Chapter 4: I think I’ve been possessed in a novel

“Mu…Muriel, don’t you think you should be treated first? I’ll treat you with my own divine power.
Once you just give me your hand….” 

“I refuse.” 

Muriel had no time to be depressed.
As Nicholas was tenacious in his adherence. 

All right, don’t be depressed. 

You knew from the beginning that this was fiction anyway.
All I have to do is to prevent the world from getting destroyed.
I hope you can identify the saint as quickly as possible.  

“You don’t have to be shy.
Give Nicholas a chance to make up for what he has done to your precious hand.” 

“That’s some kind of ghost-bath-bath-bath-.” 

“What do you mean, Muriel?” 

“Well, what do you mean?” I don’t know either.” 

How can I be mistaken for being ashamed instead of being displeased? It was Muriel who wanted to ask what that meant. 

“I’m not ashamed at all, Holy Preist.
Not even this much.” 

“Dear, if you’re not ashamed, then why are you refusing Nicholas’ Holy power? The wounds are deep.
You need to get your hands treated right away!’’  

Why can’t you understand what I mean? I can’t just say ‘it’s because I get goosebumps when I touch you!’ Muriel grinded her teeth. 

Yeah… this is a novel.
That character must have been set up like that.
It’s no use saying anything if your love for everyone is set to break through the ceiling with a thorough pace.
Well, let’s be gentle and soothing.
It’s not like you can hit me, right?  

“Well, I’m not a proper saint yet, so I can’t receive the High Preist’s power.
How dare I! Only a member of the royal family can receive the power of the priests.” 

“Well, that’s true, but… Are you sure you don’t mind? Blood… There’s really a lot of blood pouring out there…” 

“Yes, of course.” 

 So please get away from me now.  

‘’ I see.
I never thought that Young lady Muriel would be so thoughtful.
I almost thought that Young Lady Muriel hated me there, that couldn’t be, right? Hahahahaha…’’ 

‘’Haha, no way.
I think I’d rather bleed to death than touch the Holy Preist.
Your jokes are so interesting!’’  


I thought Nicholas was finally going to step down, but this time Rovelia stepped up.
She held Muriel’s arm so that she could not escape, and pushed her towards the high priest. 

“If you get a scar, it’ll be a big deal, so just get treated by the High Preist.
I’ll allow it, so don’t worry, Muriel!’’ 

“That’s a problem, Miss Dachini,” 

Sharan, who had been sitting languidly with an expression of no interest, spoke for the first time. 

“Lord Sharan!” 

Robelia and Nicholas Neville, who had been quarreling with Muriel’s arm, quickly changed their positions.
Muriel, who stood in a vague manner, with an open ear and a ready ear, followed the polite posture of the priest and Rovelia’s successive baptism. 

Sharan spoke sullenly, He was forced to mediate and was clearly not interested in the matter.  

“Miss Storm is right.
The power of the priest should be used only for Royalty and the saint.
It’s not a matter on which Rovelia can give permission.” 

“I’m sorry, Lord Sharan!’’ She exclaimed.
‘’I was only worried about the condition of Lady Muriel…I’ve been thoughtless.” 

‘’Alright, I understand Lady Rovelia’s feelings.
But be more careful in the future, since you have not yet been identified as the Saint, have you?’’  

“Yes, Lord Sharan.
I’ll keep that in mind.’’ said Rovelia, bending her knees.
Her body trembled fairly.
Were you surprised? Or… are you trembling in anger because of the insult? 

The atmosphere of the banquet hall quickly became cold. 

In particular, the atmosphere of the Dachini’s was particularly harsh.
Although they had pledged loyalty and established military support, the relationship between the three guardians and Sharan was still unusual. 

The subjects were stronger than the king.
The king was weaker than the retainers who were loyal to his subjects.
It was only thanks to his eyes that King Sharan was able to win the loyalty of the Guardians. 

Sharan’s eyes. 

The ability to monitor a piece of Ur left behind by Kalin Ur if it covets another person’s Pasio. 

For that reason alone, Sharan became king, and the three guardians pledged their allegiance to him for the peace of the kingdom. 

 The Kingdom of Bulrion has enjoyed peace for a long time, and the longer the peace, the weaker the power of Sharan to control his subjects. 

Veron, the current lord of Dachini, seemed offended and puffed out a shaky breath.
Veron Dachini was a man with a large build and mane of red-hair, resembling a brown bear. 

Muriel was anxious that the bear might get too riled up and do something, but perhaps Sharan had noticed Veron’s feelings, so as if to appease him, he said kindly, 

“Since I hold Lady Rovelia’s good heart that is concerned about Lady Storm, I’ll send Crawford, the chief wizard.
Such a small wound will be healed in no time.
What do you say, Rovella? Will your heart be at ease now?’’ 

“Thank you, Lord Sharan.
Now I’m relieved.” 

As soon as Rovelia answered, Veron glared at Muriel with his eyes wide open. 

“Why isn’t Young Lady Storm thanking you? Did she also become mute?” 

Muriel wanted to protest against their unhelpful and forced consideration, but she had no time.
Kaiton Ur was already on his way to Muriel.
The important thing now was not to point out their absurdness, but to somehow distance herself from Kaiton. 

“Lord Sharan, I’m really all right.
It happened because I made a mistake, so I’ll take care of it myself when I get back to the mansion.” 

It wasn’t Muriel who made a mistake, but Nicholas Neville who broke the UNET, but now that wasn’t important either. 

Kaiton already stood before Muriel, staring at her with a crooked gaze.
I didn’t want to get involved with Kaiten at all… I can’t believe it’s going to end up like this! 

