Chapter 3: I think I’ve been possessed in a novel 

Muriel felt a creep go down her spine at the unpleasant and frightening glances that seemed to be growing through every part of her body, when she met the eyes of a man staring at her in the crowd. 

 A blue glow flashed through his dark eyes. 

 “Kaiton Ur….” 

Muriel recited his name quietly. 

People knew him as Kai Crawford who came from another continent, but Muriel knew his true identity. 

The devil, Kaiton Ur. 

Of course, since he was a human, the title of ‘devil’ was only a malicious stigma attached to him by Sharan.
In the first place, it didn’t make sense that the ‘devil’ would be passed down from generation to generation.
Does that mean the devil will start a family, become a father, and leave his place to his children? Then isn’t the Devil too human-like…! 

The war between Sharan and Ur was only a fight between families that continued from the founding of the country.
Sharan won and Ur lost.
History was written to suit the taste of the winner. 

Muriel looked at the man who inherited the name of the family of losers, and made up her mind. 

 I’ll have to avoid him. 

 I’ll try not to get involved. 

 Kaiton was always the cause of the world’s collapse in the novel.
It was Kaiton who tempted her to use her evil powers, and it was Kaiton who killed Muriel in order to awaken her to become the true devil. 

 If you get caught up with Kaiton, you’ll be the real king of the Devils, not just by a nickname! 

‘’Why are you staring at me like that?” 

I wondered if he was looking at me, so I stepped far away from him, but his persistent gaze was directed right at Muriel. 

I was at a loss. 

I thought I shouldn’t be dealing with Keaton, but I kept looking at him.
I turned my head away and avoided looking at him, but as if enchanted, eventually turned to Kaiton. 

Of all those people, only Kaiton caught my eye.
He was a long way from me, but I felt as if he was just around the corner.
Even the slightest movement of his pupils caught my eye. 

He was like a black hole that absorbed the light around him.
Not far away, Sharan, who seemed to emit light, was sitting on the golden throne, but it was Kaiton who showed a stronger presence. 

At least for Muriel.
Kaiton was like a beast waiting for the right time, silent in the dark, and was like the darkness itself where the Beast hid. 


It was not until the high priest, who rambled on about introducing himself, blocked Muriel’s view that the long eye contact between Muriel and Kaiton ended. 

“Young Lady Muriel, how are you? This is Nicholas Neville, the high priest.
I am the one who found the Oracle that had been lost.

“I’ll believe you even if you say you’re a real devil.” 

After a long sigh, Muriel let go of her suppressed breath.
The hairs that stood up because of the tension tickled my skin.
Thanks to the unexpected staring contest, my eyes were prickly and my ears were momentarily deaf. 

“And so, with the breath of God, Pasio, I will check and determine who the true saint is.
Does Young Lady Muriel agree to this?” 


“Young Lady Muriel?” 


Muriel, who was still struggling in the aftermath of intense eye contact, reacted belatedly. 

“…what did you say? I didn’t hear that.”  

“Oh, Young lady Muriel must have been very nervous.
I understand.
I asked you if you would agree to measure Pacio on a UNET.” 

“Yes, whatever it may be, please.” 

Nicholas turned his head and laughed, as if he had heard something funny despite there being nothing of the sort. 

It was a unique smile created by him since he was an idol in the kingdom who once drove girl fans crazy, and like fan service created to show it thoroughly. 

The priests who had known him for a long time had already seen him laughing thousands of times.
During those thousands of times, the laughter was always the same as if measured by a ruler.
The angle of the head, the number of teeth shown, and the shape of the fingers covering the mouth were all creepily the exact same. 

The only opponent that Nicholas could smile like that for was one who he had something to gain from.
The priests were surprised when they noticed this.
They thought the saint this time wouldn’t be a big deal, but is there something after all? 

The dull priests’ eyes began to sparkle. 

On the other hand, Muriel was very uncomfortable with Nicholas. 

I only had to say hello, and there was nothing to particularly dislike about it, but I just didn’t like it.
I hated his glistening eyes, and his overly friendly attitude. 

“It’s not that funny, but why are you laughing so hard…?” 

At that moment, the priests entered the banquet hall with huge stones.
It was UNET, a magic ball that measured Pacio. 

Muriel and Rovelli had no apparent ability that could be like that of a saint, so they tried to find the real saint in other ways.
The saints usually had twice the amount of Pacio than ordinary people so that they could use the power of prophecy. 

Nicholas brushed aside the priests who were in charge of the UNET and raised the UNET himself.
His dramatic performance quickly drew people’s attention to him. 

“It’s time for fate to be decided.” 

 A memory flashed through Muriel. 

As expected…this is a novel, alright. 

This scene was already seen in the novel. 

The exaggerated and over-the-top gestures.
It was horrifyingly the same. 

“I am honored that I, Nicholas Neville, the high priest, get to play an important role in the revelation of the great saint.” 

So, whether his role was insignificant or important, the same was true of even the words twisted to sound humble which were the same. 

