Chapter 5: I think I’ve been possessed in a novel

There is no reason for Muriel to be afraid of court wizards.
If you don’t know who he is, you’ll feel grateful that he healed your wounds.
Muriel became afraid that he might have noticed her fear.

What if Kaiton, like an animal, noticed the smell of Muriel’s fear? Will he leave the only person in the world who knows who the devil is, alone?

Muriel peeped into Kaiton’s face and tried to find out what he was thinking, but could not find an answer.

“What have you done? I don’t think you’ve done something as simple as treatment.”

Muriel didn’t ask because she thought Kaiton would answer honestly.
He wasn’t that foolish.

However, Muriel could not bear it without asking.
‘Do you know that I’m not from this world?’ she wanted to ask questions that she shouldn’t unconsciously.
I bit my lips just in case I might ask him, ‘What would you do if I knew you were Ur?’
“I’ve only confirmed your Pasio.
Since I can’t use the UNET, that’s the only way, right?”

Did Kaiton feel the same way when Muriel told an obvious lie that she didn’t tremble? Muriel glared at him with her eyes wide open.

“Can’t you believe it?”

Kaiton chuckled.
There was a lot of ridicule that said, “So What if you don’t believe me?”

At the same time, he must have checked something else with some magic.
Magic was so conflicting that it was very difficult to use multiple spells at the same time, but Kaiton was a genius.
Nothing seemed impossible with him.
He is not the first monstrous wizard in the kingdom’s history to use all official four- and five unofficial-property magic for nothing.
(Kai Crawford, disguised, denies the use of black magic, a forbidden attribute for the record.)

But it would be impossible for Muriel, whose magical skills are as good as dead, to find out the evidence.
Muriel turned her head away so as not to give any more entertainment to him, who was enjoying tormenting and watching her be distressed.
Having finished his work, Kaiton returned to his seat, fluttering the hem of his robe.
He brushed against Muriel, and his robe came close enough to reach the hem of her dress.

Fortunately, the wound she had was completely healed by him.
It did hurt her pride a little that he’s showing off and healing her wounds.

Muriel was angry.
The whole kingdom spoke ill of her and ignored her, but it was particularly painful for Kaiton to stab her in the heart like this.
Keaton must have a gift for not only magic but also ridicule.

Kaiton took Rovelia’s hand and confirmed her Pasio.
Seeing Kaiton’s frown, it seemed that Pasio alone could not confirm who the saint was, as Muriel had expected.

“What do you say? Who is the Holy Saint of the Oracle?”

Nicholas Neville asked impatiently.

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean by that? I’m sure one of the two ladies have higher Pasio than other people.
The Young lady, who has Pasio overflowing enough to look over the whole kingdom, is the saint who will save the world with the eyes of Sharan.”

“None of the two ladies had a saint-like Pasio.”

“Both of them? No, that can’t be…The oracle is correct.
Did you check it properly?’’

“If the Hight Preist wants to see it for himself, please try it.
It would be troublesome to find a new UNET, but it’s not impossible, is it?”

The UNET that the high priest had broken was the largest and most elaborate UNET in the kingdom.
It would not be easy to get a new one of its caliber.

Keaton knew this and was being sarcastic, but the priest was so surprised that he could not recognize it.

“Lady Muriel Storm’s Pasio was impressive.”

“Is that so? What do you mean? Please don’t hesitate to talk to me about it more clearly.”

Keaton twisted the corners of his mouth to a mean smile.
He laughed ostentatiously at Muriel.
Muriel was furious at Kaiton’s ridicule, even though he knew her Pasio could play indefinitely.

Every time his sensual lips drew a savage arc, deep in her heart a throbbing emotion arose.

Muriel didn’t know exactly what to name the emotion, but it was clear that there was a mixture of anger and fear.

“In a third stage of magic, Pasio seemed to disappear.”

“Oh, dear!”

Nicholas Neville, hearing the shockingly terrible amount of Pasio, staggered with his head.

“Is that really all of it?’+****÷

The nobles, who were focusing on the conversation between the two, also reacted with surprise.

“Is it possible for a person to be born with only that much Pasio?””

“Isn’t it hard to live the rest of your life if you can only just play, eat, and breathe?”

“Muriel has been famous since the Academy for her terrible magic skills.
It’s not surprising.”

Muriel looked at the people who were talking thoughtlessly, treating her as someone who was not around, but only for a moment.

Like a person who did not care what they said, she sighed quietly and did not listen to them.

Kaiton looked at Muriel casually, and Nicholas clung to him, grasping the hem of his robe.

“Is it….Rovelia then? Is lady Dachini the Saint of the oracle? Either of them must be the Saint of the Oracle!”