“Miss Storm, I don’t want to see your blood defile the royal palace any longer.
Please quietly get treated.” 

So, in the end, it was neither for Rovella, nor for Muriel, but because her blood was staining the golden floor that he ordered the treatment. 

I think I might understand a bit of why I felt nauseous just by looking at his portrait. 

“Muriel Storm.” 

Kaiton, who had no intention of waiting for any more waterworks, called Muriel in a low voice.
Muriel’s shoulders shrank slightly in astonishment, but only Kaiton noticed it. 

“Young Lady,” 

Keighton turned his eyes to Muriel’s blood, which was scattered on the floor.
Even in his eyes, it looked like it must be quite painful to insist on not receiving treatment. 

“Do you know who I am?” 


Muriel’s face, which had been calm all along even in front of Sharan, was filled with embarrassment. 

Wasn’t he hiding his identity and pretending to be a court wizard? 

In fact, he didn’t seem to have any intention of hiding his identity.
It was just the way he looked.
The black get-up from head to toe seemed more like a reclusive black wizard than a court wizard.
Black hair and black eyes are his real features, but even so, all the cloak and clothes worn on the body were black. 

I don’t know if you’re bold or brazen? 

No one would think that the man with the dangerous atmosphere was Kaiton Ur, but many would suspect that he had touched the black magic at least once. 

Kai Crawford, the chief wizard… aren’t you?” 

Upon hearing Muriel’s answer, Kaiton raised laughed for an unknown reason. 

What is it? 

Muriel suddenly became uneasy.
Even though she knew it was impossible, she even thought he knew the real identity of Muriel. 

“…You know it very well.
So, you don’t have to worry.
Give me your hand.
I’ll treat you.” 

“You don’t have to…” 

“Is there any reason to refuse?” 

I have no idea what he knows or why he is saying this. 

However, I could only see that the glimmer in his glaring eyes was playful.
If it’s a joke full of malice and sarcasm, it’s right to say that it’s a fight. 

 I’m sick of this, I feel like crying! 

“What’s wrong with not liking it? I just don’t like it.” 

 The frustrated Muriel said bluntly.  

“Well, even if you don’t like it, It’s no use.
I have to obey Sharan’s orders.” 

Kaiton thought that Muriel was like a cat.
The cat has fierce eyes, but the more frightened it is, the more it raises it’s bold tail.
The frightened cat shows its teeth and looks threatening but is unable to hide its dilated pupils and ears. 

Kaiton’s long fingers clasped Muriel’s wrist.
I think this was very close physical contact to treat a wound, but it was ambiguous to say that, so I just let it go. 

Wait, how can I blame him for holding my wrist? If you hold on to my wrist a lot, it’ll wear out, so don’t touch it too much.
It seemed to be even weirder, and Muriel tried to look away from his wrist, which was closely attached to Keaton’s hand. 

I could clearly feel his energy pushing into Muriel’s body.
It was as if cold water was squeezing into the blood vessels.
It’s not just cold water, It’s ice water with thin ice in it.
So whenever sharp ice particles scratched through the walls of the blood vessels, it stung. 

The fierce energy from the wrist to the heart quickly passed through the whole body was definitely not magic for wound treatment. 

“What are you doing?!” 

As Muriel hastily pulled out her hand, Kaiton grabbed it with his long fingers and fastened it to her wrist. 


The look of Muriel, who seemed indifferent to the irritating glare of his eyes, struck Keiton’s, which glanced at the evil light. 

His expression and gaze deprived her of her senses.
She forgot to pull her wrist out and stared at his face like a possessed person. 

I understand that Kaiton is after Muriel.
I can see that they are trying to get rid of me before I become a threat.
So it is also understandable that he has Leopard-like eyes in front of his prey. 

But what is the anger and resentment in his eyes? Expectations and setbacks both coexist in them.
He seemed to enjoy teasing her, yet at the same time he looked to find it intolerably disgusting to reach her. 

“Let go of my hand, Mr.
Are you treating me right now?” 

“Are you nervous?” 


Again, while Muriel was stunned by his unexpected remark, he found exactly the location of her pulse with his fingers and pressed it. 

“Thump, thump, thump, thump.” 

He noticed a heart fluttering like a fish out of water.
His voice was so small that only Muriel could hear it, but the shock on her heart was too great.
A low voice teased along her heart, and Muriel’s heartbeat became faster. 

“You’re trembling.” 

“I’m not nervous….” 

“Lies, trembling.” 

“Let go of my hand!” 

When Muriel tried to twist her wrist and pull it out, the pressure on the blood vessels increased.
Though Muriel’s hands were turning pale and blue-ish, Kaiton looked persistently into Muriel’s eyes as if he wanted to confirm something 

There was a faint sneer on his mouth.
He seemed to have gotten the answer he was looking for. 

“Thump thump, thump, thump, thump, thump. The heart can’t lie.” 

“I’ve never told a lie.” 

Keiton twisted his lips and let go of Muriel’s wrist. 

Muriel’s heart did not calm down easily.
I couldn’t say anything for a while because I was afraid he’d catch my heartbeat again. 

Hey~ this is the translator (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) this should all be good! The many times Sharan was mentioned this chapter, he was just called Sharan, with no title or anything.
Of course, since he’s a king, there must be something that the translation missed because they can’t call the king by his name right? but there was no ‘your majesty‘ or ‘your highness‘ so I just added Lord as a form of respect.
I’ll consult someone about this and edit it tomorrow after as the conclusion.

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