Chapter 2: I think I’ve been possessed in a novel 

In the kingdom of Bulrion, portals connected to the Royal Palace were installed in each territory, so it was easy to get to the Royal family.
It took less than a few seconds.
Whether he knew that Muriel was not good with magic, the escort said she could experience motion sickness, but Muriel arrived without any difficulty. 

The royal family’s palace was all decorated with gold.
Muriel felt that the gold was too flashing.
King Sharan has been famous for his beautiful honey-colored blonde hair for generations, and Sharan’s narcissism seemed to be apparent in the interior. 

Wherever I turned my eyes, I could see the golden sun that symbolized Sharan’s hair and the golden god that came to mind. 


When I thought of Sharan, I felt sick, but as soon as I saw Sharan’s portrait attached to the hallway, my unbearable nausea suddenly popped up. 

“Are you okay?” 

The driver accompanying her looked back.
He saw Muriel’s gaze hanging on Sharan’s portrait, but the loyal escort had never imagined that she would have dared to vomit on Sharan’s face. 

“I guess I’m having motion sickness.” 

 ‘’That’s possible if you use the portal for the first time.
Shall we take a break?” 

“No, it’s not like that…” 

What is this? 

Muriel sneakily looked up at Sharan’s portrait again. 


“Hey, Young Lady?!” 

This time, Muriel took out her tongue and swagged, and the neat-looking knight fell back without realizing it and kept a distance from her.
Muriel’s eyes, which had been pale so far, turned red, as she had been vomiting in vain as nothing much came out. 

He wanted to help Muriel because of chivalry, but when Muriel’s sour face was facing him, he couldn’t help but back out. 

“Let’s move on quickly.’’ 

When Sharan’s eyes met her eyes, goosebumps spread all over her body as if she had seen a bug.
Sharan wasn’t ugly at all…? 

On the contrary, He was a rather beautiful-looking handsome man. 

His head was more beautiful than the gold that covered the entire royal palace, and his eyes were gold eyes resembling those of a beast.
His chocolate-like dark skin color gave his beautiful face dignity and mystery. 

Objectively, Sharan was a beauty in harmony with delicacy and splendor that was comparable to a fairy or spirit.
He looked a little sensitive and feisty, but he couldn’t be said to be disgusting even with a joke. 

But why did I feel unbearably disgusted just by looking at his face? 

Muriel, who had been waddling like a pig being dragged to a slaughterhouse so far, walked quickly to pass Sharan’s various portraits filling one side of the wall.
Even the knight couldn’t keep up with her fast steps. 

As Sharan’s portraits continued endlessly, Muriel’s steps became increasingly poor.
The way she shook her chest up and down and kicked her dress with both her feet, as if she was out of breath, looked like a child throwing a tantrum. 

“It’s endless.” 

At that moment, Rovelia, who had gentle and elegant steps, approached Muriel.
She was a blonde beauty with emerald eyes like glass eggs, and she was shyly lowering her eyes. 

Her eyes shook for a moment, perhaps because she was embarrassed when she saw Muriel, who was huffing, but soon greeted her affectionately, revealing her lovely dimples. 

“Hello, lady Muriel.” 


Muriel hurriedly covered her mouth. 

The lovely lady saw Muriel’s pale face and took a step closer, but Muriel shook her head desperately and stepped away from Rovellia. 

Rovelia greeted her kindly, but Muriel’s inside was worse than when she saw Sharan’s portrait.
I felt like my intestines were twisting, so to speak.
I felt greasy and nauseous.
Physiological disgust when I saw an unpleasant animal such as a snake or an insect passed by my whole body. 

This is… The automatic instinct of a villainess? 

“Are you okay, lady Muriel? Are you that nervous? Oh, pitiful thing.” 

I swear to God that the Muriel now had no bad feelings for Rovelia.
But her body reacted first.
I couldn’t control it as if it was an allergic reaction. 

Muriel wanted to believe that her condition had deteriorated sharply due to the sudden movements of her body that had been lying down for three days.
However, if you are fine even when going through the portal without motion sickness and suddenly get worse when you see Rovelia’s bright smile? 

Muriel thought that her temper must be bad.
I could only think that I was very mean.
Still, she felt frustrated. 

Perhaps because of the three months that Muriel doesn’t remember.
Today’s Muriel had no ill feelings for Rovelia. 

Even after searching through all memories, the original Muriel, or former Muriel, did not hate Rovelia either.
She didn’t even feel jealous of her like people misunderstood her.
In the first place, Muriel is Rovelia’s… 

I didn’t pay much attention. 

I don’t know what happened in the three months that I don’t remember, but for now, Muriel didn’t want to be mean to the lady who talked to her affectionately. 

“Hello, Rovelia.
You’re very… beautiful.” 