Nicholas Neville, in his late thirties, always looked like a boy, but now he looks much older than he is.
His wrinkles, his furrows, the insanity and the stickiness of his hair, made him look old.

“Lady Dachini’s was a little better, but still at the same level.
Even if you are a saint, you’d have to retire right away.”

“Well, that can’t be….”

“Well, considering that the retirement of the saints is only death, it would be a miserable debut.”

It seemed that Kaiton had little intention of concealing himself.
Muriel wondered if Sharan would be angry at his disturbing words, but he was surprisingly calm.

In fact, Sharon was not interested in the saint at all.
It didn’t matter if the saint could never be resurrected.
It was better for the kingdom to pay attention only to his unique eyes.
His position and existence will become then more special.

“A saint who has no gift of prophecy nor much Pasio, she’ll be the most special saint ever.”

Many people were started by Sharan’s words and flinched.
Nicholas Neville, though, still had his hopes high.
His belief that the Holy Saint would appear and revive the declining temple remained unchanged.
“That cannot be true, Sharan.
The oracle left by the last saint is certainly true.
I can guarantee this as Nicholas.
I’m sure the saint who will appear this time will have a special power.
Aren’t they already different from the other saints in terms of age?”

“The holy woman who gave the oracle has already died, and the main characters of the oracle are like this, so isn’t it right to think that the oracle is wrong…?”

“That’s absolutely not true! The holy Saint who gave the oracle prophesied the truth until the day she died.
Everything was true.
There is absolutely no mistake.
There must be a hero among them who will save Sharan.”

Nicholas spoke like a goldfish, as if he had something more to say, but soon closed his mouth.

“We’ll see about that…Crawford.”

“Yes, Sharan.”

“As of now, you’re in charge of finding the real saint.”

“Sha, Sharan! The saint is under the jurisdiction of the temple.
The court wizard should not be involved….”

“That’s enough, Neville.
Don’t forget that your power should be used only for the saint and the royals.
It would be a waste to use your energy on finding a saint with humble abilities.”


“Are you still stubborn about wasting your energy?”

The power that Nicholas Neville received from heaven and the strength that he had earned through his blood and sweat was not Sharan’s, but Sharan, the master of the royal family and the watchman of the kingdom, believed that all those loyal to him were his.

“Oh, no.”

Nicholas leaned over deeply.
The important thing, however, was that the saint was on his side, so that he could give way to whoever was looking for the saint if he could find her.


When Sharan rose from the throne, a gentle voice caught him.
It was August Eclum, a dark-skinned man, and a player.
He was the most famous playboy in the kingdom, and he was always the number one favorite in the kingdom’s popularity vote, which is held secretly every year.

“What is it? Young Master Eclum.”

“I want to help the two young ladies adapt to the royal life.
May I have your permission?”

“The young master himself? Why?”

“I’m an alumnus of the same academy that the two ladies have studied from.
I thought I ought to help them, for they have become the stars of the oracle of the great saint.”

“That’s all?”

“That’s it, sir.”

Sharan burst into laughter.
He chuckled and laughed, shaking his shoulders.
Despite his obvious sarcasm, August stood upright without a frown.
He showed no signs of frustration or shame.
He waited calmly for the King’s permission.

“I see, Duke Pendragon.
What about your family? Is there no one in your family who would volunteer to help the saint? Now’s the only chance you’ll get.
Go ahead and tell me.”

‘’Apologies, but God has sent the Saint to help us but with the growing number of rising disasters in our city of Lehen, I’m afraid we cannot step forward this time.
I hope you’ll understand it with your generosity.”

Although it was a neat and well-mannered remark, Sharan’s face quickly became cold, as the Pendragon’s Lord had basically said that they were too busy dealing with real problems to have time for this.

“Well, Pendragon seems to be busy defending the kingdom, so I’ll leave it to Eclum to prevent the ladiesl from running around without a lead.
I allow Eclum’s young master to help Crawford in confirming who the saint of the oracle is.”

Sharan quickly left the banquet hall.
Nevertheless, August still bowed to the empty throne.

August was an extremely light-hearted man in rumors and the protagonist of numerous scandals, but Muriel knew truly how sincere and dedicated he was in reality.

He was the first person to be sacrificed after Muriel turned dark in the novel.

It was unfortunate that the only person the playboy offered his pure heart and love to was Muriel; who had no blood or tears.

August was dragged around without knowing that Muriel was using him, and was eventually executed by Sharan for the evil deeds committed by Muriel.

It was the first time that the three pillars that firmly supported the Sharan shook.

“I look forward to your kind cooperation, Muriel.’’

August smiled and held out his hand to Muriel.


Muriel did not hold August’s hand.
August, however, did not show any signs of displeasure, except with a sly smile.

Muriel will not let the novel flow as scheduled.
So it was better to keep a good distance from August.

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