confidence that he would be loved anywhere.

“No way.
I’m so relieved that Eclum is here with us.
Eclum helped me a lot when I was at the Academy.”

“… it was a small thing, and you remembered it.”

“Of course, then August… Oh my…!”

She called August casually like a friend and covered her mouth with wide, rabbit-like eyes as if belatedly realizing her mistake.

“I’m sorry, Young Master Eclum.”

Rovelia, who blushed shyly and pulled down her eyelashes, was seen as a lovely girl who certainly welcomed her old friend.

Muriel’s insides began to twist again, even though there was nothing to look at.


Muriel carefully shut her mouth and took refuge by the window.
I opened the window a little and breathed fresh air, so my stomach calmed down a little.

“Call me August, Rovelia.”

“But now you’re the young master of Eclum….”

“Before that, aren’t we classmates at the Academy? The formalities between old friends are just cumbersome.
Don’t you agree, Muriel?”

“No, I… Ugh…!”

We are not friends, so I wanted to tell you to speak formally, but my stomach got worse because I met Rovelia’s glittering eyes.

Muriel nodded inevitably as Rovelia approached and kept looking at her as if to hold her hand.

“I feel reassured to be with my friends.
I was worried that I had to learn the magic of white magic that I didn’t expect….”

“White magic.
What do you mean, Rovelia?”

When August stiffened his smiling face and asked sharply, Rovelia replied cautiously, looking at Kaiton.
She looked embarrassed that she had unintentionally told on him.

Crawford said we should learn magic because we might not be saints.”

“What are you talking about, Crawford?”

Kaiton’s face showed an expression of annoyance.

‘’All you need to do is support me well, Sir Elcum.
I’ve already explained the details to the Young Ladies.’’

“Answer me, Crawford.
I’ve never heard anything as absurd as a saint learning magic.
Are you not going to carry out Sharan’s orders to find a saint?”

“Well… I’m not obliged to answer to Prince Elcum, but I’ll tell you since you claim to be the guardian of the young ladies.’’

Kaiton was pointing out that Rovellia was secretly handing over her work to August, but Rovelia didn’t seem to understand.
Muriel was falsely accused of being treated as a child for nothing, but she said nothing because he secretly hoped August would win.

“It’s not the appearance of a saint that the oracle should pay attention to.”

“Then what are you saying?”
“The birth of a hero who will save the kingdom.”


That’s too much.

Muriel, who knew Kaiton’s plot, could only hear it forcibly, but August seemed to have a lot of thoughts.

You’ve been taken in by Kaiton’s impudence.

The room became quiet.
Rovelia and August were absorbed in their thoughts for a long time.

Kaiton came to Muriel’s side and closed the window she had left open.

“Do you feel sick?”

He whispered in Muriel’s ear.

He noticed Muriel sneaking off to the window to soothe her sick stomach.

“No, I don’t.”

Her voice cracked as she answered, taking a step away from Kaiton.
It was because I got nervous again without realizing it.
Was it fear? No it wasn’t.
Even if the feeling of fear grew, it couldn’t be identified as that.
It was more like the feeling of irritation and exploding anger.
It was similar to when the survival instincts of a herbivore was triggered.

“No problem.”

“Is that so? Then let’s get started.
Let us hold hands, Young lady Muriel.
I’ll help you open your mana path.”

I couldn’t think of an excuse to get out of the situation.
I was forced to take Kaiton’s hand.
Immediately his magic came through his hands.
It felt different than before.

I felt like I was in the water.
The weight of water, which was light at first, became increasingly burdensome.
I was getting out of breath.
I felt like I was being swept away by a huge wave.
There was no way to escape from the pressure of water pressing against the heart from all sides.

August came as Muriel exhaled her overwhelming breath.

“Take your time.
Muriel is not used to magic, so it’s not good to be so forceful from the beginning.”

Kaiton glared dangerously and increased the amount of magic he’d poured into Muriel.
A blue glow of madness flashed through his black eyes.

I was about to drown in his hostility.

Muriel held his hand tightly as she could do so.
I didn’t want to show him any fear.



When he heard Muriel’s last breath escaping, August was startled and dropped the two.
Muriel leaned against August’s chest and gasped in the field.

“Oh, my.

It seemed that August was growling above my head, but I couldn’t understand it because my head was buzzing and the sound of breathing filled my ears.

“What the hell is this? Isn’t Muriel having a hard time?”

“Don’t disturb me.”

“Don’t go too far.
Muriel is different from the wizards in this tower.
What are you going to do if it goes wrong!”

“How surprising that you know that?”

Kaiton pushed up the mean corners of his mouth.
He reached out and August slid back.
It was as if the wind were pushing August’s body, and the ground was pulling him back.


Rovelia screamed and ran to August, who fell against the wall.

“Sigh… what a commotion… I shouldn’t have caused… It must be “sigh…”

“We have something we need to talk about quietly, Muriel.”

Kaiton drew close to Muriel, who was still breathing with her chest shaking.
He whispered in her ear with a cruel smile.

“What magic is on you?”

I’m under a spell? A thunderbolt crossed Muriel, who was frowning at the mysterious words.

I’m possessed in a novel!

What magic did it take to come to this world, to become Muriel?

Then I never wanted to be caught by Kaiton.

“Mu, what… magic…!”

‘’There is no doubt.
The ancient prohibition spell is casted on your body.
Why’s that?”


“Muriel Storm, who are you?”

hello! this is the translator, sorry for the long wait, my laptop still isn’t fixed yet, but the moment it does, I’ll definitely try to make up for it! Also, the original works has some inconsistent use of titles, except Rovelia and Muriel who are constantly referred to as ‘Young Lady’ for example August.
perhaps it’s my fault or the story is just like that.

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