Muriel tried her best to smile, but her smile fell down the cliff and was bizarre like a person who struggled to smile.
The appearance of crumpling her pale face and forcibly pulling up the corners of her twitching mouth made her seem like a ghost full of resentment.
If the gatekeeper of hell, who had never laughed in his life, smiled for the first time in his life to lure a child, he would smile like Muriel. 

Knights who had only been with Rovelia so far had no immunity to Muriel’s nightmarish smile.
They were surprised to the point where their shoulders flinched, and they touched the swords on their waist without even realizing it. 

In their eyes, Muriel looked closer to the Black Wizards known as Ur’s followers than as a saint.
Maybe it is because of the purple dress with the black frill that she’s wearing, or because of her dull eyes and dark circles like a person suffering from nightmares for several days.
Anyway, it seemed more like Muriel was heading to a dungeon, not a banquet hall. 

On the other hand, the expressions of the knights looking at Rovelia nturally softened.
It felt like fate that her hair color, which was tied with a subtle pink ribbon, was Sharan’s favorite gold color. 

They didn’t know much about the delicacy of being trendy or aesthetic, but they found out that the light sky-blue dress with the soft white frills worn by Rovelia was much more beautiful and lovely than the dark dress worn by Muriel. 

The saint they imagined was a beautiful woman like Rovellia, a pure and airy flower, not a scary and fierce poisonous spirit like Muriel. 

As Dachini’s young lady, Rovelia truly looked like a saint who appeared for the first time in 12 years and also looked like a queen that would protect Sharan’s side. 

“Thank you, Muriel.
Muriel is also….” 

Rovelia, who is good at hiding her expression, could not easily say “beautiful” when she saw Muriel’s appearance.
She wanted to say only good things on a good day, but she was worried that even compliments for Muriel would only end up sounding sarcastic. 

Muriel looks really good, too.” 

Thanks to this, even Rovellia, who always strives to speak neatly, stammered. 


The banquet hall was full of people. 

In particular, the three major Guardian families, Dachini, Eclum, and Pendragon, attended with not only the family Heads but also their young successors. 

Dachini had many great swordsmen in their family as the gift of God bestowed upon them and kept as a heirloom was a sword, and all of Rovelia’s brothers were swordsmen.
The red-haired handsome men were proud of their huge bodies… 

they were watching the entrance of their only sister to the royal palace with emotional eyes. 

The saint had not been decided yet, but the atmosphere in the place where the nobles were gathered was already heated up. 

They had no doubt that Rovelia would naturally become a saint.
In their eyes, Muriel, who entered the banquet hall with an ugly appearance of revealing her ankle while holding a dress in a bent position, was almost like a taboo. 

On the other side of the nobles, court wizards and priests gathered.
Compared to the nobles, they were calmer.
They only alternately looked at Rovelia and Muriel with his exploring eyes, but showed no biased expectations for Rovelia. 

The Priests had not seen saints for 12 years, so their position in the palace has become very weak.
They only expected the emergence of a strong saint who would strengthen the position of temples and priests again, regardless of whether she was a Dachini or a Storm. 

“Did you hear that? It’s Rovelia and Muriel, and since their academy days, their Pasio has been famous for not being more than a peasant’s.

A priest whispered. 

“No matter which of the two is decided to be a saint, the temple cannot be revived.” 

“Yes, I heard that, too.
I can’t believe the stars of a saint that we barely found in 12 years are like that.
What will happen to us?” 

“Don’t say that, priest.
If the young lady Dachini becomes the saint, there will be tremendous support for the temple from the Guardian family.
If she gets hurt, they won’t sit still! So I hope the young lady becomes a saint.” 

“Oh, my.
You’re talking about something you don’t have any knowledge about.
A family’s support doesn’t mean anything if a saint’s abilities are proven worthwhile.
However, this saint candidates this time seem to be weird.
Both of them are too old.” 

“Both of them are in their late 20s as well.
I have never met a saint since I became a priest.
I heard that most of the outstanding saints die young, but how young were they?” 

When a young priest was asked, the old priest stroked his beard and said, 

“The last saint who left this oracle died at the age of 13.
Among the saints, only the saints who have insignificant abilities have lived a long life.
So this time, there’s no point if you see through this through or not.
Those two have already broken the record of the oldest saint in the temple.” 

It was funny for an old priest with wrinkles to talk about young children in their 20s as if they were too old to do anything, but no priest blamed him. 

But Nicholas Neville’s idea was different.
He was the one who found the oracle left by Julia, the last saint, after 12 years.
The ambitious high priest was convinced that the saint would have unprecedentedly strong power. 

Perhaps it’ll be even stronger than Sharan. 

Nicholas, struggling to suppress his creeping secret desire, smiled servilely at Sharan sitting on the golden throne. 
Sooner or later, when they will have the power of the saint, he thought that there would be no need to bow down to that arrogant king, and a thrill flowed down his spine. 
Now I just have to wait a little longer, just a little longer. 

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