode 07 The Devil’s Magic Class 

When Kaiton reached out to Muriel, a sword flew in and pinned his robe to the wall. 

It was August. 

“Crawford, what is the meaning of this?” 

“It’s annoying…” 

Only Muriel could hear Kaiton murmuring softly.
In his black eyes, the irritated murderous intention of “Shall I kill him?” seemed to cross. 

No! August had to live for the peace of the kingdom. 


At Muriel’s urgent call, Kaiton turned around, and the sword flew in again.
The sword may have used mana to float in the air and threaten Kaiton’s neck.
if he moved again at all, it would cut him down and kill him. 

Damn it, we’re gonna have to work together to save him.
I was nervous because of August who kept provoking the devil without knowing.
As the second knife clung close to the skin, Kaiton’s face became cold.
Whether he knew what kind of existence he was threatening, August stood up peacefully and brushed the dust off him. 

“I got hit properly.” 

August smiled playful as usual, but his eyes were serious as if a switch had been turned on.
The glaring eyes were definitely the prosecutor’s, so it was embarrassing.
I thought he would be just flustered and playful, but he seemed to be a competitive prosecutor. 

“It’s great magic, but I’m good enough to protect my juniors… I won’t put up with this rudeness anymore.” 


“Muriel, don’t worry.
I’ll save you.” 

It’s for sure. 

August was a little tactless. Muriel’s expression looking at me is asking for help.
I didn’t know how you thought that enough to the point to want to kill him because of his insults. 

Muriel realized that the stronger August’s foolish energy continued, the stronger the dark and dreary energy Kaiton emitted. 

“I’m fine, so put the knife away.” 

“Are you worried? Don’t worry, I won’t go too far.” 

“Who cares who! Don’t make things worse.
Stay out of it!” 


Muriel roared, and August looked stunned.
Only then did the tension that had been around Kaiton die down. 

“Again, I don’t need protection.
Put the knife away and stay out.
I’ll take care of it.” 

“Young Lady Muriel….” 

“Right now!” 

August slid down the sword that was threatening Kaiton like a timid dog curling its tail.
He seemed unhappy, but he seemed to be more surprised by Muriel, who had a temper with her fierce eyes. 

“It’s a misunderstanding.” 


The cold sunken eyes of Kaiton swept Muriel’s face.
He laughed at the poor explanation and raised the tip of his chin with an expression telling her to continue. 

“It’s not forbidden magic, it’s protective magic that my father developed for me before he died.” 

“Protective magic?’’ 

“Yes, as you know, my Pasio is terrible.
It’s a special protective magic to protect Pasio.” 

“That’s a lame excuse, Young Lady Muriel.” 

Muriel did not shy away from Kaiton’s gaze.
If you’re confident enough with your lie, they would fall for it. I was going to push it forcefully to the wall.
That’s all I had. 

“Think about it.
Who would put a forbidden spell on something like me? My Pasio’s terrible, and a normal girl like me doesn’t have any ability.
This is the first time I’ve been out of the Storm’s territory.
If anyone could put something as great as an ancient prohibition spell on someone as Crawford said, they wouldn’t have used it on me.
It’s right next to the Storm Territory, which is known to be harmful.” 

Kaiton’s expression became fiercer.
He laughed at her by rolling up the corners of his mouth again, but the look of contempt was more stronger than ever. 

‘’Do you want to tell me you’re so poor at magic that there was a prohibition spell put on you?” 

“Yeah, sort of.” 

“That’s terrible.” 

“It’s very useless.” 


Believe it or not, I didn’t think so.
He stared at Muriel for a while.
He had a fishy smile on his mouth, but I couldn’t read what he was thinking because his eyes were darkened.
But seeing the prolonged silence, he didn’t seem to know exactly what magic was at stake in Muriel. 

“You’ve never left your territory?” 

Is that important? I was not certain because Muriel’s memory had so many empty parts, but as far as Muriel remembered, this was the first she left her territory except for when she attended the academy.
Of course, the Muriel before I possessed her. Hey, Devil.
Do you know about Seoul? Have you heard of the republic of Korea? 

“As far as I remember.” 

“Are you sure?’’ 


Is there anyone who can be 100% sure of their memory? Time goes by for everyone, and memories fade. 

“The magic engraved on your body is ancient magic.
It’s not magic to protect Pasio.” 


“I can’t believe the young lady’s words.” 

“As far as I remember, my father…!” 

“If you’re not lying.” 

Kaiton’s voice was a little rousing.
The eyes looking at Muriel were like the eyes of a teacher looking at an undesirable disciple.
Pathetic, stuffy, pitiful eyes.
The eyes are filled with resentment. 

“Yes, I can’t believe your memory, even if it’s not a lie.
The lost memory may contain the information of forbidden spells.” 

But that was very unlikely.
Muriel was just a character in a novel.
There is no way that the author did not explain such an important setting. 

The magic he discovered was more likely to be the magic that possessed Muriel, who was in Seoul, and had her possess the Muriel here.
I can’t tell him this, though. 

“It’s terrible.” 