Nicholas would soon step on his priest uniform and fall.
It was because of his excessive desire to monopolize the spotlight alone that no hands were able to help him in time. 

The UNET will be shattered, and the work of identifying the two’s Pacio will be handed over to Kaiton, for the wizards were able to identify the remaining Pacio through magic. 

Muriel, who wanted to avoid facing Kaiton, quickly reached out to the UNET.
I had to stop the UNET from breaking. 

Sure enough, the UNET slipped out of Nicholas’s hand and quickly fell to the floor. 


Muriel’s arms were short.
The UNET crashed to pieces as it hit the floor.
Muriel couldn’t stop her running body in time and fell to the floor. 

In the hands of Muriel, which were on the ground, were the fragments of the UNET that dug deep.
In an instant, red blood spread through her pale hands. 

But it doesn’t hurt…! 

When I pulled a fairly large piece of glass out of my hand, blood came up with a lump, but all Muriel could feel was the warmth of hot blood. 


 Muriel hardly bit the tender flesh in her mouth to confirm.
I could feel my sharp teeth tearing through the flesh, but it didn’t hurt. 

It felt as if I were in a world where there was no pain at all, rather than tolerable. 

 What do you mean no pain? What is this? 

“Young Lady Muriel!” 

Nicholas approached, struggling with his thin limbs buried in his long priest’s robe, and fell down on one knee.
He didn’t forget to sweep the remaining glass shards aside with his long sleeves before putting his knees on the floor. 

“Are you alright? Oh, no… I made a terrible mistake.” 

“Can you try to hit me?” 

Nicholas’ body flinched like a fluttering paper doll at Muriel’s sudden remark. 

Hit me? Are you being sarcastic? Is it a joke that is unique to the aristocracy? 

What?! Lady Muriel… What are you talking about?” 

“No, it’s just in case, give it a try.
I don’t mind if you pinch me either.” 

Muriel pressed her bloody hand hard, but it still did not hurt. 


When he saw the blood, Nicholas’ expression wrinkled.
The wound, which was quite big and open, gave him goosebumps just by looking at it.
But He couldn’t believe that she’s this calm.
It was very strange. 

“Did you hurt your head when you fell? Oh, no.
That’s a big deal.
I will heal you with my divine power.” 

The pale face, staring at her own blood, raised her eyes fiercely.
She was too evil-faced to be the Saint of an oracle. 

“Oh, my!” 

Surprised by the momentum, Nicholas nodded quickly. 

“It’s a slip of the tongue, Lady Muriel! I’m not saying that the young lady is crazy….” 

“It’s all right.
Just try to hurt me a little.” 

“…What? Aha! That’s the way it is, is it!?” 

Nicholas Neville, who was trembling just in case he offended Muriel, immediately brightened his face.
Since he became the youngest priest, he had always taken many young ladies as prisoners.
He was well aware that some of them had a peculiar taste for pleasure in pain. 

“Oh my!” 

A white, dry hand slammed Muriel’s wrist and went away.
It was a hand with which he had prayed diligently all his life.
Even if it was not a person who did not feel pain, he could not help but think that he was sick. 

“Like this?” 

“…no, I’d rather you pinch very hard!” 

“Oh, my!” 

Perhaps he gained confidence, Nicholas pinched Muriel hard enough to bruise her wrist red. 

“Oh, dear…” 

“What do you think, Young Lady Murie-’’ asked Nicholas triumphantly.
He seemed to have forgotten that he had been intimidated until just now.
Nicholas, who was hoping for a compliment, was struck by lightning. 

“It’s very unpleasant.” 

Her expressionless face was very merciless.
Nicholas, who became resentful, cried, 

“Young Lady Muriel told me to hit you yourself! ” 

 “And it really doesn’t hurt even a bit.” murmured Muriel, incredulous.
Nicholas was already babbling to himself, but he opened his eyes wide. 

“If that’s the case, I’ll beat you with more force.” 

“I don’t like it.
Let’s go now.
For it is very, very unpleasant.” 

Nicholas shut his mouth at Muriel’s cold words. 

The first thing I felt when Nicholas pinched me was displeasure.
As soon as he touched me, I got goosebumps.
It was an instinctive rejection alike that I felt from Sharon and Rovella.
I felt sick, but that was all. 

My wrist was red and swollen, but there was no pain. 

I was just thinking.
Was it me? 

They said that the power of the saint was prophecy, so Muriel wondered.
I think the novel that I saw might’ve actually been a prophecy of the future. 

But why can’t I feel pain? No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t feel pain, which made her realize that she was really possessed by a novel. 

The absence of pain means that something went wrong while the process of being possessed by a fictional world was going on.
It’s like a synchronization error. 

Indeed, from the moment I opened my eyes, everything was so strange.
The sense of reality was so strange.
It was as if an invisible thin plastic was wrapped around my whole body.
The vinyl-like feeling made me feel like I couldn’t permeate through into this world. 

Muriel became a little depressed.
I knew from the beginning that I was possessed by a novel.
At the same time, I felt strange to find out that this was not my world, that I was not a saint but a wicked woman who would destroy the world. 

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