Kaiton, who was staring at Muriel, turned his head as if he didn’t want to deal with her anymore if se wasn’t answering rightly. 

It’s uncomfortable, but if he’s lost interest in trying to figure out what the magic is on Muriel, that’s fine.
It was a relief. 

While staring at Kaiton with narrow eyes, August, who had been quietly with love as Muriel said, strode up to Muriel.
After some closure with Kaiton, he seemed to think he could step in now.
He grabbed Muriel’s hand. 

“Why is Muriel terrible? That’s what you’ve been thinking? It’s a stupid thought.” 

Muriel laughed in vain.
August looked like he was just going to play with or tease women’s hearts without a grain of sincerity, but he was actually a very good man.
He had a good sense and was as tactless as a bear who looked like he would have made a fuss about the people he loved.
The only thing resembling a fox about him was his appearance.  

That’s why Muriel did it in the novel.
Muriel wanted to be more hard on August when she found out he was a good man.
It would be nice to have a good friend, but it wouldn’t be good to be close to her. 

“Don’t step in on a whim next time.” 

Muriel took August’s hand off.
Considering that he hold hands or shoulders without hesitation and the distance is incredibly narrow, it seemed true that he was used to dating around and socializing a lot.
That’s why it’s even more amazing.
It’s really hard to be able to stay true to yourself even though you’ve made so many connections. 

“Don’t grab it so recklessly.” 

“…I’m sorry.” 

August seemed frustrated as if he had a lot to say, but he apologized kindly.
It was Muriel who was sorry.
Because she’d let such a good man die in the end. 


Kaiton quenched his agitation and looked back at Muriel with a brooding look. 

“Don’t use magic on me again.
Don’t forget that Crawford’s only job is to find a saint.
If you’re going to do anything else, I won’t allow it next time.” 

It was also a warning against his plans to take Pacio away with Ur’s sculpture.
Kaiton laughed coldly, as if he understood it.
Blinking dangerous eyes as if you could stop it.
I thought he’d say mean things like, ” So What if you don’t condone it?” but he didn’t say anything. 

Since then, several classes and magic supplementations have continued, but Muriel avoided Kaiton’s eyes as much as possible, and returned to the accommodation in a hurry after the schedule was over.
She ran away, hitting the wall against August, who was persistent. 

The operation to avoid the two was quite successful.
Kaiton was too busy to be following Muriel around, and August looked like a fool, but he had a lot of work to do as Eclum’s young master. 

However, perhaps she was unlucky today, August appeared next to Muriel, who was sitting alone in the restaurant. 

“Can I sit next to you, Muriel?” 

“There are a lot of empty seats around.” 

She refused without wasting a breath, but August sat opposite Muriel without listening.
Even though Muriel glared at him with a sullen stare, asking why he asked if he was going to do so anyway.
August bit down on an apple with a unique friendly smile. 

There were definitely apples that were cut to look good and eat available, but it was hard to believe that he was the richest Eclum in the kingdom when he chewed on whole apples. 

Looking gorgeous and coy, he ate well and adapted well.
After Kaiton conducted a few classes without August, he also entered the court wizards’ quarters, and seemed to have adapted well to the cramped room. 

Rovelia secretly complained about how shabby the facilities were here and how uncomfortable and unpleasant her room was, but August never did.
On the contrary, after entering this place, he said he slept well, and his face became smoother. 

“It’s more delicious if you eat it together.
The food here is too salty, sweet, spicy, and greasy to eat alone.” 


August brought five bowls of plates.
Still, he didn’t put a lot of food on them because he was an aristocrat, but it was still quite a large enough amount to be called a meal. 

“I thought you liked the food here” 

“I don’t know what to say when you ask me if I like it or not, but I don’t hate it enough to the point of opening up a portal and going home for every meal.” 

“I had no idea; you always eat well.” 

“You need to eat this much to maintain your body.
Don’t I do physical labor?” 

It was not convincing because it was said while cutting the piece of a meat as big as fish, but it was amazing that he could eat it so well even though he hated it. 

Muriel couldn’t do that.
August said that the food here was too salty, sweet, spicy, and greasy, but all Muriel could feel was that the food here was hot, cold, greasy, dry, soft, and so on. 

“Muriel is full with just one soup? You need to eat well to cheer up during class.” 

Muriel’s side effects from being possessed by the novel were not only not feeling of pain.
She couldn’t taste it either.
At first, I thought the food here was bland, but I realized that the problem was with me only when I felt a faint salty taste even after sprinkling salt like snow. 

I could humbly accept everything she was given, including magic incompetence, the most evil woman, the shepherd girl of the kingdom, but I can’t stand being not being able to taste. 

I was depressed again.
What a joy it is to eat in life, and I can’t believe it’s been taken away. 

When I saw August holding and tearing off the golden chicken legs, my mouth was watering.
The sense of smell was alive, so I could smell it vividly felt.
The crisp, crisp sound of chewing a well-done shell hit the eardrums ironically. 

For some reason, Muriel muttered as if bewitched as she looked at August’s chicken legs. 

“Can I have a bite of that?’’ 

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